Stay Sober Memorial Day Weekender May 21 - 26

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Originally Posted by Verte View Post
When I was younger there was a company called "New York Seltzer" or something similarly generic with little glass bottles and a skyline label. They had one of the very best raspberry versions I have ever had anywhere in the world. I think the company is out of business because i have not seen it in on shelves for about 2 decades. But wow did it taste good.
Just saw this the other day:

Vintage Soda Brand 'Original New York Seltzer' Is Making a Comeback - Eater
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Originally Posted by Ruby2 View Post
Coloring books! Awesome! I sometimes color with my daughter. I do like it but I'm way too "adult" in my expectations of perfection. Maybe we should scribble once in a while.
I love that Ruby. Thanks.
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This seltzer talk is intriguing. I have a feeling it may become a hobby. Through years of trial and error I managed to find the perfect beers and bourbons for my palate. I knew exactly what I loved and what I hated in every store.

If I can match flavored seltzers to my moods and foods it could potentially be a strong connection to keeping cravings down and finding happiness in my beverages. I already did it with coffee and tea years ago. As a matter of fact, over the last 10 years the only beverages I consumed on a regular basis is water, coffee, tea, beer, and bourbon.

Never was into sweet drinks. Hunting for perfect flavored seltzers sounds like fun.
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Vintage brand is available at Walmart. Allegedly. I'll have to check it out.

This day is dragging. I am in pain it's so slow. Agh!!!
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Finished work. Made it and we haven't lost all our customers or been sued. I ain't doing another 73 hour week in a hurry though

Mesa that stuffed owl story was hoot

Nons congratulations on erm "passing" the test

Even the sun has made a belated appearance.

Caught the tube home (gave me a chance to catch up on the thread) . Not going straight home though, I am going for a stroll through the Boxpark - a pop up mall made out of shipping containers. The best thing about it is that there are few big branded or chain stores.

I won't buy anything (I never do) but I can pretend that I might
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Hmm MisterChill. I think I might pick up some of the favoring extracts at the store tomorrow and add them to some seltzer to try some experiments. Let you know how it goes. I don't like all the sugar in sodas at all. Makes my teeth hurt.
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Originally Posted by EndGameNYC View Post
That's amazing news! New York Seltzer root beer was sooooo good!
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pray for strength
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Originally Posted by EndGameNYC View Post
WOW! No WAY! Thanks EG for this. you totally made my Week. How weird is this? And the raspberry flavor is even mentioned in the article. Olive, I'm going to find some and send it to your PO box so you can do a review. seriously though, I do not know how the company did it, but the raspberry is so incredibly tasty. Truly, it was the first 'drink' I ever loved. Wow, how things come full circle. Thanks Ruby for mentioning coconut seltzer and jogging my seltzer memory. Happy sober Froday everyone!
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Work finished. Bank holiday weekend - woo hoo. Poor Mrs B is in bed resting.

K, I have inserted a picture of my dentist below. A charming man. Very safety conscious......
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Behan, between your pet and your dentist, I'm gonna have to put you on ignore.
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Chillin with strong iced tea and cheezy poofs with daughter watching netflix. Nicest spring weather we've had in years--windows open, fresh air......
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Yay! My three-day weekend is starting. Beautiful weather here too.
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Just seen something uplifting.

A French guy just proposed to his girlfriend - using the assistance of a flash mob. I thought there were a lot of people about in the square.

She said oui by the way.

I was so caught up in it that I didn't film it but I can play the old French song they danced to (I bet i'm the only person watching who can remember that far back)

That was a really feelgood moment

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A simple guy making his way
Thread Starter
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All set with a home made pizza. Margherita Pizza with fresh basil and mozz. I have a pizza stone i never use but I feel like doing that tonight.

All is well here.

And thank B.... I will pass. the only thing more scary is if he had rubber gloves on.
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Boxpark Mall...

- Boxpark Pix ~ Search Results -

On Seltzer, how about rolling your own? Tap Water left in a Container outgasses the Chlorine within 24 hours. Bag a Seltzer Maker. Use pure Extracts of various flavors if consistency is your Gig. 4 drops of this-or-that vs. 6 drops. Combine them. Squeeze in some fresh Fruit. Whatever...

From 'Chuckles The Clown' on The Mary Tyler Moore Show:

'A little Song... A little Dance... A little Seltzer down your Pants'

- Sodastream Seltzer Maker -
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Ran to lowe's to pick up some landscape blocks. Ran into my old almost ex-boss and said hello. He was clueless.

What I noticed as I was traveling about is the is it VERY Friday out today.
I guess it's the mem weekend and all. A lot of people out spending money today.

a song:
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MM, that is one of my favorite Mary Tyler Moore episodes. I referenced it about a month ago on the "clown" weekend thread.

I am about to lose my mind. Saoutchik, that sounds like a great uplifting experience. So cool!
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I have a soda stream love it I was going broke buying seltzer but Vintage is very good and I like some of the Polar ones as well. Had to go to get a permit for my garage roof and the poor girl was overwhelmed with all the applications she had for permits today.
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You're nearly there Ruby. 9.00pm here so must be 3.00pm in Chi. It was cool - i've not seen that before. Plus a 1970s French disco diva (she is the mum of one of the Daft Punk guys)

Thats the place Mesa, i've left it now. It's still light here
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Originally Posted by EndGameNYC View Post
I loved the Cherry. One time a few years ago I found some in the Dollar Store. I was afraid to buy them though because I figured they had been sitting on a shelf somewhere since 1985!! Haha!
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