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Hi everyone. I'm back from the baseball game. It ended up being me and my mom and my two children. My dad is still having trouble breathing in the humidity and husband, well, he went out last night. It started dripping rain during the fireworks after the game but we had a good time.

BigS, I'm glad your grandmother had a good time and that you got her there smoothly.

Sao, I can just imagine you setting voice recorders to see if you're snoring. For some reason that makes me laugh.

I read a really decent blog post that I get emailed to me. The writer is an alcoholic in sobriety, 14 years. She makes me laugh sometimes. Today's posting was about being an alcoholic. Some days it's about her two year old twins. Her theme, there's hope. That WE can do it together. Basically, the safety in numbers. Reaching out and holding on.

So reach out and hold on. Tightly. Hope everyone is doing well this Saturday. Talk to you all later.
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...holds the key
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Ruby....glad y'all had fun at the game.

I, for one, am all about the safety in numbers deal. My boyfriend is out drinking which is always stressful for me because he's the kind of drunk that tends to get into a lot of trouble. I dread the 3am phone call. I'm working up to turning my phone off at bedtime.

Night y'all.
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My husband and I are currently freaking out. Earlier today, a man rang the doorbell and my husband was asked whether we have any sort of security system in place. He showed us a badge and claimed to be from a company that's monitored by the state. Supposedly going around to houses in the area, finding out if people have security systems in place?!?! My husband told him we have surveillance cameras and devices in place (we don't!), and that we have the dogs (who were barking their heads off at the guy, btw), and hinted that we have "other" kinds of protection - again, we don't. We don't have guns, no surveillance cameras yet, .... just the harmless beagles.

It's really scared me. He called the non-emergency police number and let them know what happened. They said to call back if we find out more. Um, we won't be finding out more until they break into the house!!

We've recently talked about getting a security system, so that is what we're going to do asap. Looking at a few different ones right now to decide.

Doesn't this sound like an unbelievable story? Some guy from a company monitored by the state government? Questioning about our security system. Uh, yeah right. This guy is a burglar, right?
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That does not sound right at all to me, Soberpotamus. I'm sorry you and your husband are having to deal with this. I would be looking at alarms too, just in case.
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Whale, I saw some whales while well watching.
In San Francisco now and just drove down Lombard st. Getting ready to get some much needed sleep.

Saw the red wood trees! Those are some pretty dang big trees. They smell really good too.
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That bell or bike person
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Brynn , Sao
thanks for the well wishes , My voice is the re-incarnate Barry White this morning , if only i could think of some lyrics it's be a laugh to lay em down …
Eh Eh Eh ! OHHHHHhhhhh YeHHHHhhh , i got too much love for one paramour , isn't it ..
Lyrics wasn't always my strong point .

Sober P , sounds strange , I think one of the best things to do is take their photograph and a picture of their car , if your genuine surely you wouldn't mind that ??? gimmie a business card and i'll think about upgrading my system .

Surely even if he's genuine the firm employing him need a severe talking too doing business that way , highly unprofessional .

Look out for symbols chalked on walls, nearby mailboxes or driveways or anything unusual left behind as a marker .

You can get noise activated phoney dog bark units , with a burglar system i'd recommend the wired type over the wireless kind .

Even just the bell box on the front of your house can deter people. In cynical honesty you just to make sure breaking in to your place is harder than your neighbours . Put an NRA sticker in the front window even if you don't believe ?

Bestwishes , m
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Morning all,

Hope you are feeling better Mex.

Keep safe Sober P. Follow that up with the police. Write to them. Talk to neighbours?

Had a nice meal out last night with Mrs B, her mother, and my parents. First meeting of the in laws. Everyone got on really well. A few drinks were had. I had a nice glass of freshly made lemonade. No cravings. Think I have the home and restaurant contexts craving free.

Had an early night, which is becoming a welcome habit.

Was meant to be hanging with my older brother this morning but unfortunately he is stuck in China for a few more days. Will see him next weekend. We have a big camping trip planned.

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday sober friends.

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Sunday morning, and no hangover which really beats last Sunday by a mile.

Normally, Monday would mean going to work, catching up on people's weekends. Thanks to this forum I can get all these inspiring stories instantly. When reading about you, Gilmer, Tetra and more, I feel very grateful for my weekend so far. I keep thinking "I'd drink on that!", but then I see how you're handling things and I learn.

My mom said yesterday that she was so sad for me and my alcoholism. I tried to explain to her that I dug my hole deeper and deeper for a long time, but now my head's back over ground and I'm so excited to see who emerges. More excited than I've probably been about anything. The future really is wide open. Tough sh!t will happen, but thanks to people like you I have sober mentors.

