Stay Sober Memorial Day Weekender May 21 - 26

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Stay Sober Memorial Day Weekender May 21 - 26

Ah America's unofficial start to drinking season. Like I ever need a start line? I will say I needed to find a finishing line. I had to.

That line was crossed when I said "I will not drink and I will never change my mind."

I bet there are a lot of folks, new to SR or not, that this weekend strikes a bit of fear in the pit of our bellies. Thinking that when Tuesday morning arrives I will wonder what I have done this time. What will I have said or who did I hurt. It doesn't have to be like that.

You CAN stay sober. "I will not drink and I will never change my mind." Say that this moment and say it as much as you need to. Put yourself first and come Tuesday morning you will feel free.

I am on vacation from tomorrow until June 1. Yikes! I never had that much sober summer time off. I am excited because I made my big plan a while back and have lived by it. Living sober rocks! I have a lot I want to do and plan on taking you along to help me.

*Ring Ring* The bell of freedom is being rung for you!!!

Hop on our fresh clean happy and fun filled buses for a ride to soberland!!!

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So close!! Last day then I have four days off. I used to struggle with time off. I still need to keep myself pretty busy but I am getting much better about having time on my hands.
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That bell or bike person
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Hey Hey ,
lets get through till whenever .

The AV likes us to think it's now or never , that we will never have fun or enjoyment again , this is a lie . There is a great big world out there of people having fun and a laugh without booze .

Yearning for alcohol when your sober is asking for misery in the now , Change your mind , learn to be grateful for what you have rather than mourning what you can't .

A great life is yours to be had sober, being fearless and persevering helps .

keep on , m
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Slow start. Think because last weeks thread kind of tuckered people out.

Calling all newbies that want to join in for the sober holiday. A simple hello is all that's needed.

Work time for me!
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I am in!
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Front row seat!!! Hi bus riders!

You're going to like this... I've been waiting for this moment to post it...pull up a chair...drumroll please...Enjoy, friends.
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Getting on the bus holding my two weeks of sobriety--yes, I would be happy to share it because the more I share my sobriety the more I get!
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I'm in.

Della, I also used to struggle with time off, especially on Saturday afternoons and even more on Saturday afternoons when Mr B and I are alone at the cabin. Last weekend I saw what was happening and pulled out the Bark Thins. 2-3 servings later, cravings gone. Dark chocolate, sugar, a cup of coffee or tea does it.

Back to the cabin for the holiday but it will be full with my children their spouses darling grandson and a total of 4 dogs. Mayhem! I love it.

Weasel, what a great time for a vacation. Hope you'll be checking in frequently.

Work time for me too.
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I'm in for the third weekend in a row. Thanks to all on this site for being great resources - hope you all have great weekends!
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I wanna sit in the front!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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I'm ready for the long weekend. I see some grilling in my future....and maybe some homemade ice cream!
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I'm in and buckled up. DONT let me fall off. It has only been 14 days and I know I can count on this group to be there if I start to fall. Thank you all....
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Wait. You are saying I don't have to drink on this long weekend? Yeah!
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It's Thursday night in Australia, here's to another sober weekend.

For your listening pleasure try this.
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Hears The Voice
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I'm in!

I had surgery yesterday to repair an umbilical hernia. I am off work until Tuesday to recover. The worst part was the anesthesia hangover I had most of yesterday. Felt like motion sickness- blech.

I have Vicodin for the pain. I'm on it now, but I wait until I can't stand it before I take one. I've read enough stories on this forum about people being hooked on that stuff to know I don't need that albatross hanging from my neck. Doc gave me 40. My goal is to throw most of them in the trash. I'm not really getting any kind of pleasant buzz from it, though, so it doesn't seem like something I'd want to abuse.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
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I'm in. Good morning from cold, cloudy Chicago. Late start and I will be scrambling to get ready.

Bernie, sounds perfect! Chocolate does help.

No, no one has to drink despite what our heads tell us and yes we can have fun. My nephew turns 10 and there is a party Saturday. Sunday and monday I think I will hit 8 a.m. AA meetings which are usually a rollicking good time because they are more about the visiting with a dose of support tossed in.

Now I have to wake two sleeping children. I'll kick the back of ArtFriend's seat.
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I'm in.

Hope you have a speedy recovery, LBrain!
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Originally Posted by Gilmer View Post
Hope you have a speedy recovery, LBrain!
People often get LBrain and I confused. You just have to remember that I'm the good looking one.
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I'm in for the long weekend, day 47 so will reach 50 on Sunday which is kind of a big deal for me.

Nothing much planned, a lot of DIY as currently trying to renovate an old detached house, some running but less than usual due to the heavy weekend of work. Spending the nights chilling out and watching telly.
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