AVRT meetings

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AVRT meetings

I have heard it said here many times that once you read the book, get a good handle on what the AV is and how to recognize it, a person is all set and once they make their Big Plan along these lines, they do not need any meeting nor anything else for that matter.
That has never been the case with me. I have done all that yet have struggled.
At the moment, I read my notes in the morning reminding me to be ready for IT and to recognize IT as being the AV because I tend to forget, plain and simple. I also attend meetings of SMART and AA.
I wish RR has not put a stop to their meetings, not sure what the reason was behind it or should I say the real reason behind that decision.
I was wondering if there was a way to revive those meetings at least online, because it really does help to hear and interact with others regarding how they use RR in their daily life if only to keep this thing fresh in my mind at least for a time being.
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Apparently meetings were intended to teach the application of AVRT for a few months, then people were supposed to stop attending, having learnt to practice their 'internal locus of control' AV recognition and dismissal.

I understand the meetings were abandoned, because people began to believe that they were sober 'because' of meeting attendance, i.e. 'external locus of control', which was not the founder's intention.

Personally, I believe a few months meeting system is an excellent idea, to provide a detailed grounding in the technique.

That said, I've never read a better description of the Addictive Voice, than this posted on SR by Derringer, who attends AA meetings:

Originally Posted by Derringer View Post
I was listening to a YouTube video this morning and it wasn't about drinking but it talked about how moments of temptation, of any kind, come to us fully wrapped in justifications and other deceptions like everyone else is doing it, it's only one little, who will know, it's okay it won't harm you or anyone else, I won't give in next time but just this once and on and on it goes.


If we do succumb, that little voice that whispers so seductively then completely flips on us.

I can't believe you did that, why can't you just be like other people, what is wrong with you, everyone will know, you're a horrible person.

So I guess, be careful about listening to voice A if you want to avoid voice B.
Voice A and B are Addictive voice.
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