Stay sober this weekend July 24!

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Originally Posted by Charlie117926 View Post
I have had a productive day today...sober. I am not going to lie. My mind says "go ahead and have one, you have made it ten days, so you know you are okay". I know better, but the thought is there. Its actually a perfect gorgeous day and I am in a good mood. So the perfect "celebrate" storm is brewing. But I can't be on the SOBER BUS and following my mind, now can I? I choose the BUS! I just need to make it till 7 pm and I am in the safe zone. I am feeling a little OCD so here it goes. I would like to give a huge thank you to all the weekenders on board! Lbrain-8000, Lola, False, Brynn, Olive, Ruby, Behan, Mark, Bimini, Surrender, Mesa, MLD, Kevin, Gilmer, GSmarter, Happy&Free, Non, BigS (hope your niece is okay), Stella, Trach's, Verte (Thanks for all the support on my accountability thread), EE2010, Lunar, CCAM, Toadie, Tetra, T4C18, Saoutchik, Kerry, SW, Soberpotamus and of course the Wease!Thank you all for being on board. It means we are not alone!!! "Many hands make the work easy"
Charlie.... This brought a huge smile and a warm heart to my day. Good for you! Tell that voice to go eff it self! The bus rules!!!!

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Hi Charlie

Great job on talking yourself through the urge. And an urge is just an urge, and they always pass. Don't have to act on it.

Maybe find another way to celebrate such a great day Ice-cream helps.

You can do it.
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I'm mad at the world cause the meth took my homie..

I want to share a song with you.....

In a parellel universe someone shared a song with me from this addressed a different theme; a social commentary if you will. Then I discovered this song....

This guy is called Hopsin. He's against drink and drugs. This is a song where his friend has gone down the wrong path and has od'ed on meth...

Hopsin is speaking to his old friend who we see in a hospital bed as well as hanging with the wrong crowd....

It's strange, I listen to it and feel the authentic part of me is Hopsin and I'm speaking to the dark part of me.....I feel the darker pÔrt getting smaller and my decision becoming stronger. It's like I'm doing a Tony Robbins exercise or something....
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I haven't had ice cream in a while. In fact, last time I had ice cream I saw a weasel! I think I'm going to TURKEY HILL and pick up a half gallon. Cooking venison on grill tonight. And as soon as Mrs LB wakes up I can make noise with pressure washer outside. Black Cherry sounds like a plan!

Glad to have you on board Charlie. MLD, good luck and keep it real.
Sober-p, I recall over the years when I called home and my dad answered he couldn't say much except , "Here, talk to your mother."
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Kery, don't take my comments (about anything much) too seriously. I'm a divorced guy of 55 and my experience of dating via whatsapp is about as extensive as my knowledge of Serbo-Croatia. I know Ruby is not old fashioned either

Well done for kicking those urges out charlie

Someone mentioned miniaturised drones earlier - these big ones scare the c**p out of me. It's the legs, legs are so much scarier than wheels
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Saoutchik; hahaha no worries mate!! My bad, I thought you were of female persuasion as I was reading the end of your name as "chick" whatsapp is a blessing and a curse!!!! I'm phoning from now on when it comes to the game....I mean dating

Ok cardio recovery time.....Insanity all the way!!!!!! Anyone....beachbody insanity? It is insane by the way....but it's a better addiction...

I hear the beach calling me this weekend......Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoy the rest of your day day everyone!!!! Stay clear of those ditches y'all (I said that with my southern american accent.......although it probably sounds african or something...)
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Rehydrating to Oblivion.
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Count me in for a sober weekend.

Just back from a meal out, middle eastern food. It was delish!
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OOh gosh you flick out of this thread and so much happens. I skimmed but I can't say I followed it all

Just sneaking on the bus and tucking myself in a quiet corner with my grape juice. (once upon a time that would have been a cute way of saying wine but it is grape juice. No fermenting here.)
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Well my little holiday comes to an end.
The vacationers arrive home tomorrow.
I have enjoyed it more than I thought. The last time I was left alone I had this nagging feeling that I had to "check in" with people otherwise they might think I was drinking.
This time I was a lot more relaxed. My mom too I think. She only called me 3 times and one time I let it go to voice mail. Look at me, I'm growing
I went for a facial this evening and that was nice. Tomorrow I'm treating my dad and sister to dinner. It is things like this that give me great pleasure.

