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Dual Diagnosis

Health professionals give a dual diagnosis when a patient is found to suffer from a mental health disorder along with substance addiction. When there are co-occurring disorders, each issue needs to be addressed for a full and lasting recovery. Get the facts on other disorders commonly intertwined that may require a dual diagnosis. 


How Disruptive Behavior Disorder & Substance Abuse Affect One Another

By Dawn Hurley

The combination of a SUD and a DBD can not only drastically affect someone's quality of life, but also complicate the treatment... Continue Reading

closed eyes

Can EMDR Therapy Help Those Suffering From a Dual Diagnosis?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is psychotherapy that promotes healing from the emotional distress that tr... Continue Reading

woman in a depressive state

Is Vaping Linked to Clinical Depression?

By Nicole Arzt

A recent study found that individuals who reported vaping had a greater chance of also reporting a comorbid history of clinical... Continue Reading

new mother struggling with postpartum depression

How to Overcome Addiction Following Postpartum Depression

By Nicole Arzt

There's no doubt that parenting is a difficult feat. Struggling with a past or current addiction, however, can bring a whole ne... Continue Reading

woman coping with a mental health disorder

Differentiating Borderline Personality and Bipolar Disorders

By Rebecca Kovacs

BP and BPD are widely stigmatized through public misconception, and lumping the two disorders as one certainly doesn't help. Continue Reading

woman experiencing anxiety-induced physical sensations

Study Suggests Opioid Abuse May Result in Anxiety Sensitivity

By Rebecca Kovacs

Anxiety sensitivity is a fear of anxiety-induced physical sensations. Continue Reading

abused child suffering from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

The Link Between ACE, Insomnia, and Other Mental Ailments

By Rebecca Kovacs

People who’ve suffered Adverse Childhood Experiences are at risk for developing chronic health conditions. Continue Reading

person coping with body dysmorphia

Body Dysmorphic Disorder: How BDD Can Trigger Substance Abuse

By Erica Lee

What is body dysmorphia? And how does it relate to social media, mental health, and substance abuse? Continue Reading

opioid addict struggling with suicidal thoughts

Opioids and Suicide: Linking America’s 2 Deadliest Epidemics

By Nicole Arzt

For the first time in American history, the chances of dying from an opioid overdose have surpassed the odds of dying in a moto... Continue Reading

woman experiencing depression after using prescribed medication

Study Shows Commonly Used Meds May Be Linked To Depression

By Dawn Hurley

Long-term use of over-the-counter medications used to treat acid reflux and allergy symptoms carry the risk of depression. Continue Reading

Author unravels the complexity of addiction and mental health

Unraveling the Complexity of Addiction and Mental Health

By Dawn Hurley

Overlapping symptoms of mental health disorders and addiction make it hard to determine the cause of each. Continue Reading

An active addict struggles with both substance abuse and depression.

Alexithymia: The Unsung Culprit of Depression and Addiction

Individuals with Alexithymia have a diminished ability to identify their emotions and express their feelings. Continue Reading

Clinician hypnotizes woman to treat clinical depression.

Hypnotize Me: Hypnotherapy for Depression

By Dr. Carol Anderson

For those who suffer from depression, hypnotherapy is definitely an adjunct methodology that should be explored. Continue Reading

Friends hug as one seeks support and recovery following a sexual assault

What to Do After Experiencing Sexual Trauma

By Leia Rivera

One author recounts the time following her sexual assault and offers advice for other victims. Continue Reading

woman coping with grief

Grief vs. Depression: Is There a Difference?

By Dr. Carol Anderson

Depression and grief can lead to a variety of mental health issues. Continue Reading

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