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Hopefully more regular....

Posted 03-18-2009 at 10:28 PM by lunarise

Ive decided to try and make this a regular posting avenue rather than say oh once a month.

Today was good I went shopping with my sister and then we went for a walk, 3 miles! That makes skipping pilates today all right in my book. It was sunny and warm. I started reading "Beyond the Influence" last night, didnt get far but it seems very interesting.

So I have recently signed up for this photography class. I have done all the required reading for the 1st section and have gone over the first homework assignment. For some reason I feel...behind..anxious..that I am not doing it fast enough? Im not sure where its coming from. I will keep an eye on it and see where it leads. I really enjoy learning about it, I wonder if I am second guessing my ability? hmmm

Been missing my huzzy the last few days. He has been working hard and late. Tomorrow hes goin to play in the surf, but we have plans for a date this weekend. Im excited.

So overall things are good, it looks like Spring is goin to show up this year...and its been a long day. G-night.
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