Stay Sober Memorial Day Weekender May 21 - 26

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A simple guy making his way
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Sunday morning newbie checkin!

A simple here! Will do!

If you have less than 100 posts or just starting out.... Oh heck... Everyone! Let's checkin and show how many are really here sober on a Sunday morning half way through a holiday. A drinking holiday that I never ever was sober for.

Such great inspiration here this weekend. Mr. B. Thanks for that. I was there in your words and know how it feels.
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Originally Posted by mecanix View Post
.....make furniture like Non in the workshop, restore a car like saoutchik .

Drinking is boring, going out stumbling round pubs is terminally dull, become creative rather than one of those who are there to spectate, you can do it

Take care , m
Wise words from a wise man. Thank you Mex.
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I just Googled Peaks Island. It looks really interesting. According to Wiki they are trying to secede (from Portland not the US). Must be nice living where you live Weasel

I wouldn't like those cold winters though
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A simple guy making his way
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Sao.... It does have a lot of what makes me happy. Very peaceful friendly place.

The ferry over is always fun. Today's weather is perfection. Mid to high 70's and sunny. We always have some sort of breeze it seems. Being on the water.

Just saw the weather and the water temp is 45 degrees. Not swimming temps. Lol

Back from the gym and relaxing until I leave a bit later.
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Weasel - I have over 1000 posts, but less than 100 days, so here I am!
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A simple guy making his way
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Always great to see you Tang! I cannot believe I am approaching 5000 posts.

I never mean to not have everyone check in just try to encourage the newest who might not have been sober yesterday but know they can still join in and be sober today!
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Good morning gang. I'm looking forward to those pics Weasel.

We're having a cookout here at my home today and I'm most looking forward to homemade ice cream. A few months ago I would have been sure to have a stocked cooler stashed in the garage so I could sneak away and guzzle throughout the afternoon. Today I will be totally engaged in the people around me.

Great job on working through the cravings MisterChill.

Have a great day gang....gym time for me.
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I am loving this bus ride,plan on riding it all day.
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Good morning everyone! Behan and Trees, I'm glad you didn't drink. I used to have the feeling that I was missing something when I wasn't involved in the fray. It always seems so exciting. The noise and commotion. But Mec is right. The slurring and ever louder voices. The stumbling and weaving and puking. Missing out on more because I'm feeling too ill to do anything the next day except worry that I need to get more alcohol to maintain that good time that eluded me the night before. Chasing it.

Behan, you have a child on the way. Think further through the tape. Do you want to participate in your child and family life? See milestones? My kids milestones are somewhat blurry to me. I regret that. I also see my husband still missing out. Daddy's sleeping. Daddy is laying on the couch watching TV. Daddy can't take you to the park to play, he's not feeling well. Quite sad, really.

No gardening for me this morning. Raining here. I'm becoming resigned to the idea of no garden this year.

Weasel, now I'll have to Google Peaks Island. Have a great day and I look forward to the pics
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Hola peeps beautiful here today. I have a outdoor wedding today. Wonderful couple.
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Good morning... I can't say enough about icing down and injury immediately. And also, because I've been sober for a year, my blood/body reacts differently, I think. I know when I was drinking and I hit one of my fingers/thumb with a hammer it would balloon up. Another benefit of not drinking they don't tell you about. Swelling from injury is much less than with blood constantly thinned with alcohol.
Anyway, the robins are singing their morning song. Last night when I was finishing work outside the same cardinal perches in his tree and sings his evening song just above me. Same place every day and he competes with one across the way - dueling cardinals just before sunset. Ooh, I just heard my cardinal doing his morning thing - it's different than their evening thing.

Have a good Sober Sunday. Remember, you can do this.

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Going to paint the hood of my jeep this morning, base and clear. Did the prep and prime yesterday.
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Della, did you mean Hula peeps?
Attached Images
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Good morning all, beautiful Sunday here. Christening this afternoon, no other plans for the weekend. Sometimes it's nice to just chill out with nothing on the agenda except enjoying my daughter's company, who is home from college very briefly.
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Have fun at the wedding, Della. We all know those can be danger spots but you don't seem worried - good for you! Enjoy.

LB - it's interesting how birds have different morning songs than evening songs, always nice to get some variety! My health has also improved while sober - sounds like you also "bounce back" more quickly after an injury. Good deal.

Quick update on the car. So, I was driving the 2-hour drive home yesterday and a torrential downpour came through. Not unusual here this time of year. However, it washed out a bridge and I had to double-back. Only one road was open to get home - the road through dreaded Guatemala City. Anyway, just as I was clearing that awful place my fan belt broke. I was right by a gas station (good luck!) and taco stand (better luck!). Guy said he'd assist me. He drove me around in his car for about an hour as we stopped at different places looking for the right-sized fan belt. No luck, but I did get a nice tour of the "Red Light District" in a local seedy town. Once, my mechanic stopped to ask someone for directions - he rolled down the window and it was clear the guy was dead drunk. The mechanic laughed and said "well, this drunk fool isn't going to be much help" and we drove off. It was good to be on the right side of the fence in that encounter.

Being sober means being able to handle the unexpected with confidence! Once you get your "sober legs" under you, things get better, folks. Everyone's confidence suffers a pretty hard blow when we first start getting sober. It's only natural - usually a few particularly embarrassing or frightening moments have led us to this point. Our invincibility shields are shattered, and we have to rebuild them from scratch with unfamiliar tools. Stay the course, folks, you'll get there! Onward!

Another pic from my journey yesterday:

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Good morning! Up about 30 minutes ago.

I have let the cat out, made a couple moves in my slow-motion online chess games and am considering breakfast and coffee.

Birds are singing and I have twice as much free time today than if I were lying in bed half-dead with a hangover until 2 PM.
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Day 3 of Sausage/Spinach Stuffed Shells for me. I made them Friday for the Fam (I cook for detox anxiety --and subsequently eat) but the kids all said no and the wife ate other things so I'm still eating on the 16 or so I made. Winning.
Middle daughter and friend want to earn money so I'm gonna let them mow the yard. Nice to have money to give them for the task than be sweating the clock to get some booze at 9 which is what I've done for4 sundays prior (and yes, that money would be spent). Beautiful day here in MO!
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Haven't had time to catch up on posts, but happy Sunday everyone!
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I'm treating myself like a newbie again. So checking in sober this Sunday morning for day 4. Thanks for all the support last night!
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I will have fun Big will be fun to not dance like I am a stripper and hit on random single men

I will probably even have some cake since I won't be drinking a couple thousand calories. Plus I will feel great tomorrow to mulch instead of pacing around the house thinking something terrible is going to happen. Why did I ever think drinking was the way to go?
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