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Healthy Living

Life is much more than just the absence of alcohol or drugs. Boost yourself with these tips that promote physical, emotional and mental health.

Finding a Good Night’s Sleep in Recovery

By Audrey Beim

Here are 6 strategies to promote healthy sleep patterns while your body and mind continue to heal. Continue Reading

woman in the dark

How Hormonal Imbalances May Affect Recovery

By Mark Calarco

Responsible eating and regular exercise can replace many of the bad habits that contribute to relapse, but you should also keep... Continue Reading

3 Ways You Can Meditate at Work

By Audrey Beim

It's not hard to squeeze in a meditation ritual at the workplace. These 3 tips can help you improve not only your health, but a... Continue Reading

man covering ears with pillow

How Your Pillow Plays an Important Role in Recovery

By Benhilda Chanetsa

If you're experiencing restless nights, body pain and allergic reactions during recovery, your pillow may be the one to blame. Continue Reading

The 2 Things to Prioritize to Restore Physical Health After Addiction

By Rebecca Kovacs

After getting sober, many find that their physical health isn't what it used to be. These two steps can help restore your vigor. Continue Reading

woman exercises to prevent relase

The Most Basic Way to Avoid Addiction Relapse

By Jill Anderson

If you are struggling with addiction recovery, this is known way to help boost your chances of staying clean while benefiting y... Continue Reading

woman rides a bike to meditate

3 Meditation Styles to Fight Off Cravings

By Elizabeth Seward

Although your days of drinking and using drugs might seem like a lifetime ago to you now, the thoughts and cravings for the sub... Continue Reading

The True Benefits of Mindfulness in Recovery

By Audrey Beim

Being fully in the moment is a powerful tool to cope with addiction and life beyond substance abuse. Continue Reading

dark green leafy vegetables for revitalizing the liver

6 Healthy Foods to Revamp Your Liver

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Drinking too much alcohol can cause the liver to stop functioning as it should, but there are some foods that can help revitali... Continue Reading

5 Super Fruits That Will Boost Your Recovery

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Top super fruits are either not readily available or quite expensive. Luckily, further down the ranks are a few very powerful e... Continue Reading

Newly sober woman who's new to the kitchen thinks of what to cook

New to the Kitchen? 3 Recipes to Kickstart Your Healthy Living

By Heather Adams

Eating well is a proven foundation for healthy living for everyone. But this is especially true of those who have been battling... Continue Reading

breakfast spread on table

4 Energizing Foods to Kickstart Your Day

By Jamie Yacoub

Eating the right foods for breakfast improves alertness and concentration. Try these 4 simple recipes to keep you moving throug... Continue Reading

woman exploring spirituality without religion

5 Ways to Explore Spirituality If You’re Not Religious

By Lisa OBrien

Recovery can mean a lot of different things to different people. Here are some suggestions help you start cultivating a healthy... Continue Reading

The power of prayer in recovery

Why Prayer is Powerful in Recovery

By Heather Adams

The act of lifting up our needs releases stress and improves our mood, often even before circumstances have changed. Continue Reading