June 2010 Sobriety Group

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(my 'avi' has reproduced...LOL....ozy..)
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Day One again for me. Gonna need all the help I can get but it's my final week of exams and its gonna be a sober one! Sorry for pulling away from the group for a while. I'm glad I still made it into the June group at least. And I'm here to stay this time!
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I'm glad you're back on the right track lilyrose

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Hi Traderjane
how are you keeping... i'd like to be part of this group - i'm a heroin addict who is at
present getting a reducing methadone/codeine detox and am on my way to this being the last of that too so yey!!
i am looking to b opiate free by the end of this month!!! i;ve been here on and off for a while but havent joined a group before so i hope its ok ...
good luck to all of us
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Karma35 - welcome aboard. Everyone is welcome here.

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Hi and welcome Grace, LookingForMe and Karma! All are welcome, of course.

And Sleepie, yes, anyone is welcome to join and re-join! Look at the date I joined SR -- as long as we keep getting back up after we fall, we can do it!

LillyRose, hope you are okay!! And you, too, Severian!

I just got back from my yoga retreat. It was AMAZING. Dare I say life-changing.

We had 3 two-hour intense yoga sessions and one yoga trance dance, which was just amazing. We ate healthy organic foods all weekend and I drank nothing but water with lemon, some herbal teas and coffee (in the mornings... I'm a coffee addict )

I cleared a lot of sh*t out of my brain and realized that I have do this even more. I came back feeling refreshed and like a new person. I made some new friends -- really interesting people. The kind of people you meet on a yoga retreat are really thoughtful, instropective and as one person put it "anyone who comes on a yoga retreat has lived several past lives." I wouldn't have traded this experience for anything. I took my journal with me and wrote down every revelation I had -- and I had many!

The weird part is that the minute I got back home and my kids came back from their Dad's house, I had a craving for a glass of white wine. One glass --- LOL, do we ever have one glass? Fortunately I was able to just observe the craving and not give into it. I had an early dinner, brewed some decaff coffee and had a dessert. Much better than "rewarding" myself with wine.

So I'm doing very well ... got through 13 days now. I'm still trying to stay with the "stay sober for one day" attitude as it's the least overwhelming way for me.

Later everyone!
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Welcome back Trader Jane, your yoga retreat sounds fantastic. Well done on not drinking. Rewarding yourself with a coffee and desert rather than wine is a great idea.

I'm on day 5 here. Am feeling really lethargic in the morning. It is a public holiday and I didn't get up until 11 (though I did get up for a couple of hours at 4.30am to watch the Australia v Germany world cup match, we got thrashed). I have no motivation to do any housework etc which is unusual for me (as I have OCD and am usually a clean freak), but figured it can wait till next weekend, hopefully ill feel more energetic then. I feel really happy though. I couldn't keep the smile of my face yesterday.

Have a great sober day everyone!
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Trader that yoga retreat sounds amazing! I have a big break from university coming up, I really wanna find time to look after myself holistically like that. But in my last week of exams for this semester I am getting in to the vegetable and fruit juices.

I hope everyone in the June group is well. It's been a struggle for me so far this month. But I'm trying, I'm always gonna keep on trying.
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Hey all, I'm now officially a June gal. I'm on day three. I began here as a July '08, that's a long time ago...but only lasted a few months then. I seem to get "in check" and am able to be social for a period of time, but as soon as something happens in my life, I spiral. I'm at the "spiral" time now. Had a breakup that just rocked me. Anyways, I'm committed to getting healthy and smartening up.
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Hey Melinda,

I just wanted to second your notion of eating whatever you like while trying to get sober. Like you, I'm a neurotic eater, and pizza or whatever was always WAY off limits to me... Not anymore. The calories from the 2 bottles of wine evry night that I'm not drinking balance it out, I figure!!

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Hello again June peeps. I messed up again this weekend.. excuses, excuses. I am back on track today.

