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A smiling woman in a red sweater reflects on her sober, recovery life free from addiction.

7 Things You Can Expect in Recovery

By Tori Utley

From restored relationships to better health, recovery has much to offer. If you've never been sober before, here's what you ca... Continue Reading

Man in recovery bogged down by shame

5 Things to Remember When Shame Gets You Down

By Tori Utley

Ashamed of your past? If so, you're not alone. For many people in recovery, shame can be a difficult hurdle to get past. Here a... Continue Reading

person strives to redirect negative thoughts into positive ones

How to Redirect Your Negative Thinking Habits

By Dominica Applegate

Your thought life are the conversations you have in your mind. It’s the collection of the random things you think about on a da... Continue Reading


In the News

Reinforcing your sobriety to avoid relapse

5 Powerful Reinforcements for Long-Term Recovery

By Tori Utley

Recovery brings many natural, non-material rewards you can count on to help you stay sober for the long-haul. Continue Reading

close frame of a man's eye

Empowering the Addict with Narcan is a Crucial First Step

By Joanne Chu

In response to this public health crisis, Walgreens recently announced that they are stocking the overdose-reversing drug in al... Continue Reading

Lisa Sundstedt on stage at This is My Brave show

We’re In On the Joke and We Can’t Stop Laughing

By Joanne Chu

This is My Brave "The Resistance" show featured a lineup of comedians who struggle with mental health, addiction or both. Continue Reading



Woman passive aggressively asking for money to buy alcohol

4 Communication Styles Addicts Use to Get What They Want

By Patrick Biegler

For someone who is still in throes of addiction, there are some styles of communication we’re accustomed to using as our primar... Continue Reading

Codependent couple

Holding On: Why Codependency Has Such a Tight Grip On You

By Toshia Humphries

Healing from a codependent relationships takes work and time. Professional help is typically required, depending on the duratio... Continue Reading

Social life of people in recovery

How to Develop Healthy Social Connections in Recovery

By Audrey Beim

A positive social support system is crucial in choosing alternative behavior outside the addiction. Otherwise, isolation can an... Continue Reading


Family & Friends

Couple in relationship going through addiction recovery healing together

How to Properly Love an Active Addict Back to Health

By Toshia Humphries

We want to love our struggling loved ones, but true unconditional love starts from within. Continue Reading

To love or not to love an alcoholic. That is the question. The answer, however, may not seem so clear.

The Best Way You Can Love an Alcoholic

By Toshia Humphries

To love or not to love an alcoholic. That is the question. The answer, however, may not seem so clear. Continue Reading

How to nudge a loved one to recover from drug and alcohol addiction without fighting

Don't Dictate, Motivate! How to Nudge a Loved One to Recover

By Colleen Marlett

These tips could mean the difference between your loved one deciding to seek recovery within months to someone who dwindles in ... Continue Reading


Personal Stories

What to do to help a person in distress thinking of suicide

How to Really Help Someone Struggling with Thoughts of Suicide

With self-preservation hard-wired in almost everything humans do, it's difficult for many to fathom how some can arrive at the ... Continue Reading

A Death Other Than Dying: From a Mother’s Point of View

By Colleen Marlett

For someone who loves an addict, there are other deaths we grieve a thousand times over besides a physical one. Continue Reading

Man beyond addiction

Why I’m More than My Addiction Story

By Joanne Chu

As addicts, our perception and persecution of ourselves is far worse than anyone else could lay on us. Continue Reading


Healthy Living

Finding a Good Night’s Sleep in Recovery

By Audrey Beim

Here are 6 strategies to promote healthy sleep patterns while your body and mind continue to heal. Continue Reading

woman in the dark

How Hormonal Imbalances May Affect Recovery

By Mark Calarco

Responsible eating and regular exercise can replace many of the bad habits that contribute to relapse, but you should also keep... Continue Reading

3 Ways You Can Meditate at Work

By Audrey Beim

It's not hard to squeeze in a meditation ritual at the workplace. These 3 tips can help you improve not only your health, but a... Continue Reading



the dangers of alternative medicine for recovery

Why Some Need to Draw The Line on Alternative Medicine

By Elizabeth Seward

Alternative medicine can have a pretty vague definition. The term includes practices that are science-based and many that are n... Continue Reading

For all of us in recovery, the message of the #metoo movement is critical for our progress.

Why the #MeToo Movement is Crucial for Women in Addiction

By Tamara Buchenberger

A woman's perspective on processing trauma, perceptions, and moving forward with others to shed light in the dark corners where... Continue Reading

Op-Ed: Safe Injection Sites are a Necessity

By Tess Chedsey

As we continue to shed light on the disease of addiction, this controversy proves just how much more the public needs to learn ... Continue Reading



Dr. Drew sitting in a chair

Ask Dr. Drew: Can you explain what health benefits are observed after a year of sobriety?

Dr. Drew answers questions submitted by members in our SoberRecovery community. Continue Reading

Dr. Drew sitting in a chair

Dr. Drew answers questions submitted by members in our SoberRecovery community. Continue Reading

Dr. Drew sitting in a chair

Dr. Drew answers questions submitted by members in our SoberRecovery community. Continue Reading


Kids & Drugs

6 Tips to Surviving Single Parenting

By Dominica Applegate

Being responsible for your children and your addiction recovery can be daunting, but these tips can help you manage. Continue Reading