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Happy new year.

Posted 01-02-2012 at 04:55 AM by eddie73

Thus begins 2012. this could be an outstanding year, it could be a year full of promise, or it could be half a year of good and half a year of bad. It doesnt matter really. I can frame 8 excellent months and have 4 crappy months at the start. But my point to myself is that there will always be challenging times ahead, and I should accept them rather than expect falsely that the entire year is going to be a super duper affair.

I have got to exercise the habit of restarting my day at any time I choose rather than writing it off early days if it doesnt go to plan. So if I decide to restart my day at 5pm, I am good to do this. There is nothing as unfair on the self as to resign to a bad start and not get on with the business of trying to be better at a later stage of the game.
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