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Reinforcing your sobriety to avoid relapse

5 Powerful Reinforcements for Long-Term Recovery

By Tori Utley

Recovery brings many natural, non-material rewards you can count on to help you stay sober for the long-haul. Continue Reading

close frame of a man's eye

Empowering the Addict with Narcan is a Crucial First Step

By Joanne Chu

In response to this public health crisis, Walgreens recently announced that they are stocking the overdose-reversing drug in al... Continue Reading

Lisa Sundstedt on stage at This is My Brave show

We’re In On the Joke and We Can’t Stop Laughing

By Joanne Chu

This is My Brave "The Resistance" show featured a lineup of comedians who struggle with mental health, addiction or both. Continue Reading

How to Keep Recovery in Mind During Tumultuous Times

By Toshia Humphries

It’s not always as simple as 1-2-3, but the aforementioned steps do provide important reminders and actions toward preventing r... Continue Reading

Grammy Award-Winning DJ 'Avicii' Found Dead at 28

By Donn Gruta

Avicii is a Grammy-award winning artist from Sweden and is best known for songs including "Wake Me Up," "Hey Brother," and "Lev... Continue Reading

Mara Shapshay and Carrie Fisher

Not a Laughing Matter: Comedian Mara Shapshay Gets Brave About Mental Health

By Joanne Chu

Mara Shapshay is producer and host of the This is My Brave’s first-ever Variety Show where she, along with other comedians and ... Continue Reading