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Dual Diagnosis

Health professionals give a dual diagnosis when a patient is found to suffer from a mental health disorder along with substance addiction. When there are co-occurring disorders, each issue needs to be addressed for a full and lasting recovery. Get the facts on other disorders commonly intertwined that may require a dual diagnosis. 

Clinician hypnotizes woman to treat clinical depression.

Hypnotize Me: Hypnotherapy for Depression

By Dr. Carol Anderson No content available.

When suffering from severe or chronic depression, you'll do anything to get better. But is hypnotherapy a viable option? Continue Reading

Friends hug as one seeks support and recovery after sexual assault

What to Do After Experiencing Sexual Trauma

By Leia Rivera No content available.

One author recounts the time following her sexual assault and offers advice for other victims. Continue Reading

Learn the difference between depression and grief

Grief vs. Depression: Is There a Difference?

By Dr. Carol Anderson No content available.

We often hear the term "depression" bandied around in everyday conversation, but many do not know that this term has numerous m... Continue Reading

person suffering from social phobia

Social Phobia: Inside a Common Mental Disorder

By Elizabeth Seward No content available.

The anxiety behind social phobias can lead sufferers into substance use and addiction. Once this cycle of self-medication has s... Continue Reading

How AA Principles Saved Me From Suicide

By Patrick Biegler No content available.

According to a 2013 Center for Disease Control report, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, with ov... Continue Reading


Behind-the-Scenes of Self-Harm: What People Don’t Know

By Leia Rivera No content available.

One writer shares what it was really like to struggle with self-harming habits, why she did it, and how it has affected various... Continue Reading

4 Types of Social Media Posts That Trigger Eating Disorders

By Leia Rivera No content available.

Social media has allowed humanity to connect with each other at an unprecedented level. Every great invention, however, has its... Continue Reading

Woman suffers from anorexia

The Effects of Anorexia on the Body

By Leia Rivera No content available.

Due to societal pressurse, anorexia nervosa has become a widespread serious mental condition. Continue Reading

Woman forces herself to puke

4 Signs that You Have an Eating Disorder

By Leia Rivera No content available.

Eating disorders are particularly difficult due to the vast symptoms that each person can develop individually. Here are a few ... Continue Reading

Woman experiences complete happiness for the first time

The Blessing of Psych Meds in Recovery

By Lyn Geist No content available.

Many people in recovery are skeptical about taking medication, but some of us need it to fully get better. Continue Reading

Woman who commits self-harm secretly pleads for help

3 Warning Signs That Your Loved One is Suffering From Self-Harm

By Leia Rivera No content available.

Self-harm is sometimes hard to catch because, unlike other addictions that cause noticeable symptoms over a long period of time... Continue Reading

Self harm

How to Prevent Self-Harm When the Feelings Get Unmanageable

By Leia Rivera No content available.

Self harm can be irresistible and seemingly unstoppable in the moment of urgency, but it does not have to be this way. Here are... Continue Reading

Gambling addicition

Losing It All: A Closer Look at Compulsive Gambling

By Tess Chedsey No content available.

Gambling addiction is a real disorder. Like any other addiction, it can spiral the addict's life out of control and bring miser... Continue Reading

Man looks at adult content on a computer

A Sex Therapist’s Response to Pamela Anderson’s Anti-Porn Piece

By Joanne Chu No content available.

Due to all the back and forth on this topic, we reached out to Stefanie Carnes, daughter of the famous Patrick Carnes, who is a... Continue Reading

Man experiences PTSD

5 Things You Need to Know About PTSD

By Liemann Valdimar No content available.

Although treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a well-established component in the mental health scene, there ... Continue Reading

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