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Life in recovery isn't easy but you don't have to tackle it alone. We have tips on how to keep sobriety fresh, fun and always inspiring.

Grieving during sobriety

How to Stay Sober During the Grieving Process

By Toshia Humphries Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, life coach and talk radio co-host of Girl Power Hour on Blog Talk Radio.

Here are key preventative measures to help ensure grieving doesn't result in relapse. Continue Reading

Getting creative without using drugs

How to Get Creative Without Using Drugs

By Elizabeth Seward No content available.

Substance use and creativity are not mutually exclusive. Creativity can be harnessed and had amid sobriety, especially if you g... Continue Reading

A sober traveler has an adventure on a canoe.

Travel Excursions for Sober Lifestyles

By Caitlin Thiede No content available.

For someone who is committed to sober living and wants to avoid the temptation of drugs and alcohol, this is how to pursue good... Continue Reading

A man holds his wife on his back in the rain, and they smile.

How to Turn These 3 Negative Situations into Positive Experiences

By Caitlin Thiede No content available.

Circumstances aren't always in our control, but our outlooks and responses are. Continue Reading

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Evan Bullet James

The Extreme Life of Evan “Bullet” James

By Joanne Chu No content available.

Despite a spotty criminal record, Bullet is still roaming where he once ruled—only this time he’s busting down doors to motel r... Continue Reading

anna faris and allison janney on mom

Laughter Through Tears: Why ‘Mom’ is More Than Just a Comedy

By Joanne Chu No content available.

We speak with Gemma Baker, co-creator of TV-sitcom "Mom," regarding the show's successful third season and the powerful role of... Continue Reading

Why You Need a Recovery Community on Your Birthday

By SoberRecovery, Staff Writer No content available.

Most Americans of age mark their birthday with heavy drinking and perhaps a dabble of drugs. During your days of addiction, you... Continue Reading

gloomy weather affects our mood

Do Seasons Affect Drinking Cravings?

By Rebecca Kovacs No content available.

The seasons can be a tough time for many people in recovery. Some even say the winter season can bring more alcoholic cravings ... Continue Reading

Man relaxing with music to calm his nerves during recovery.

Alternative Rock Songs to Calm Your Nerves During Recovery

By Cassandra Huerta No content available.

Calming your nerves during recovery can at times be challenging. These 7 alternative rock songs can help you relax. Continue Reading

A recovering addict lies on the grass, as he listens music.

A Unique Relaxing Playlist for Addiction Recovery

By Elizabeth Seward No content available.

If you need a way to relax without drugs or alcohol, try listening to this playlist. Continue Reading

man returns to work after rehab

How to Navigate a Difficult Job When You're in Early Recovery

By Tori Utley No content available.

Here's a survival guide to get you through your earliest days back at work to make sure your recovery remains a top priority. Continue Reading

Being a truck driver can often make sobriety a little harder to maintain

Staying Sober as a Truck Driver on the Road

By Luke Nold No content available.

Many motorists think professional operators sit comfortably in their climate-controlled cabs and let the road do the work. But ... Continue Reading