Belong? Sober Weekender Thread July 9 until...

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Thanks Wease, glad you enjoyed your SMART meeting
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Greetings Sober Enders!!!

Happy Friday!

So glad you enjoyed the meeting, Weasel!
Well done on three years Big!!!
Welcome new folks! This is a fantastic place to hang!

I loved Ruby's idea from last weekend so much, that I ordered myself a lovely charm bracelet with a fabulous sober bus charm. It is a wonderful reminder of all of you amazing people!

I will try to not knock Wolfie off the roof every time I move my arm.
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I like it, Olive!
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Well I am at home watching The Big Bang Theory and drinking camomile tea on Friday night. I know some people don't like this show - my brother hates it -but I get a giggle out of "Penny Penny Penny

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I'm in! 74 days sober. 11 weeks on Monday. I'm relaxing at home and trying to find something good on Netflix.
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Hi, Angie, Congrats on 74 days! You are well on your way!

I need to dig into my Netflix queue, too. I have almost 500 things in my queue - but I always end up watching one hour shows. I'm finishing up "Grey's Anatomy" at the moment.
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Oh that's cute Olive and Ruby, great idea!
I might have to get one too
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Tetra, it's always amazing the things we overhear and you heard something good. I'm happy for you. You're believing what we've known about you for a while. You're awesome!

Saoutchik, I don't think you're pathetic being home at 10:45 but that probably isn't much consolation. I'm usually getting ready for bed at that time and find I don't really want to do anything else. Maybe I'm getting old but staying up and out all hours isn't interesting to me anymore. And nine times out of ten, I'm by myself. I think crazy golf and home sounds great. Chanting in the courtyard, not so good. Hope the loud mouth shut up.

I went to an AA meeting and the topic of discussion was "fear" as a trigger. Good subject. Some good suggestions. Call people. Meditate. Say the serenity prayer.

Weas, I'm glad that you enjoyed the SMART meeting. Sounds like it was a positive experience.

Busy brains. That's what we all have. We get things in our heads and drank over it to quiet our thoughts and fears. Now we get those thoughts and can't sleep. Why am I going on about that? My 7 year old can't sleep. She's worrying about whether we are going to a baseball game tomorrow night. We may. Or, we may not. It depends on a bunch of factors. Meanwhile, busy brains are keeping her from sleeping. Quiet time.

Olive, I love the bracelet! Good reminder!
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...holds the key
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I love that olive! I have a charm bracelet...the dangly kind of charms. I've had it for about 20 years and it's completely full! It's one of my most treasured possessions because each charm is a memory. I'm a pushover for James Avery charms especially!! I might see if they make a bus charm too!

Glad to hear you liked the meeting, weasel and that it was more in line with AVRT thinking and method. I might have to check it out here.

Hi Angie! Congrats on 74 days!

So, I did it! I set some boundaries and everything turned out okay! The person still likes me! Yay! And I know that won't always be the case, but I'm glad it was for my first attempt !!
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Love the bracelet. I think I am going to see if they have an Alex and Ani bus.

Congrats to Big S and MM

Sao I am in bed drinking tea....not pathetic at all.
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Cute charm bracelet, Olive

Whew, what a day. I've just now sat down to relax. Been going all day long. Cookie dough ice-cream with dark chocolate bits is hitting the spot.

We're taking the dogs to the vet tomorrow. Micro-chips, and a blood test for Katie to figure out the allergy issue. And will also schedule Lucy's spay appointment.

Oh no ... my husband is calling. Lucy has eaten an ink pen

Will be back ...
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Bring on the weekend! I was definitely tested this week. However, by Monday morning I will have 90 days sober you guys!!!! Keep me in prayers, I am so grateful this weekend. Love you all. Happy Weekend
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About to head to bed. Son managed to fall in the pond while fishing - he STANK when he got home. Got him in the shower and after he looks like a beetroot on his back. He was lathered in sunscreen but with our lovely summer really has had no sun this year. So, now lathered in aloe gel, much to his chagrin. I guess better to get his skin prepared before Florida?! And he has my pale British skin - our friends at the pool were all laughing today and calling us "porcelain" due to our paleness compared to everyone else.

Just hoping he will be able to sleep tonight
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Porcelain skin is beautiful, LA. They can shove off
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Skywalker, that is awesome!
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Checking in from Minne-so-tah. Today was my grandmother's 100th birthday. I went to visit her in the hospice and had lunch with my cousin, aunts and uncles, and mother. It was very nice, but at the same time there's definitely some tension in the air.

My grandmother has been in hospice for almost 8 months. As you can imagine, her condition has continued to decline. She has good days and bad days. It was pretty clear to me that when there are lots of people around, her ability to function and understand what's going on is pretty much zero. Both my mother and her sister (my aunt) have been listed as "emergency contacts" and often get several calls from the hospice every week. My grandmother rings a buzzer because her leg hurts. She claims she's waiting for a car to pick her up for dinner. She forgets who people are, etc, etc. She's had so many of these "episodes" and my mother and aunt are on the receiving end of basically every phone call with the details. It's been so hard on them. It's very transparent to see the co-dependency going on. They see her almost every day, but they still can't wrest themselves away from all the drama. They both want OUT of being in the position, but they've also cemented themselves into a role they cannot get out of until my grandma passes away.

I told my mom that I would bring my brother-in-law with me tomorrow to pick up my grandmother for the party. Originally, my mom and aunt were going to manage this (they manage EVERYTHING for my grandmother) but it's so stressful and full of negative energy for I offered to take care of it with my BIL. They happily agreed and I could almost see the weight being lifted off their shoulders.

My grandmother will pass away soon (hospice, remember) so this won't be an issue for much longer. It's just so hard to see others around her struggling and being dragged into such anxiety. My mother has confessed that for tomorrow's party, she'd love it if my grandmother was her "old self again" just one last time. I told my mom that we'd all love it, but let's keep our expectations reasonable. My grandmother likely won't stay long, and will likely be confused for the majority of the outing. I think if everyone in the family could just accept that, we'd all have a nice time. But, I can only control myself and my own actions! So, I will pick up my grandmother tomorrow, get the wheelchair and my grandma into the car with the help of my BIL, and contribute the best I can. I will also remember to enjoy myself and not do too much nit-picking on how others handle the event. Their business, not mine.

Wish me luck folks, I think there will be some bumps in the road...but they'll be manageable. Ciao for now.
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BigS, you sound so sane. Because you are. It must be really tough for those who are living it every day. Happy 100th to her.

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Welcome home, Big Sombrero.

I don't know how long it's been since you lived in these parts so I'll fill in some blanks in order for you to focus on things at hand -- and have fun while you're here, too.

Let's see ...

Sid is still writing about his "close and personal friends." People still gripe about him endlessly. And read him religiously.

Punch still has the best pizza.

Yeah, it looks like we're gonna build yet another stadium. (Don't get me started.)

And our junior senator is still good enough, smart enough and doggone it, people like him.

Oh, and the mosquitoes aren't too bad this year. But that could all change in an instant.
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Hey! I'm in Minnesota too! Mosquitoes pretty intense up here at our cabin but not so bad in the Cities. Spotted two loons, a bald eagle and a blue heron on our evening boat ride.

Sad news from D, No longer pregnant. Tomorrows her birthday, she and her H went to the Twins game.

Happy 100th to your grandmother, BigS.

Hope you can sleep in, Ruby.
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