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Alcohol Abuse

alcoholic body odor

The Truth About Body Odor And Alcohol Consumption

By Tori Utley

If you're a drinker and notice that you're consistently trying to cover up body odor, it could signal a problem with excessive ... Continue Reading

The Most Drastic Effects Alcohol Has on Your Appearance

After a night of drinking, facing the physical discomfort of a hangover is not the only thing to worry about. Continue Reading

7 Things That Will Go Wrong If You Drink Today

By Tori Utley

In recovery, you'll have good days and bad days, easy days and hard days. On the hard days, it can help to think through the li... Continue Reading

A Quick Overview of Fatty Liver Disease

By Rebecca Kovacs

Fatty liver is a side effect of alcohol that can lead to dangerous side effects and conditions. But with treatment and abstenti... Continue Reading

man and woman fighting

5 Effects of Alcohol That Destroy Your Relationships

By Toshia Humphries

There are numerous ways in which alcohol can affect you and the people you care about the most. Here are just 5 of the most com... Continue Reading

6 Most Common Excuses People Make to Keep Drinking

By Toshia Humphries

For alcoholics, the list of excuses to drink could go on and on. But, regardless of what it is, there will always be only a lit... Continue Reading

7 Things About Alcohol That Will Make You Think Twice About Drinking

By Dominica Applegate

Today, I’d like to share eight things I know about alcohol that I hope will cause you to do a serious reality check and stop dr... Continue Reading

The Role That Alcohol Plays in Suicides

By Rebecca Kovacs

Alcohol is involved in more than 7,500 suicides that take place in the United States, which is a quarter of all suicides in the... Continue Reading

sad woman

3 Questions I Would Ask My Sister If She Were Alive Today

By Tess Chedsey

Alcoholism is a complex, lonely disease. We can live for years with family members and never really know what they're feeling i... Continue Reading

How to Help Someone with Alcohol Poisoning

By Colleen Marlett

Alcohol overdose is common among binge drinkers as they drink larger amounts of alcohol in a short period of time compared to s... Continue Reading

woman shops at the grocery store

My Long Walk Down the Wine Aisle at the Grocery Store

By Nina Bradshaw

One writer shares how the most mundane tasks have changed since sobriety and what it was like to finally overcome her fears. Continue Reading

The Correlation Between Type 2 Diabetes, Alcohol and Tobacco

By Lisa OBrien

The stakes are too high to leave diabetes unattended and continue to use alcohol and tobacco. Continue Reading

Why Some People Get Hives From Alcohol

By Leia Rivera

Though an actual alcohol allergy is rarely seen in the general populace, an allergic reaction to a component of an alcoholic be... Continue Reading

staying ahead of cravings in alcoholism

3 Ways Drinking Tries to Lure You Back and How to Say “NO!”

By Nina Bradshaw

Drinking thoughts are inevitable. It pays to remember this and to have a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to fall back... Continue Reading

4 Skin Conditions Caused by Alcoholism

By Caitlin Thiede

The largest organ in our body is the first to show damage from alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, it's also usually the last o... Continue Reading