I think my brain was working overtime last night, and I've had some spectacular night terrors. Doing my gratitude and serenity jedi mind tricks to shake them off, and looking forward to a day with more caring people. Never seizes to amaze me that I have all this support.
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Morning everyone,

Nowhere near as nice a day today as it was yesterday which suits me just fine as today is a Lancia day.

SoberP - I think your barking beagles have probably done enough if the guy is a crook, last thing they want is attention

Glad everything went well BigSomb, it's good when these things go right.

The ex mrs Saoutchik was a big fan the Walrus of Luurve - saw him a few times.

The one person I don't want to imagine in a tank is myself, I got stuck in one at some military show once (not my thing at all - I was there for work) I told em! I take an XXXL in tanks
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Up before Weasel!
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A simple guy making his way
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Ha ha S... Not by much!

I am laying in bed with no need for rushing this morning. Need a morning off.

I am actually working on a SMART method so I understand it better. It's called DISARM. The destructive image self talk awareness and refusal method.

I am a terrible negative self talker. I beat myself to the ground and that what makes some things a challenge. I know exactly why. Having a father that drills that into me about my self worth. But that past. I need to live in the present and this is helping me see what I do today to be my own worst enemy.

Happy Sunday everyone!!!!!!

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A simple guy making his way
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Originally Posted by Timeforchange18 View Post
It's Saturday night, 10:35pm and I'm in bed sober. Just doing my reading on here. Have had so many day 1's that I'm done with it all. Tomorrow is day 3 sober and 3rd day in a row at the gym. I'm watching all the people doing great on here and it's making me feel like I can do it too. I know Ive just started but I am going to do it this time. Thank you everybody for all your posts. It's a bad journey we are going through but all you amazing people make it bearable. Thanks. Be safe
That's so freaking awesome to read!!!! You CAN stay sober!

Welcome to SR and the weekender! Please join in as much as you like. Any topic and any questions are just why we meet every weekend!

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Marchia in Aeternum
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Thanks Trach! Love your sunday morning music.
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Morning again! I cannot believe how much all you guys accomplish on a daily basis, while I sit here like a slug!

Actually managed to sleep past 5am this morning so hoping for a better day, been in a horrible mood the last week or so because of lack of sleep. Son is still sleeping, he is never a morning person, so I should have an hour or two of coffee and online catch up. Hopefully his burn is better today and we can go out and do something. He was a complete grouch yesterday, probably because it hurt. Even my sober friend (who took him fishing in the evening) said he was about to bring him home as he was so moody! And my sober friend and son are best buddies! But, son did try and say sorry at bedtime, and I told him I understood, he hurt and hurting all day is just not fun!

Yesterday we did get all his school supplies ready - I did not want to leave it till my parents left and it is the week before school and the stores are chaotic. So, at least that got done.

Today is overcast, and storms forecast later, so thinking we might clean the car.

Mr Fireman is getting freaked out about liking me. So, I told him I was taking a 3 week break - we could text or call, but I have my boy here, and not leaving him with a babysitter for a maybe, and not introducing him to anyone right now. We shall see, I think I freaked him out that I set boundaries, but I am that kind of girl!
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Good morning everyone. I'm glad you had a good day Stella. The nightmares happen sometimes but they're just dreams. Processing all that stuff.

SoberP, if you have a state's attorney general, consumer protection division you can call them or go online to see if they have any information on this type of thing. We get people doing that door to door too but they're generally not burglars but better safe than sorry. Find out if they talked to your neighbors too.

The big scam lately I've been hearing about is people being approached about outdoor kind of work. Your neighbor is getting a new fence can we look at yours and while they are out back, distracted and looking, a partner goes into the house and steals stuff. Mainly senior citizens but anyone could be a target.

I'm going to a meeting. Have a good morning everyone. Or afternoon, depending on where you are
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Boundaries are probably a good idea Learning

Heeeeeere's Barry

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Sorry, saou. Gotta erase that earbug.

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Happy Sunday everyone!

Weasel I'd like to know more about DISARM. Pretty sure it's my own thoughts that are keeping me down in the dumps and somewhat isolating.

Ruby, hugs. Hope Mr Ruby isn't dragging you down too much.

Stella, good to see you back and doing well. SoberP I'd be freaking out,too. My giant lab has a deep giant bark and he's very protective of the property until someone actually comes inside. Then he's all tail-wagging and "pet me pet me".

Sao as for snoring... Mr B is a world champion. I hand out earplugs to anyone staying overnight at the cabin, and when we have no company, like this weekend, we sleep in separate rooms and I still need the plugs. He needs a sleep study but refuses to have it.

LA, so smart to have boundaries right from the get go.

Tied my float chair to the dock and read a cheesy murder mystery for a couple hours yesterday, grilled steaks, beat Mr B in 2 rounds of cribbage. Very peaceful weekend, just what I needed.
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That sounds lovely Bernie!
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