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Originally Posted by trachemys View Post
MMmmmm salad. I have a craving for salad. And ribs. I need to go to Ruby Tuesday.
I made an awesome sausage, peppers and onions!!!!
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Ruby, that's good they fixed your tyre for free. They quite difficult to repair in UK as inner tubes now illegal.

Salad and ribs sounds good Trachemys as does sausage and peppers Wease.

It was homemade burgers and waldorf salad for me. I'm only eating meat at weekends, still eat fish weekdays though. Forcing myself to eat bran fibre for breakfast on some weekdays, I don't like it much but i'm 55 so I best stay with it I suppose

Have fun in NYC Mark
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Drove home enjoying a beautiful sunset. Went to a party this evening where there was a lot of drinking. I'd told the hostess in advance that I would leave when they were no longer charming. Well, they were great, but I was happy to leave when their speech became slurred. I haven't been a social drinker for a long, long time anyway, so no triggers.

In Norway, a hangover is called "having lumberjacks". Let them chop wood elsewhere, I'm looking forward to a nice walk with the BF (there will be coffee and Italian icecream) and chinese food with a friend.

...and all this talk of salads, pizza and sausages has inspired me to plan some lunches for work as well. Thanks!
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You're not the only one, Tetra.

I spilled boiling hot coffee on my lap at the drive-thru at McDonalds--(just like that lady who sued--but about an inch north, thank God).

I thought there would be an initial moment of burning and then things would cool off. WRONG! It kept burning and getting worse and worse. It was pretty much agony.

When I got to my destination an hour later, I had a big purple blister an inch across!
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Ok I was feeling better now that the pain, panic and sense of impending doom have subsided. I was lying on my bed, watching TV and eating chocolate. My sister looked at my legs. She says I'll have some blisters but I'll be fine.
I like to light candles at night. I lit them and left the room to get something. When I came back there was a funny noise. I checked it and there is a large dead insect - looks like a giant wasp floating on top. Yeah, it's definitely dead now! This is not doing my stress levels any good.

I'm trying to figure out what is bothering me. I think it is that I have 7 weeks left of my contract. 7 weeks until unemployment again. I cannot go back to that. I was miserable.
My dad says look on the bright side. I got my confidence back and I have made nice friends. He said to ask my supervisor for a pro-forma reference? I don't know what that is. I'm trying not to think too much - it will destroy me. I had planned on maybe taking my parents on a holiday when I finish. If anyone deserves a vacation it's my dad.

My mom told me this morning that they weren't sure whether to tell me but there was a mouse in the bathroom during the week. If I was in the tub and I saw a mouse I would pass out altogether.

I should have my own comedy show - this just gets worse and worse
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Marchia in Aeternum
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Tetra, stop wishing for bad luck and knocking on wood. You've got a good grip on life.
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I'm doing really well today. Having a craving for iced coffee. I have a giftcard to Starbucks but I have an extreme case of laziness. Hope everyone is having a great day.
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Tetra, I'm glad you have a sense of humor about things.

Sao, please tell the waiter I'd like one of those salads too. It reminded me that I need to eat more vegetables, and not from the can or freezer, either. So for dinner I cut up some zucchini with smashed garlic, kale and crushed tomatoes. That turned out pretty well.

Went to the grocery store early today (~7:30 AM!). Unfortunately I don't like talking or dealing with other people first thing in the morning so I was unexpectedly surly and scowly when I had to deal with several store employees saying "Good morning!" and asking if they could help, because of their corporate requirements.

The guy at the deli nearly barked his greeting at me. It almost sounded hostile. Well, to hell with him! I suppose I should consider that maybe he's also not a morning person.

So all is not sweetness and Buddha-mind chez Solarion.

The overall effect of these "good mornings" was to drive me away from areas where I would have picked up something to buy if they had just left me alone.

I did become more agreeable after some time in the store and even said a few nice things to different people.

Another drawback of going to the store so early is that there was not much people-watching to be had (handsome guys to check out). But at least I was able to think, "well look at me up and out of the house so early -- aren't I sober now?!"

And I got to enjoy my cushy handlebar grips that I had so nicely wrapped in cork tape the other day.

Well I've been a Garrulous Gareth, or at least my typing fingers have ...
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Originally Posted by Solarion View Post

Another drawback of going to the store so early is that there was not much people-watching to be had (handsome guys to check out). But at least I was able to think, "well look at me up and out of the house so early -- aren't I sober now?!"
Well, you can always imagine me in a tank top, flexing my biceps.