What happened this weekend is that I had 3 graduation parties to go to... how do you guys deal with parties and gatherings?
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Addingitup asks about motivations to drink- Why do we drink... More I think about MY addiction, more I believe I was born with it; or I have delevoped it somehow... but I do not blame anybody anymore. I do not blame myself. I did not drink more than others in my teens. Probably I drank much less than my peers. I did not drink much in my early twenties and again no more than my peers. The problem is at some point, difficult to know when, the others stop and I did not... The same way, all my friends tried tobacco and not all of them got addicted to it. I have tried coke and marihuana very few times and never fell for it despite being quite easily available to me. Short of never being exposed to alcohol, there is little I could have done not to become an alcoholic. in that sense I understand this powerless thing of AA.

I am having a very tough time not to drink tonight. It is so normal to drink with my husband is away.... This is really insane. My kids are 3 and 5 yo. They sleep with me and if I drink I would wake up every 30 min. in panick thinking that if something happens to them I may not notice.

I was thinking different ways of telling my husband I am an alcoholic and I am almost sure the most difficult part would be convincing him that I am. I wonder how long more I would be able to hide either because I do stop alltogether or, the much worse scenario, because I cannot stop and then it will be visible very soon
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Day 3 for me, I've kept occupied over the weekend with family so urges weren't so bad.. today I had a meeting with a phsy. though and wanted to drink tonight so bad. The urge has past now though and I'm planning on exercising and not looking to far past that but looking forward to waking up to day 4.
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Day 10 almost complete :-)

The weekend was pretty tough but i just kept busy busy busy!!!

I cant tell you how good it feels living in sobriety - my confidence is coming back, as is my self esteem, and an inner peace.

Only now that i am putting some distance between myself and my drunkeness can i appreciate what a mess and a rut i was in. I was literally dragging myself through from one day to the next.

Now, I can concentrate and perform so much better at work. I am a better mother, and a better friend :-)

I know I could never have done this without the support of SR -thank you so much
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Thumbs up 6, 4 me li'll

"1 day at at a time.."

..Hey! this is my 3rd attempt since joining SR..

..I don't wanna go thru the sh!tty withdrawl BS..any more..
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Happy to say that after all the wrong thoughts in my mind... I am heading to bed and I did not drink today- Will feel great for this tomorrow. It was very difficult but done.
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Wilde - I was/am going through the same thing with my husband. I have told him repeatedly that he is married to an alcoholic and he has his head in the sand. Says that if I "listen to him and stop when he says stop" then I will be fine. I have told him that I have not been fine for almost 5 years now...check out the date I joined SR. I have tried, with some short-term success over the years, but have always fallen off the wagon. I just decided that he can't make me stop drinking, and while I would like his 100% support, I won't get it. He did have a bad experience drinking last week, which gave him some clue, but I think it will only be a matter of time before he tells me its okay to drink again. Wish I had the magic answer, but I don't. I guess what resonates the most with me about your post is your children are very young and you need to make sure they are always safe. What if you are drunk one night and one of them is ill and needs attention? What if you needed to get one of them to a hospital and you couldn't drive them? Perhaps if you try to think of it as a matter of keeping your children safe, you will stop. Well, no matter what age your children are you need to keep them safe - that is your first obligation as a parent. Perhaps trying to get in that mindset migh work for you. Just a thought.

KC (childless)
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Originally Posted by littlechicklet View Post
Hello again June peeps. I messed up again this weekend.. excuses, excuses. I am back on track today.

What happened this weekend is that I had 3 graduation parties to go to... how do you guys deal with parties and gatherings?
not sure if i'm the best one to answer this as i have social anxiety along w/ alcoholism. so i most definitely use alcohol as a crutch in party situations.

i'm only on day 13 now but in the past when i made lone runs of sobriety, i would avoid parties altogether or show up fairly early and congratulate people on graduation, b-day, etc.. and then make an early escape.

if your early in sobriety, i imagine it is just not worth the risk of putting yourself in that environment. if people care for you, they should understand that you need to work on sobriety instead of going to the party.
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I'm back at day one. Feeling a little low about it but today I finally got a sponsor... It's still June so I guess I'm still in the right thread...
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Guess I'm a June bug too. Hello to all the other June bugs!

Do I have to go with the bug analogy? I really don't feel like a bug. Well, maybe a squashed one......
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