Stay Sober Memorial Day Weekender May 21 - 26

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I found that the no name brands of seltzer are just fine. Clear no coloring added.
Since it is Memorial Day weekend here in the states, the unofficial kick off to summer, people will be cutting into their first watermelons of the season. I just ate a good portion of one myself.
Here is the question of the weekend - maybe the century.
Has anyone ever in their entire life had watermelon that tasted like the watermelon flavored candy or drinks? Really think about it before you answer. I would have to say no without a doubt.

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A simple guy making his way
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Okey.... They dough I bought... Not so good. Thin crust with extra sausage on the way. *sigh*

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you always were a fan of extra sausage
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Happy Friday!

I need to check out all these seltzer reccomendations. I've been drinking arrowhead, as it's cheaper than perrier, but I really like the perrier bubbles better. Arrowhead is my second favorite though. I get the lemon flavor. It was on sale last week, but sadly it's back to normal price! I'm going through 4-6 per day right now...
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I'm kind of glad I'm not too sophisticated in my tastes. Canada Dry seltzer mixed with crystal lite is good for me!

Unusually cool day here in my part of Dixie and a beautiful afternoon to kick off the long weekend. Weasel has inspired me to have pizza poolside and enjoy this rare break from the humidity.
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I'm in!

I live with my Grandmother during the week and I was told that they are all going on holiday this Sunday for a week. I guess I'll have the house to myself which makes me feel strange because the last time I was left alone last summer I couldn't cope and I relapsed. I am trusted again and I want to sing with joy! I said to Gran "what will I do?" She said "mind your job, eat properly, lock the door before you go to sleep and don't lose your keys. Will I leave dinners in the freezer for you?" Grandma thinks I'm going to starve!

I will go to work, come home, exercise, eat nutritious meals, read books and drink my fancy coffees and meet my friends. I have been given a second chance and I love it!
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Marchia in Aeternum
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Originally Posted by biminiblue View Post
Trach, the hummingbird is light green on his entire back, the topnotch is black, his tummy is greyish - almost like a juvenile coloring. I really think it's some mutation - or I've discovered a new species.

I don't have a good camera, and my point and shoot is never handy when he pops in.
You're gonna have to get a picture. Lot's of them can go mohawk! From your description it's a female ruby throated. The crest is from being territorial.
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When I was still drinking some mornings my 'seltzer' would be two Alka-Seltzers and a dexedrin. �� Not going to that place no more
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Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
I will go to work, come home, exercise, eat nutritious meals, read books and drink my fancy coffees and meet my friends. I have been given a second chance and I love it!
If that doesn't bring a smile, I don't know what will....way to go Tetra!
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Yay checking in yall. Happy start of 3 hangover free days off.
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Tetra, that's lovely!

Whenever I have the whole place to myself my favorite thing to do is read or take naps. Knowing there won't be able people/loud noises to interrupt me makes it so peaceful!
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Tetra I am so very happy for you!!!

I adore hummingbirds. My mom has a bunch of them. I don't dare put out feeders because I have 3 cats and don't want to encourage any birds to visit.
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Tetra, that sounds great. I'd love having the house all quiet and to myself for a few days. I don't think I'd get out of my pajamas.

I'm home and ready to change into my pajamas. It's been forever since I've had a three day weekend. March 2nd. That's a long time. Missed my 7 p.m. meeting, again. Mother in law was going to watch kids but she keeps bailing out on watching the kids so my mother gets them two days in a row instead of one day a week. I can't ask her to keep them until 8:30.

Tomorrow will be a cleaning day until we leave for the birthday party.
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One Day At A Time
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Kicked off my sober weekend....was at a function this afternoon. Guess who was the only one not drinking??

This girl!!!! And you know what? I am more than OK with it. Major milestone.
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Had a good day. Feeling pretty calm right now. Went shopping and made dinner. Have plans to do some work around the house with my husband tomorrow. We have a lot of things that need fixing!
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Clapton deluxe.

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Way to go Allie and Dharma! Keep going!

Watching The Princess Bride. But unfortunately we started watching it midway. I think my son is old enough to watch it.
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Hello sober weekender friends! Happy long Memorial Day weekend to everyone in the USA! We're hosting a party this weekend and I informed the guests to bring their own drinks. Haven't done that in ages... A tad nervous, but sure we'll be fine.

Thanks for the seltzer recommendations, I need to try some out. My Perrier/Pellegrino habit is expensive! I've definitely seen Vintage seltzer around, but not LaCroix...
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Ruby, don't get us started on Princess Bride. It's a known fact that alcoholics and forums will in fact produce the entire script of Princess Bride, verbatim. Same goes for Bohemian Rhapsody.

Trach, Thanks! It could be a Ruby Throated, I've seen them here before. I didn't know they could go Mohawk like that. S/he is a big one, too.

I have done nothing but eat today - this "lose weight" thing is getting to me. Six weeks and eight pounds, though - and I don't have all that much to spare - so: back at it tomorrow. Friday seems to be my cut-loose day. Grocery shopping apparently translates as cookies for me.

Della, I have cats, but they are inside cats. My one cat sits below the feeder and chatters and whimpers the way cats do, flipping her tail side-to-side. The hummingbirds challenge the cat all the time. They're very protective of their feeder. It's pretty funny. I have the feeder hanging from the eaves on the third floor, cat and birds are safe. It's kitty TV.
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