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man in recovery

The Emotional Benefits of Sobriety

By Nicole Arzt

In sobriety, you'll have the time, energy, and desire to focus on what brings you joy, meaning, and a sense of accomplishment. Continue Reading

Seasonal Affective Disorder

SAD: Coping With Seasonal Affective Disorder

By Monica Romano

For some, the lack of light and Vitamin D from the sun can wreak havoc and cause them to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorde... Continue Reading

National Recovery Month celebration

Celebrating National Recovery Month

By Nicole Arzt

It's a time to honor success stories and milestones. It's also a time to highlight the achievements made in short-term and long... Continue Reading


In the News

woman suffering from PTSD

Is Medical Marijuana the Key to Treating PTSD?

By Nicole Arzt

With PTSD impacting thousands of Americans every year, this treatment approach could represent a revolutionary option for such ... Continue Reading

physician and military veteran discussing non-drug treatment for chronic pain

Non-Drug Therapy: An Alternative Chronic Pain Treatment for Vets

By Dawn Hurley

Research has now found that non-drug therapies are just as effective, if not more, than traditional medications prescribed for ... Continue Reading

suicide prevention poster

Why National Suicide Prevention Week is More Crucial Than Ever

By Nicole Arzt

The best way to raise awareness is to educate yourself first. Learn about suicide, its impact, and the warning signs you need t... Continue Reading



people engaging in a

The Spiritual Dangers of “Just Sex” Relationships

By Toshia Humphries Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, life coach and talk radio co-host of Girl Power Hour on Blog Talk Radio.

In early recovery, we may instantly cling to the first sign of distraction we see. This usually takes the form of a romantic—or... Continue Reading

loved ones reconciling during recovery

Reconciling in Recovery? These 3 Tips Will Help

By Tori Utley

Looking to reconcile relationships with friends and family? Try these 3 principles when making amends. Continue Reading

person in peace

The Process of Forgiveness and Its Purpose in Recovery

By Toshia Humphries Toshia Humphries is a Texan freelance writer, artist, life coach and talk radio co-host of Girl Power Hour on Blog Talk Radio.

Forgiving yourself and others prevents resentment—a slippery slope for relapse. Continue Reading


Family & Friends

recovering addict

Common Misconceptions About Recovering Addicts

By Nicole Arzt

By perpetuating untrue myths, we only perpetuate the terrible stigma attached to addiction, which further alienates and harms t... Continue Reading

loved ones reconnecting during the holiday season

Tips for Setting Boundaries When Reconnecting With Loved Ones

By Rebecca Kovacs

How do we go about reconnecting with a loved one while setting boundaries at the same time? Continue Reading

a recovering addict explains her recovery to her daughter

How to Explain Your Recovery to Your Children

By Nicole Arzt

No matter their age, you should expect your children to have questions about your recovery. Continue Reading


Personal Stories

person in recovery breaking free from the chains of addiction

The Value of Time: My Personal Journey Towards Recovery

By Rebecca Kovacs

One recovering addict shares how she used time as an ally rather than a detriment during her journey towards recovery. Continue Reading

man reading a book to collect himself following a relapse

Bouncing Back After Relapse: It's Not All Bad

By Dawn Hurley

Finding yourself in the midst of a relapse can feel like an insurmountable failure, leaving you wondering how you became enslav... Continue Reading


How the #MyYoungerSelf Campaign Sheds Light On Mental Health

By Nicole Arzt

In 2016, the Child’s Mind Institute launched the #MyYoungerSelf campaign as a platform for celebrities to share personal storie... Continue Reading


Healthy Living

man drinking water to stay hydrated

6 Simple Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

By Monica Romano

With summer in full swing and temperatures soaring, we are reminded again of the importance of staying hydrated and healthy. Continue Reading

celery juice

Celery Juice: The Latest Trend in Addiction Recovery

By Monica Romano

Drinking celery juice is especially beneficial for people in recovery from substance abuse. Continue Reading

one recovering addict offering a cigarette to another

Quitting Cigarettes During Early Recovery

By Monica Romano

Is smoking used as a crutch to help ward off intense cravings that may increase the possibility of relapse? Or, is it simply sw... Continue Reading



Clinician administering legalized psychedelics

Op-Ed: Why Psychedelics Should be Legalized and Administered in Clinics

By Germain Palacios

The push to legalize magic mushrooms and LSD for medical use has gained momentum, but is legalizing psychedelics the solution t... Continue Reading

the dangers of alternative medicine for recovery

Why Some Need to Draw The Line on Alternative Medicine

By Elizabeth Seward

If you’re prone to all-or-nothing thinking, you may want to reconsider your stance as it may jeopardize your recovery. Continue Reading

For all of us in recovery, the message of the #metoo movement is critical for our progress.

Why the #MeToo Movement is Crucial for Women in Addiction

By Tamara Buchenberger

It’s finding the strength to hold on for one more day when you can’t recall a time you didn’t feel the strength someone else us... Continue Reading



Dr. Drew sitting in a chair

Ask Dr. Drew: Can you explain what health benefits are observed after a year of sobriety?

By SoberRecovery, Staff Writer

Dr. Drew answers questions submitted by members in our SoberRecovery community. Continue Reading

Dr. Drew sitting in a chair

Dr. Drew answers questions submitted by members in our SoberRecovery community. Continue Reading

Dr. Drew sitting in a chair

Dr. Drew answers questions submitted by members in our SoberRecovery community. Continue Reading


Kids & Drugs

sober couple at prom

5 Tips for Planning a Safe and Sober Prom Night

By Dawn Hurley

Safety and sobriety are well worth planning ahead for, especially when it comes to prom night. Continue Reading

recovery school graduate hugging parent

How Sober Schools are Giving Addicted Teens a Second Chance

By Dawn Hurley

In addition to participating in traditional classes and online courses, students meet with counselors regularly and participate... Continue Reading

A Look Into the Growing ‘Hidden Homelessness’ Crisis

By Nicole Arzt

Our country's vulnerable youth—the population between ages 18 and 25—represent today's 'hidden homeless'. Continue Reading

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