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Get the latest information on current events, politics and culture on the subject of drugs and addiction. Don't forget to join in on the conversation.

suicide prevention poster

Why National Suicide Prevention Week is More Crucial Than Ever

By Nicole Arzt

The best way to raise awareness is to educate yourself first. Learn about suicide, its impact, and the warning signs you need t... Continue Reading

CBD products

Is CBD Safe and Effective at Treating Addiction?

By Dawn Hurley

Researchers have begun exploring ways in which CBD can serve as an alternative treatment for drug addiction and pain management. Continue Reading

employee suffering from occupational burnout

Occupational Burnout: WHO’s Diagnosis for Work-related Stress

By Nicole Arzt

A staggering 61% of employees report experiencing stress at work. As such, job-related pressure ranks at the top of the list fo... Continue Reading

woman coping with psoriasis

Study: Coping with Psoriasis May Result in Mental Illness

By Rebecca Kovacs

Research found that mental health conditions like sleep disorders, anxiety and depression were higher in patients who suffered ... Continue Reading

Sober Recovery Expert Author

teen at a mental health facility

Lady Gaga Expands Her Mental Health Program for Teens

By Monica Romano

In June of 2019, it was announced that Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation and the National Council for Behavioral Health are ... Continue Reading

red carpet

Red Carpet Redemption: Celebrities Who Have Overcome Addiction

By Monica Romano

For some famous celebrities, becoming dependent on drugs and alcohol amid scrutiny in the public eye is a harsh reality that is... Continue Reading