Stay sober this weekend July 24!

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Hey GS yeah rolled oats porridge but just reading the label it's got gluten in it which does not agree with me ..

Rice porridge sounds better..

So back to the weekly fav of boiled eggs. I think I'm a retro breakfast eater.

I'm caught in a cloud today, heavy mist hanging on the trees.
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Saoutchik, absolutely love the rainy day scene. Thank you!

I'm hanging around at husband's aunt's swimming pool. Kids are enjoying themselves immensely. I'm having worse cravings than usual. The whole hot, sunny summer day on vacation crap. I'm sipping a slushie to take the edge off. Sweet, sour taste.

Husband's aunt showed me a "how to" video for bacon chips with guacamole. Looked good but certainly not entirely good for you
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Ruby, sounds like you'll be okay - can't beat a seltzer water and lime to take the edge off. Great to hear the kids are having fun, nothing beats a swimmin' pool for the youngsters!

I'm hitting the "big pool" this weekend as well, heading down to the Pacific tomorrow. Rented an affordable house for the weekend right on the ocean. Middle of Nowhere type joint, the owner lives in Mexico City and he's leasing it to me while he's out of town for a couple nights. Nice deal, should be about as tranquil as it gets. I hear there have been some robberies down in that area....but what area doesn't have robberies, really? I will stay sober, alert, yet also enjoy the serenity. Hitting the road from the mountains here at about 7am, should roll up by 9.30 to the beach house. Off shortly to make a food run so I can make myself dinner tomorrow while down on the Pacific. Gonna be hot, hot, hot with a nice strong sea breeze to take the edge off. Until Sunday, gang!
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That bell or bike person
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Hey Ruby ,
Hang tough you know that your brain is spinning a delusion not reality …

In reality the only thing it would give is a hot mess and throw things into chaos , it is a neurotoxin with good advertising .

pop that delusional dream bubble … Maybe imagine yourself by the pool after or during one of your worst binges with all your family there to see ..

Change the scene in your head , pick up a good book ? go sit in the shade a bit , check you're hydrated , HALT !

keep on

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Yep, a delusion. Or a deeply ingrained habit. Or both.

Ruby, hang tight. You can maneuver this urge with finesse.

The bacon & guac sounds amazing really. I'd throw in some shrimp too.

Maybe have some La Croix drinks on standby?
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I was out driving around today.....listening to music. This, believe it or not, is a big deal for me as it took 2 1/2 years of sobriety before I could listen to music in my car or listening to music at any time. For some reason, music and my alcohol use were really really really connected. I still have not danced since I got sober. Wondering how many years that will take before I can do that?! At least I now have music
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A bit off topic but these made me laugh, especially the last one:

22 Pictures That Capture The Perfect Expressions Of Inanimate Objects [STORY]
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I hope your cravings have passed Ruby.
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Well done Soberclover!!!
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Soberclover, congrats Glad that you have your music back.
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Hope the slushi did the trick Ruby

Those 'inanimate' objects were most amusing. That one that was a cloud in the shape of a face - a couple of hundred years ago everyone would have been terrified

I am dealing with massive cravings of my own at the moment - there is three quarters of a large blueberry cheesecake in my fridge that is beyond delicious and it's sending come and get me vibes. This is one of the disadvantages of living alone

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Oh my, Saoutchik, that is a massive temptation indeed. Enjoy
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I hardly ever post, but I'm staying close because this is the most tempting weekend of the year for me. The Michigan Brewers Fest is at the park a few blocks away, and the combo of beer, summer, and attractive women, makes me ornery that I can't/won't drink. I'll be two years sober next month. Might hit a few AA meetings this weekend, even though it's been a while.

Kind regards,
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Hey all! Just checking in on my way home! Just left happy hour with my coworkers (special event for a coworker). Stuck to the appetizers and tonic water.

ETA: Also, not a soul commented on my not ordering a drink.
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Oops! Thought I was in the July class thread. Mobile fail. But hello, weekenders!
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You stuck to the good stuff DariaM! You've got to feel good about that.

Wow, two years next month....that's great thenewguy! I guess being proactive like you've demonstrated by posting just now is part of why you've been successful in your sobriety efforts. Good lesson for me to keep in mind. Congrats on two years.
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Do your best
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Watching cast away with mrs sw waiting on our steak bakes as our movie snack
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Well the Drama Queen (my mother) is back and already annoying me by asking about my boyfriend. I just said that after everything I've been through there is nothing wrong with me having a bit of fun. My therapist was thrilled when I told mom actually said "did you tell your boyfriend about your problems?" Um, no. Enough said..

Anyway I'm trying not to be too impatient. Last night was their last night in France, my mother tripped in her high heels and ended up in A+E for an x-ray. The doctor said she's fine, just her bones are getting a bit frail but that happens as people get older. She was walking by herself when we picked her up. I gather that my aunts had a great laugh at the airport - they put 90 year old Grandma and my mom in two wheelchairs (mom is in her 60s) and they were pushing them around. I'm trying to be nice to her but she really knows how to push my buttons. There's nothing wrong with her mouth anyway; )

I took my dad and sister out for dinner and they were delighted. I was so proud of myself when I paid the bill.

We went for a walk around town and it is crazy. Next week is Race Week in my home town. Ugh...every group of people were carrying rakes of beer, you could probably sail to America on them. That's me out of town for the next week anyway. The buskers get annoying as well. As my Grandmother would say "everyone is out to separate you from your bit of money"...

I found it a bit depressing actually.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful night!
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Giving up is NOT an option.
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I haven't been to a festival sober yet - but I'm pretty sure I'd find it depressing as well. Not depressing in the "I can't join the fun" way, but more in the "what a sad thing you all have to get drunk in order to think you're having fun" way.

I had a momentary craving when out to dinner last night - the place we went is a place where I've enjoyed their creative martini menu. But it passed quickly. I stuck to iced tea and club soda, and that was just fine. I do wish more restaurants would have a menu of tasty mocktails. I went to one place for my 90 days that had an impressive list of delicious ones. I really enjoyed that.
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Those are some hilarious pictures, Behan!
I like the monkey flowers.

Home from work. Ahhhhh. It is cloudy and cool out. A lovely evening.

The cat that got me through all my troubles and helped to see me safely to the sober side, he had CKD. But he was a mean one, so I had to take him to the vet three times a week for his subs. It was heart wrenching when he passed. I will hit you up for the new study, Weasel, if either of my current cats gets sick.
Speaking of pets, I have a dog to walk and a garden to water. I am guessing I will be in bed early tonight. Still have the headache from early in the week....ridiculously persistent it is.

Be well Sober Enders!
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