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Addiction Treatment

Addiction recovery can be a very personal journey. Different cases require different combinations of treatment. Whether you’re interested in detox, relapse warning signs, or the latest in addiction research, staying in the know will help guide you towards the approach that’s best for you.

why family members don't want you to go to rehab

7 Reasons Why Some Family Members and Friends Don't Want You to Go to Rehab

By Toshia Humphries

Regardless of the reasoning friends and family members have for not wanting you to seek treatment for addiction, the choice is ... Continue Reading

doing detox at home

DIY Detox: Can You Really Do-It-Yourself?

By Tori Utley

Detox is a necessary first-step in recovery for many people. Here's what to consider when you're getting ready to detox, and ho... Continue Reading

Can Mindfulness Really Treat Addiction?

By Audrey Beim

Focusing on what is occurring at the present moment without judgment is the central concept of mindfulness. But it is not as si... Continue Reading

The key to reducing relapse from opioid addiction is collaborative care

The Role of Collaborative Care in Fighting Opioid Addiction

By Tori Utley

By blending the benefits of medications and therapy, you can better prevent relapse and live a healthy life in recovery. Continue Reading

What Stuck Out to Me in My First Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

By Lisa OBrien

"When I pulled into the parking lot, the first thing I noticed was how full it was. I was so nervous. This being my first Narco... Continue Reading

What's the Real Benefit of AA?

By Tess Chedsey

With the number of sober treatment programs that incorporate the 12-Steps, it’s logical to assume that under the right circumst... Continue Reading

Christian man on addiction

What Christians Don't Want To Say About Addiction

By Heather Adams

Some don't realize that addiction is a disease, with a strong physical component. They see it primarily as a spiritual problem,... Continue Reading

man looks up

5 Things to Gain From a Christian Support Group

By Dominica Applegate

Here are 5 of the many benefits of attending a Christian support group if you’ve chosen to walk the recovery path in faith. Continue Reading

3 Things to Remember During Your First Group Therapy Session

By Tori Utley

The first night of treatment can be nerve-wracking for everyone. Remember these tips to set your nerves aside and start your jo... Continue Reading

Introducing the Emotional Freedom Technique

By Caitlin Thiede

Little by little, using this technique will help you unveil your own solutions to stressful emotions and teach you how to put t... Continue Reading

Diarrhea is a common symptom of drug and alcohol detox.

How to Relieve Diarrhea During Drug and Alcohol Detox

By Audrey Beim

During the early stages of detox, severe diarrhea and cramping can last anywhere from a few days up to a few weeks. Continue Reading

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Detox

By Tess Chedsey

Detox is not part of an addiction recovery treatment. Rather, it is a prelude to a treatment program tailored for the specific ... Continue Reading

woman thinks of her decides on which rehab to go to

4 Steps to Forming Your Decision on Rehab

By Chelsey Glenn

When it comes down to selecting a treatment center to get on the right path for recovery, the biggest factor is going to be the... Continue Reading

How My Third Trip to Rehab Became My Final One

By Rebecca Kovacs

We always remember those last moments, the ones that define us. My last time in rehab was what turned my life around for the be... Continue Reading

Understanding the Non 12-Step Perspective

By Nina Bradshaw

There are a number of approaches that are not 12-step in orientation, but do offer group support. Continue Reading

rebellious teenager

3 Life Skills to Look for in a Teen Support Group

By M. Lujan

When looking for a proper teen support group, keep the following three life skills in mind. Your teen will need them to ensure ... Continue Reading

mother and child

Child Protective Services and Parental Drug Abuse: What You Need to Know

By Elizabeth Seward

Typically speaking, CPS makes it their goal to only remove children from a home when it is needed for their protection. Continue Reading

How Addiction Impacts Your Child’s Worldview

By Elizabeth Seward

Having a parent who is an addict can be an emotionally traumatic experience for children. It’s important that addicts with chil... Continue Reading

The 3-Pronged Approach to Rehab: How Day Treatment, Outpatient and Aftercare Changed My Life

By Jamee Larson

My failed recovery attempts convinced me that I needed more than the traditional approach. It was only after committing to this... Continue Reading

sober living homes help addicts build a foundation for their sober life

7 Reasons to Continue Recovery in a Sober Living House

By Liemann Valdimar

Eventually, those who live in sober housing realize that without the prioritized and foundational aspect of transitional living... Continue Reading