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Made it through the entire month of June. I never thought I could do it. Weeeeeeee!
Thanks everyone on the Junieees!
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..don't be late for July,you guys!!!!

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Well... keeping it up so far - Feeling great reading all the posts - Will never make the golf bit... But, I went to drop my daughter to school in our bikes. The sun was shining and I was feeling very strong. She is 5, when we got to school i kissed her and could feel the smell of her little body in the morning with a clear head and a fast heart from exercise. It was a fantastic feeling.

Thank you again for being there.
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For the past 18 days I've felt like I've been on a teeter-totter. The me that wants to be sober on one side and the old drunk me on the other, at a standstill, neither of us going up or down, just staring at each other.

Well, the old drunk me just made a huge thud on the ground and sober me was launched into the air because I've lost 10 lbs since I stopped drinking!
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Wow...Melinda.. Your sober you is taking you to bikini-land! No wonder your drunkself is looking away at the moment. Every 48 hours sober you are dropping more than 1 lb. Well, I am sure you have made the maths. And with all that money you are saving plenty of new clothes are a must.
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Thanks Wilde,

I just reread my post and realized it sounded so self-congratulatory. I just stepped off the scale and felt like celebrating.

About 6 of those came in the the past 18 days. In the month of May I had about 25 sober days and then my last 18, so I kind of had a head start.

It just feels good to finally get some real concrete results from all this work. The dam* booze made me gain 30 lbs in three years so it just feels good to start feeling like my old self.

Before you know it we'll all be ready to break out the bikinis! LOL
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Good Morning and HAPPY FRIDAY! :)

super71...Congrats on the great medical report! :) Sounds like you had a wonderful evening! :)

livefierce...I hope you have a high energy day! I'm feeling tired and sluggish too, but I think some of my issue is all of the allergens in the air :( They are SO BAD this year. I never had allergies growing up, and even now they are mild, but TOTALLY irritating. As for the sugar, it is VERY possible your body is reacting to lower levels of sugar and the best thing to do for that is to just ride it out (unless you have health related issues, but it doesn't sound like it). Sugar is evil...wish it didn't taste so good! Great work fighting those voices in your head! YOU are going to win :)

HFA...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son! :) Sounds like things are going really well for you! :) That's awesome! :) You are too funny...
Maybe there is hope for all the trees on the course...
myliberty...Congrats on the awesome round of golf! :) I know what you are saying about the relationship between golf and drinking. You and KC should commiserate on that one!

solareclipse...I'm so glad you had a great day! :) Here's to ANOTHER! :)

alexvt...GOOD-BYE anxiety! WHOO-HOO! That is GREAT news! :) I'm so happy for you :) Yes, restaurants are THE WORST. I LOVE mexican food and I LOVE margaritas. I was just wondering the other day if a virgin margarita would taste good? BTW, your new writing style looks good on you ;)

...I'm SO GLAD you are coming down from that ledge each night. Now I have that song, "Jumper" by Third Eye Blind in my head..."I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend." Good analogy for "jumping" back into the evil hold of alcohol! Hang in there lc, it WILL get better! You are SO STRONG for being able to fight those urges each night!

Oz...Are you doing band auditions? I just love all the smilies guys...they are hilarious! You make me smile too :) THANK YOU! :) I hope you are doing AWESOME!

nancylee...HELLO and WELCOME! So good to have you with us! :)

Dee74... :) Hats off to you...I don't know how you keep up with everyone! :)

(((onestepforward)))...WHOO-HOO! YOU DID IT! That is SO awesome! Congratulations! You must feel so strong and so EMPOWERED! I don't think I've gone a whole month since I was 13! (except for my pregnancies and post-pregnant days)

Wilde10...Thank you for sharing your story about taking your daughter to school. I got teary because I can relate SO MUCH to what your are feeling. I love to hold my children and smell their hair and kiss their heads. It's THE BEST!

MelindaFlowers... I LOVE IT! Great analogy...YOU GO GIRL! :) 10 pounds is HUGE! You must feel so motivated and encouraged! I am so excited to see this in myself. I gained 25 pounds over the last 4 years I'd say...all due to drinking. I have recently started running and working out and STILL could not drop those 25 pounds! After 11 days of not drinking, the scale is FINALLY moving. Now if only I could get back into my workout routine! My body isn't responding well to the running :( Anyway...THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this with us! It motivates and encourages me too! I'm so happy for you! :) :) :)

Have a WONDERFUL day everyone! :)
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I am feeling so down - don't really want to drink, but feel completely overwhelmed... It's hard facing all of the stuff I was numbing out with drink.. and looking at the huge climb it's going to take to get past all of this stuff just makes me want to send up the white flag and give up... was so much easier in some ways when I could just drown myself in a bottle and forget it all -

Really like my sponsor, but so unmotivated and lack of interest in going to the meetings.. not really how it's supposed to work is it? Went to the one meeting got my sponsor and haven't been back - but we are still going on our walks each morning - I am going to try to get to a meeting today - maybe when I go more it won't seem so hard. I enjoyed the meeting, I just still have this " I don't want to be one of those AA people" thing in my head. I like the idea of sponsorship, the steps seem like a great tool for getting in a better place and real sobriety, just the meetings- can't seem to get motivated for that part..

Sorry for all the negativity and whining.. just thought it would be good to get it out -
I am going to go try to take a nap - I have been unable to sleep at night since quitting and I am sure that is not helping my attitude.

Hope everyone else is having a good day and staying strong!
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Happy Friday everyone! Super, I know exactly what you mean about facing stuff that's been pushed down for so long. A lot of memories and different kinds of feelings have been popping up this week. I'm glad to hear that you found a sponsor and like her That's a big step. I totally understand not wanting to be "one of those AA people" too. I felt that way until I started going to the meetings I've been going to this week. I really relate to the people that I've heard speak in the past few days...many seem to be close in age to me, in similar industries, states in their lives, etc. and it's made a huge difference. I don't feel like being in AA means you're separating from society anymore (I hope I'm not offending anyone...these were some of the ideas I had that have since been proven not to be true). Maybe try a few different meetings?
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Hang in there Super71. Isnt that kinda what not drinking was about? About living and experiencing life as it happens and as it unfolds instead of being all numb and stuck in a bottle? Sure right now in our early sobriety the negative things are more apparent and more pressing, but I hope and believe that as I get better there will be plenty of positive things I will notice that I did not notice before.
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Hey Everyone, congrats on another day! It's All Good!

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Hello all...

I feel like the weakest person here I've made several attempts in the past few weeks, but I can't seem to make it past 2 days. Rather than "can't," I should type "won't."

I don't have withdrawls and I LOVE the way I feel when not drinking. But after 2 nights I give right in to the cravings. So here I go again. Day 1.

MelindaFlowers -- That's great!! Long-term health is great, but it's not an immediate gratification motivator. But losing weight is!! Not only does alcohol pack on the pounds, but the next day is usually spent on the couch feeling like crap. (that's why i'm online at 3:45 pm on a beautiful sunny day)
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