Be proud of sober
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Giving up is NOT an option.
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I love going to the store early. I'm the annoying one saying good morning to the other customers, half of whom are still in pajama bottoms, buying emergency coffee and captain crunch.
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Originally Posted by trachemys View Post
Well, you can always imagine me in a tank top, flexing my biceps.

Be proud of sober
Trach, I always picture you in a tank, with a little plastic palm tree.

And thank you for the reminder.
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Solarion, I totally relate. What annoys me here are the bank tellers. They say," so what are you doing this weekend", and stuff like that. I really don't think it's any of their business. But then I feel like such a grouch.
Tetra...I have spilled coffee like that too. Thank goodness you got the ice quickly. Sounds like a pretty bad accident. Your father sounds like a sweet man. I love your humor-you've got to see the humor in the wasp and mouse. But they would stress me out too.
speaking of pizza...I bought some dough at whole foods today and plan to make it tomorrow. Haven't made a pizza in years. Gonna put lots of veggies on it and will try to resist sausage . I'll let you know how it comes out.
I'm having a great weekend. I can't believe how much fun I have and how much happier I am now that I don't drink. I even rollerskated for 2 hours today. Such fun.
weasel...your long walk sounds wonderful. I'm going to try to do that tomorrow.
Hey, you all, life is good these days.
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Done babysitting! So much fun, but I'm ready for a relaxing bubble bath!
These kind of Saturday nights are so much better than the old kind that ended in puking, fights, and blackouts!! Dare I say....I actually enjoy being alive these days?!?! I concur, HAF... Life is good.
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Long day of hiking and shopping for me. No sunburn, no pizza, no spilled coffee or wasp. Yet.

I am drinking an iced latte that I made myself while my chicken is cooking...oops and there's the timer!

Thanks for another Saturday's escapades, all. Hasta manana.
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Sounds like a good day, Bimini!

And thanks for the reminder....I always make my own iced coffee. I refuse to pay Starbucks prices even if I's the principle of the thing. And iced coffees at home are cheaper in calories too!
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Yep. Lovin' La Vida Loca here, too, Sports Fans.

Great and diverse thangs goin' on here this Saturday night for Weekenders.

- 'Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting' ~ Elton John ~ Live In Central Park

Old Cure... Spray or sponge on good ole Vinegar to ease Burn pain. Dear ole Mom used Vinegar on my Terminally Caucasian Carcass after a day at SoCal Beaches.

No down side, save some residual odor. Let's face it: we've all smelled worse.
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It's Saturday night, 10:35pm and I'm in bed sober. Just doing my reading on here. Have had so many day 1's that I'm done with it all. Tomorrow is day 3 sober and 3rd day in a row at the gym. I'm watching all the people doing great on here and it's making me feel like I can do it too. I know Ive just started but I am going to do it this time. Thank you everybody for all your posts. It's a bad journey we are going through but all you amazing people make it bearable. Thanks. Be safe
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One Day At A Time
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Great to hear, Time! Congrats on Day 3.

Mesa, that pic is funny. I'm going to a dinner on Thursday, that is certainly what everyone at the table will look like!

Had a good day today. Slept in a bit (can't fall asleep at night but can sleep forever in the mornings if possible)! Went to an Art Fair and had beautiful weather plus scored a Funnel Cake at a food truck. Last year I don't think I bothered going....guessing I either a) felt wrung out from the night before, or b) already had drinking in the plan so bagged it. So happy sobriety is getting me out there!

Grilled some flank steak, BBQ chicken, Portabella mushrooms and corn on the cob for dinner. Popsicles for dessert fit the bill just fine.

Have a wonderful rest of the night/ day, Sober 'Enders!
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You can do it timeforchange. It's not easy, but we gain strength from each other. Many here can attest that it is possible.
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Evening folks - thanks for the support, I appreciate everyone's wishes. Great news - we made it through the transitions (chair-to-walker-to-wheelchair-to-car-to-house-etc) without too many problems. And once my grandmother arrived at my aunt's house, she had a perfect 100th birthday celebration. She really enjoyed the event and, in the end, that's all that matters. I was able to get her back and forth and did my part. Feels great!

Took a ride on the old Minneapolis Streetcar line tonight with my niece and nephew to celebrate. It's an old historical streetcar that still operates on the same line from back in the old days. We went out for ice cream afterwards. Perfect ending to a successful day!

Tomorrow is going to be great. A nice relaxing day with no big activities planned. Going to stock up on some electronics before I fly back to Central America early on Monday morning. Off to sleep, going for a Mesa Man-style conk out tonight. Have a great and sober evening, team!
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