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Life is much more than just the absence of alcohol or drugs. Boost yourself with these tips that promote physical, emotional and mental health.

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Regular Health Service Visits May Reduce Suicide Risk Among Youth

By Nicole Arzt, M.S., L.M.F.T. Nicole Arzt is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in providing psychotherapy for individuals, families, and groups struggling with substance use disorders and psychiatric illnesses.

The more we learn the warning signs—and the more willing we are to step in and help—the more we can do to fight youth suicide. Continue Reading

man drinking water to stay hydrated

6 Simple Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

By Monica Romano

With summer in full swing and temperatures soaring, we are reminded again of the importance of staying hydrated and healthy. Continue Reading

celery juice

Celery Juice: The Latest Trend in Addiction Recovery

By Monica Romano

Drinking celery juice is especially beneficial for people in recovery from substance abuse. Continue Reading

one recovering addict offering a cigarette to another

Quitting Cigarettes During Early Recovery

By Monica Romano

Is smoking used as a crutch to help ward off intense cravings that may increase the possibility of relapse? Or, is it simply sw... Continue Reading

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Tips On Getting Rest Amid Pandemic-Induced Insomnia

By Monica Romano

The disruption of our daily routines and work schedules have caused many unexpected realities that have now become our new norm... Continue Reading

Exercise as part of an overall addiction recovery plan

Can Regular Exercise Help One Overcome Addiction?

By Audrey Beim

Could a physical activity regimen be the ultimate cure-all? Continue Reading

Stopping Substance Abuse Through Chain Analysis

By Wish Recovery

In our minds, we tend to focus on what we do rather than how we do it. However, our behavior serves as a lens through which we ... Continue Reading

human head filled with fog

How to Overcome Brain Fog and Regain Clarity During Recovery

By Dawn Hurley

There are simple ways to feed and train your brain in order to regain mental clarity that is equal or close to where it was bef... Continue Reading

dark green leafy vegetables for revitalizing the liver

6 Healthy Foods to Strengthen Your Liver after Giving up Drinking

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Drinking too much alcohol can cause the liver to stop functioning as it should, but there are some foods that can help revitali... Continue Reading

5 Super Fruits That Will Boost Your Recovery

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Top super fruits are either not readily available or quite expensive. Luckily, further down the ranks are a few very powerful e... Continue Reading

A recovering addict blends juices and smoothies

5 Healthy Juices and Smoothies for Recovering Addicts

By Jamie Yacoub, RDN, MPH

These 5 healthy juices and smoothies are just the start you need to regain optimal health after the years of damage caused by s... Continue Reading

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New to the Kitchen? 3 Recipes to Kickstart Your Healthy Living

By Heather Adams

After years of substance abuse, our bodies tend to lack some essential nutrients. Continue Reading


Waking Up Sober: The Challenging Experience of a Spiritual Awakening

By Toshia Humphries Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, and life coach and possesses three degrees in counseling and psychology, focusing on addictions and women’s studies.

When someone speaks about having a spiritual awakening, they are typically referencing an experience or multiple experiences th... Continue Reading

empath in recovery

5 Ways To Protect Your Energy as an Empath in Recovery

By Toshia Humphries Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, and life coach and possesses three degrees in counseling and psychology, focusing on addictions and women’s studies.

Being an empath is a gift, not a burden. You just have to honor yourself and protect your energy. Continue Reading