Today I was talking to the new girl at work. She started about 2 weeks ago. She said "I hear you are leaving us this week". I said "no, I'm not finishing until the end of August". She replied " oh I thought it was this week because the girls have been running around all week saying OMG what will we do when Tetra goes!" They will have to do all their own paperwork My boss told me I'm worth my weight in gold, and it gives me pleasure to be reliable and appreciated
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Home from zoo day.

I had Pistachio Pistachio ice cream for dinner because I'm done.

Only 5PM and I'm thinking of lying down on the couch. Please let me sleep through the night tonight.

Nothing too exciting at the zoo. One of the gorillas is pregnant. There are too many white faced whistling ducks. The penguins are molting. I couldn't see the ring tailed lemurs. So now you know.

Those four legged bots are scary - somebody post those in Cow's thread.

I read everything but my brain is on sugar and I'll just say, "G'nite."

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Good for you, Tetra - sounds like you are really making great progress recently. It's nice when you can really see, feel, and enjoy the rewards of sobriety. Being a couple days or weeks sober is amazing, but it gets even better when we can finally start to cash in our lottery tickets.

Charlie, great to hear those words. I know in my early days, being loyal to some folks here at SR kept me sober. It's great to hear others say that it's OK to have a quiet, peaceful weekend and to stay away from the booze. Glad to see the reinforcement is working in a positive way!

Glad you had fun at the zoo, Bimini. At least you saw a pregnant gorilla...that's something. Next time you see them pass on my congratulations to the happy family.

Made fish tacos tonight, they were a big hit. Of course, I was the only one eating them so I suppose it's all relative. My niece is out of the hospital and back home safe and sound. She was on vacation when rotavirus hit, so she had to be in the hospital in a different state before they could all come home. All is well, and she's back to "normal", if there is such a thing for a 3 year-old.

Other than that, it's been a quiet week around here. My gringo neighbor took his car into the local mechanic and I've been translating their conversations. I didn't really want to get in the middle of this at all, so it's kind of annoying that every day one of them calls on me to tell the other guy such-and-such. Aside from that though, not much action. Should have a friend from the city visit me this weekend, we'll get into something fun I'm sure. I'm craving beach...
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...holds the key
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Good night Bimini!......and sleeping through the night is like winning the lottery these days, yeah?

Welcome BBB!

Tetra, your post made me smile! Feels good to do a job well and be recognized for it. Well done!

BigS, glad your fish tacos were a success! I'm always in awe of people who cook real meals for themselves. When I'm home alone for dinner it's peanut butter on toast or sliced tomatoes.
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Kery, there is something to be said about dating and meeting up online and things changing. I see everyone hanging out on Facebook and honestly, it doesn't interest me so much. Everyone and their posse of friends. That was never me to begin with and has no appeal now either. Doesn't sound like either girl was a prize if that's what's up.

HaF, it is nice having some long time friends around. I'm the one that went away and came back. Their kids are older so we're kind of out of sync with life stages but it works out. We all used to drink together but they weren't drinking buddies so there isn't that association.

Charlie, glad you came here to get through the witching hour.

Alright, daughter wants to go walking and won't leave me alone until I go. Guess it's one way to get my exercise.
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I'm aboard! Gonna hit 90 days on Sunday!
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On board for the weekend
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I haven't checked in for awhile but jumping on the bus. I will not drink and I will never change my mind.
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Welcome aboard Sir.
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Is the bus full? Im In!!
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SD 7/3/15 SRJD 7/14/15
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Weasel will just add another's an endless caravan!
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Originally Posted by biminiblue View Post

Nothing too exciting at the zoo. One of the gorillas is pregnant. There are too many white faced whistling ducks. The penguins are molting. I couldn't see the ring tailed lemurs. So now you know.
Hope you didn't ask her if she was pregnant, Bim. I'd hate to insult a gorilla.
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