Stay Sober Memorial Day Weekender May 21 - 26

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I'm here for the start of day 7! Can't remember the last Memorial Day weekend I didn't drink myself into oblivion. It feels great
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Good to have you on the Sober Bus, S2Win!

Very good point in your signature. Thanks for that.
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Good morning YA'LL! Feeling great on a Sunday morning once again in part from the support of you fine people. Have a nice dry heave free sunday.
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Della, I love what you said!! Have a great time at the wedding! Dancing like a stripper. Hah!!

Saoutchik, awesome on 1,000 posts! Didn't take so long, did it? Nice picture too.

BigS I was pondering the gas/taco/mechanic thing yesterday. Hopefully they were good tacos. Good lesson in the newly rediscovered skill of "rolling with the punches" that life throws our way. Each experience encountered and rolled with is what life is all about. They are the sum total of who we are and what we are about.

Ok, philosophical interlude over. Brain, I hope you mend quickly. I may do some yard work. I saw some intrepid souls out there this morning. If they can do it, I can too.
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Brynn, Ruby my husband drinks too. I do a lot on sat and sun mornings alone because "someone" has a headache. For anyone out there that lives with a drinker you can stay sober.
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Congrats on day seven, Surrender2win!

Checking in on this beautiful sober Sunday morning here. The rain and wind that were howling all day yesterday are gone and the sun is shining bright. Think I'm going to go find a pool to lay next to this afternoon with a good book in one hand and nice refreshing glass of lemonade in the other. Wishing all my fellow sober weekenders the best today!
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21 days sober today..just wanted to say hi.
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My new Truck had a 'free' 6 month Subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio when I bought it. This Song got heavy rotation on their Playlist. As I learned about in some Interview I heard, the 'new' Gig is for the Producer/Club DJ to get all the 'Billing', so to speak. Then, various Singers are brought in, and given 2nd Billing.

So, here's Alesso with Tove Lo on Vocals. I like this Swede much better than the Eurovision Dude. But, hey, that's just me...

- 'We Could Be Heroes' - Alesso ft. Tove Lo

In other News, we got some weird smell in our Basement right before we're tying to sell this House. Mister Methodology, here, is working up serial ideas, and then trying to isolate where it's coming from. Backfeed through the Dryer Vent? Nope. Floor Drain by the Water Heater? Nope. And, so on. Nuffin' to Drink over, obviously. Just an untimely PITA that I'll pinpoint, and solve.

Houses around here are moving fast, and inducing Bidding Wars. My kinda problem to have.

Glad to read here about Folks hangin' tough this Weekend. I suppose I could Drink again. Right after I finish jamming Bamboo Shards under my Fingernails. I live with a Drinker who's turned into a real 'Normie' with my permanent Retirement from All Things Ethanol. Mebbe I'll get into some of that later. It's worked out fine, but it took a while...
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...holds the key
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Good morning y'all!

Hi renabee and congrats on 21 days!

I must be the only late sleeper on the bus! Blah! I'm still in bed and y'all are already well into your day!

Oh Della! I cringe thinking of my drunken behavior at weddings, too! ugh! Eat an extra piece of cake and have fun! the bamboo shards under the fingernails visual! I've been trying to come up with just the right words to convey just how much I never want to drink again and you nailed it!
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So the girls, having finished the lawn, are ready to hit Starbucks. Any time they get money it's Starbucks. Of course it's a waste but they worked for it and I didn't have to spend it on vodka so all is right in this particular corner of the universe.
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Welcome to SR, renabee!
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BigS, I sincerely hope you have a blog going for all those stunning photos

Hula Peeps?? Oh em gee, how cute. Too cute.

Expensive coffees is where it's at, Anatta

I will be finishing up some work stuff today, thank the gods. It's been dragging on much longer than I'd planned. Yuck.

Then, I will plant my Stargazer lily bulbs in the front of the house facing the curb for all to see, not sure when they will sprout but it's all good. This will be my first experience with lilies, so kind of excited.

Just drank my first cup of coffee, after a late start this morning, and to my horror it's watered down somehow. Not sure how that happened. Must've been daydreaming when I scooped it out to measure.
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Hey to all newcomers, may this sober sunday rise up to meet you.

Cool pic and story bigS.

Many thanks Ruby - I'm confident I will not act on AV.

