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I Blossom into a Butterfly

Posted 05-09-2008 at 11:09 AM by BUTTERFLY-7

I remember when I first posted
a Blog I was so tire and weary that
was the title of my first Blog I'm not
trying to praise my self but I look back
now and it was worth it going through
all I've been through oh doe I'm not
going to front(lie)there are times I want to drop the towel and run but then I look back and Naaaaa It's bot
worth it for what reason today I made
it to my 4 th month clean and serene
It's not much but to me...
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weary and tire

Posted 02-29-2008 at 12:13 PM by BUTTERFLY-7

well where can I star I'am new to the blog but I need to write what I feel I was never the one to write but this is my life we are talking about I just sign to the sover recovery community I been tryin'g to understand the hall web site how ever dont nkow how to enter the chat meeting room there some images at the bottom I can't seem to paste them in my blog well I'am verry tire recovery is been a thouf battle I have only a month clean march 9 I will make 2- month clean
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