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3 Things That Helped Me in My First Four Months of Recovery

By Christopher McSpadden

One writer shares some of the most important life adjustments he had to make during his first few months in recovery. Continue Reading

How Keeping Secrets Can Harm Your Recovery

By Dominica Applegate

If you’re in recovery from alcoholism or addiction, the inability to process the things that have occurred in your life can hur... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Stop Obsessing About Drinking

By Rebecca Kovacs

The first thing to understand is that many, many alcoholics go through this when they first enter the beginning phases of recov... Continue Reading

The Benefits of Intimate Vulnerability

By Dominica Applegate

Do you desire a deeper, more intimate relationship with friends or your partner? It all starts with intimate vulnerability. Continue Reading

Evan Bullet James

The Extreme Life of Evan “Bullet” James

By Joanne Chu

Despite a spotty criminal record, Bullet is still roaming where he once ruled—only this time he’s busting down doors to motel r... Continue Reading

anna faris and allison janney on mom

Laughter Through Tears: Why ‘Mom’ is More Than Just a Comedy

By Joanne Chu

We speak with Gemma Baker, co-creator of TV-sitcom "Mom," regarding the show's successful third season and the powerful role of... Continue Reading

Woman envisions a new beginning

Resolution Tips That Follow the Principles of Sobriety

By Joanne Chu

We spoke with Dr. Sack of Promises Malibu on how we can better position ourselves for success when it comes to our end-of-the-y... Continue Reading

friend of addict on gloomy holiday

5 Things We Forget About Family and Friends of Addicts During the Holidays

By Colleen Marlett

The holidays can look very different from the point of view of a person whose loved one is suffering from substance abuse issue... Continue Reading

Chester Bennington on stage

Chester Bennington's Top Songs for Recovery

By Caitlin Thiede

Chester Bennington’s stories of pain are relative to all walks of life, but addicts found a special solace in the Linkin Park l... Continue Reading

rock n roll concert

5 Rock Songs with an Anti-Drug Message

By Elizabeth Seward

While there are plenty of songs out there that glamorize drug use, there are some that do just the opposite. While the effort m... Continue Reading

How to Go Back to Work After Graduating Treatment

By Tori Utley

No matter where you are in your career, going back to work after completing treatment can be a challenge. Continue Reading

Sick leave

Getting Help Without Losing Your Job

By Dominica Applegate

You might think that telling an employer about your addiction would paint you as unreliable, the truth is that it shows you’re ... Continue Reading