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Hope of reestablishing a sense of empathy in addict through recovery

How to Regain a Quality Often Lost in Addiction: Empathy

By Kelly McClanahan

Anyone who has watched their friends or family members escalate into active and chronic addiction remarks on one horrifying asp... Continue Reading

The majority of society relies on their cell phones for much of their daily operations, but it could be hurting those in recovery.

How Your Cellphone Habit is Standing Between You and Your Recovery

By Jamee Larson

The majority of society relies on their cell phones for much of their daily operations, but it could be hurting those in recovery. Continue Reading

The set aside prayer can help anyone in recovery, whether or not they are in AA

The Importance of the Set Aside Prayer

By Jamee Larson

Oftentimes in recovery, we are our own worst enemy. The Set Aside Prayer can help you stay out of your own way. Continue Reading

spot addiction triggers ahead of time using the HALT method

4 High-Risk Triggers You Want to Avoid—and How to Do It

By Dominica Applegate

Knowing to avoid high-risk situations can certainly help you refrain from having a relapse, but what about other triggers you n... Continue Reading

Evan Bullet James

The Extreme Life of Evan “Bullet” James

By Joanne Chu

Despite a spotty criminal record, Bullet is still roaming where he once ruled—only this time he’s busting down doors to motel r... Continue Reading

anna faris and allison janney on mom

Laughter Through Tears: Why ‘Mom’ is More Than Just a Comedy

By Joanne Chu

We speak with Gemma Baker, co-creator of TV-sitcom "Mom," regarding the show's successful third season and the powerful role of... Continue Reading

gloomy weather affects our mood

Do Seasons Affect Drinking Cravings?

By Rebecca Kovacs

The seasons can be a tough time for many people in recovery. Some even say the winter season can bring more alcoholic cravings ... Continue Reading

New year games and activities

7 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Sober

By Tori Utley

From sledding to game night to spending time with family, there are plenty of ways to celebrate New Year's Eve sober. Grab a fe... Continue Reading

Chester Bennington on stage

Chester Bennington's Top Songs for Recovery

By Caitlin Thiede

Chester Bennington’s stories of pain are relative to all walks of life, but addicts found a special solace in the Linkin Park l... Continue Reading

rock n roll concert

5 Rock Songs with an Anti-Drug Message

By Elizabeth Seward

While there are plenty of songs out there that glamorize drug use, there are some that do just the opposite. While the effort m... Continue Reading

man returns to work after rehab

How to Navigate a Difficult Job When You're in Early Recovery

By Tori Utley

Here's a survival guide to get you through your earliest days back at work to make sure your recovery remains a top priority. Continue Reading

Being a truck driver can often make sobriety a little harder to maintain

Staying Sober as a Truck Driver on the Road

By Luke Nold

Many motorists think professional operators sit comfortably in their climate-controlled cabs and let the road do the work. But ... Continue Reading