Having a lazy day. Spent the day reading. Just got some groceries in. Cloudy all day here. Going to make a Veggie sunday roast when Mrs B gets in from work.

Enjoy the rest of the day all.

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Aging Hippie

Starbuck's, Facebook, Walmart, and ADD
Murdered cops, murdered suspects, Hillary, Barack Obama

Unemployment, foreclosures, Iraq War, Afghanistan
Student loans, Bruce Jenner, Jersey Shore, Kardashians

Gluten-free, trans fats, too much soda, GMOs
Walmart, selfies, helicopter parenting

We didn't start the fire...
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Woke up feeling rested and ready to go. Flew my rc planes at my favorite field for an hour and loved it. I'm never that sharp on the controls early Sunday mornings. No crashes and lots of stunts.

Now time to get serious...weeding, mulching, and detailing my battle wagon (14 year old suburban with scars). It's hot here today. I loaded a cooler full of seltzers for the yard work.

Congrats to everyone who has made it so far this holiday weekend!
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Yay, MrChill. I used to have an RC plane. It was fun. It was really big though. Crashing it $$$ was not an option if I wanted to live to see another day. (Okay, it was my BF's. He let me fly it - once it was up really high.)

EndGameNYC - isn't that the truth? I try really hard to stay away from pop culture and the news.

Some of it still gets through.

LBrain, my friend. Owie.
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Hi renabee and welcome to SR! Way to go on 21 days! That's great.

Endgame, those sound like new verses for It's the End of the World As We Know it. But I do feel fine despite all of that.

I think I will take the kids to the museum. I don't think Mr. Ruby will be joining us. Brynn, I don't really know where my husband drinks because he disappears. I only see the aftermath. Day two of the weekend and he's in bed still at noon. He didn't join us for nephew's party. Probably won't join us today. But he'll sure feel better and find ways to disappear tomorrow. His priorities and agenda will be our crises tomorrow. With lamentations of "we never spend time together as a family.". No, YOU don't spend time with us as a family. We are a family every day but you choose not to participate.

That's where our drinking brings us. So I keep that in mind and I stay and work on my sobriety.
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I figgered the Japanese might make some Hula Toys, so see a nice selection linked below.

I went to what is purportedly the World's Largest Hardware Store in Tokyo. Could be. They had quite the selection of 'Lawn Jockey' Figurines in a variety of sizes. Believing that they're such a homogeneous Culture, differences fascinate them, apparently.

- Japanese Hula Toys -

Now watching 'RV' with Robin Williams. Hilarious. Lotsa Colorado Scenery. Here he is skating the Boulder Pearl Street Mall between takes of 'Mork & Mindy'. Our favorite Burger & Pool Joint is right behind him; a former Mortuary.

The Dog Park and some War Movies this afternoon round out my daunting Sunday Schedule, in between ducking into the Basement and seeing if the mystery smell is abating. I'm thinkin' it's the aging Freezer. I moved it the other day to vacuum behind it, and that's about when all this started. Kinda smells like something Electrical shorted. It's empty now, and unplugged. Safety First.
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Rc planes are different now, bimini. High tech stabilization and even things like "panic buttons" (I call it the "oh s***!" button). And cheap all things considered (my favorite small field plane is only $100 ready to go). Made of foam so even ugly crashes only require some glue and packing tape. I have a frankenplane that has been rebuilt so many times it's amazing it still flies...but it does...and well!

The primary reason I like them so much is because when you are flying it's only your mind, the plane, and your imagination. Not one single thing else in the world matters. Complete disconnect from the entire world around you. I suppose it's like meditation but I never really got into that.

I stop all the time after work for a couple flights. As I pack everything up my entire mood has changed. And best of all, I never fly with any alcohol in me. The added + of not drinking anymore simply means i have more opportunity to fly. Yay!
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A simple guy making his way
Thread Starter
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Well I had a very nice time. The weather was stunning. Lots of visitors. Even braved the Lobster Company for a fish sandwich.

Relaxing before I head back out into the day.

I do have to share that I saw a lot of leftovers from the last night. This group of young guys... well maybe not so young. At a certain age you need not wear your baseball cap backwards and carry a 48 oz beer at noon the next day... sad. This guy was trying so hard to find a party and was not happening. You could see it on his face.

Hope everyone is doing well this fine sober day!!! And as much as I did already today? Not boring at all.

from Peaks Island

Fort Gorges from the boat over

Back Cove from yesterdays walk.
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