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  1. No contact period commenced
  2. Suffering incredible heart break after being dumped by Addict BF
  3. Thoughts on pleasing vs giving ( enabling, codependency)
  4. Having a terrible day /panic attack
  5. Role of Sponsor?
  6. Four police officers at door...
  7. I can't stop worrying about my ex
  8. My love- a narrative of my experiences (long)
  9. my prayers were answered. i think
  10. She's back
  11. 2nd day of no contact until sober
  12. Back after 10 months or so
  13. My sister died
  14. Need some practical advice...
  15. Should I Help My Sister
  16. #2 child now using
  17. sad. Ah flirting on recovery site
  18. Need help with adult son
  19. Trading one addiction for another
  20. Why do I even bother?!
  21. I hate holidays
  22. Signs of relapse
  23. Did I cause him to have his first seizure?
  24. I literally can't believe this! SHUTTERFLY
  25. Do I still love him?
  26. How to rebuild broken trust.
  27. 2 Alcoholic/Addict Brothers Going Downhill Fast
  28. 3:45 am
  29. Not sure what to do now
  30. husband has a substance abuse addiction
  31. Drawing Boundaries
  32. Don't know what to feel
  33. Lessons learned from loving an addict
  34. Do they ever stop lying, even when sober?
  35. What Should I know?
  36. 2 weeks tomorrow
  37. Well, there he goes.
  38. Alanon meetings
  39. Heart broken
  40. anyone ever heard of a vaccine for addicts?
  41. feel so helpless
  42. How to support the Alchoholic while being ignored
  43. inlaws alcohol affecting theyre relationship with their grandkids
  44. Need Clarity
  45. And around and around and around we go!
  46. What do I do ?
  47. Always the "bad guy"
  48. Addicted sister
  49. He asked he to drive him to rehab
  50. What do I do?