Stay sober this weekend July 24!

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Giving up is NOT an option.
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Happy Thursday! I'm in.
That mosquito drone is scary. What next? I Shudder to think.

I need a concrete yard. But I think my lawn service loving neighbors would hate that. Or maybe not, since I'm the rebel who won't use chemicals and I always have dandelions and creeping Charlie and crabgrass that could potentially invade their pristine grass. I'm thinking of declaring my yard a "prairie restoration" and letting it go.
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Greetings Soberenders,

Jumping aboard our wonderful bus once again. I wish all passengers, both new and familiar, a very good day indeed.

I was unable to check in much last weekend as I was away camping with Mrs B and some of my family. It was a truly Irish camping experience: first there was rain, then there was some more rain, then a gale force wind arrived, then a little more rain, the sun came out and the temperature dropped, then a little more rain, etc.

I loved every minute of it!! Cooking outside, swimming in the cold sea, going for nice drives. Lots of family bonding and conversation. This was my first sober holiday and it went very well. I had mentally prepared for a long time and reading about everyone's experiences on here helped immensely. Everyone drank most evenings around the camp fire. I had intermittent cravings, but they passed without any drama. Only on one occasion was I really tempted when a glass of wine was poured and offered to me. I politely refused and got a replacement drink instead. I noticed some members of my family were drinking a little less - those that I would have drank heavily with in the past. We are all learning how to negotiate this new social dispensation.

Although fatigued by the camping and weather, I left without that insipid, gut wrenching fear that I had offended someone or made a fool of myself in front of others and I have no dread in seeing anyone again as I am confident I acted as myself, maybe just a little grumpy in the rain

I am now experiencing a sober life as possible and realistic, as long as I take it one step at a time, plan ahead, and seek the support of others when required.

I hope everyone is keeping well and I look forward to our weekend together, my brothers and sisters in sobriety........

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I hope there's room for more lol
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I'm in.

LBrain, big congratulations on 8000 posts!
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Always, always room on the bus, Kevin.

8000? You, Mr. Brain, are a chatterhead.
Think of all that you have helped with all those insightful posts!
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IN! Welcome, Kevin.

That mosquito wouldn't stand a chance around this thread. Brynn has Lysol. I Googled Electronic Bugging Devices and then got creeped out before I could even click on anything.

Mesa, you crack me up.

LB - 8000. You and I need to get jobs and get us off the interwebz. You three, Gilmer. I'm just as chatty in real life. I suspect a Weekenders Party IRL would be a lively event.

Today is zoo day!! I am excited. I woke up at 3:43AM and was up. I shouldn't be that excited, I go every week. Don't get old, kids - sleep is elusive unless I get some serious exercise every day. I guess too much energy at my age isn't a bad thing, but c'mon. 3:43 is pushing the early bird thing.

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I've never missed being page 1! Good morning everyone.

Congratulations Stella on shotgun. Brain on 8,000 posts.

MLD, my lawn looks like junk compared to the neighbors and some days I care and others, not so much. They have more time and no younger kids. Concrete would be too hot and sterile.

Behan, your camping trip sounds excellent. I'm jealous.

I'm headed to a farmer's market to meet a friend and then dropping kids at camp before a meeting at 10:30. Full schedule this morning.

Mark, hope it cools off by you but it is summer. It's cool at night here. But too many of those insect drones about to encourage sitting.

Was that real? If so, that's scary.

Time to roll out the troops for our daily adventure. Have fun at the zoo bimini. Thanks for the sleep tip. I keep waking up several times and it's driving me crazy.
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I'm on. My porcine alarm clock woke me up too early for shotgun. Fed him and went back to sleep.

Congrats on 8000 Brain! That ridiculous video is just what I needed this morning. Thanks.

Getting to be my brothers passenger in a sail plane this weekend. Yay!
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My hummingbird I'd back! That's why I don't want concrete. And he made me laugh. A monarch butterfly was sitting on the fence and the hummingbird mistook it for an orange flower and was attempting to get nectar from the butterfly, hovering at it until the butterfly flitted off
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Good morning!
I'm in for another wonderful sober weekend!
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Hears The Voice
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Why would that mosquito drone be an "urban" spy device? Would it not work in the woods?
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Hola gang.

Yikes Bimini, yeah that's pushing it. I reckon a nap will take care of that problem after your zoo visit! Mesa, love that pic of the fine landscaping! Those "lawn ornaments" (rock ornaments?) are great.

Had a bit of a stressful start to the week. My little 3 year-old niece had to go to the hospital with Rotavirus. It's pretty common in kids, but it really had the family scared. About 5 years ago, another niece of mine (her sister) died at the age of just 6 months due to a rare heart defect. So as you can imagine, having another daughter in the hospital at a young age really freaked out everyone in the family. Too many bad memories. Of course, my niece ended up staying overnight at the hospital but was just fine and released the next day. Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster! So, all is well and life is back to normal.

I am sober today, putting one foot in front of the other, and will continue to honor my commitment to sobriety this weekend. Hope you all will join me, Weasel, and the rest of the gang in enjoying the weekend alcohol-free!
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...holds the key
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Good morning y'all!

Does legitimate trail mix contain butterfinger bites? Hmm....
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...holds the key
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Wait! That mosquito spy is real??? Yikes! glad to hear your niece is okay. What a scare!
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Congrats on the sober holiday Behan! This summer brought that opportunity for me too.....felt strange but good. Like you, I had my weaker moments, but I was able to stick around here and that helped.

With my son moving to New York next month, I expect to be spending a little more time up there and would like to jump over to Ireland and possibly Scotland for a few days while I'm already that far northeast. Was raised being told that I'm Scot/Irish whatever that means. I want to rent a car and drive about, we'll see how that works out....would probably fly into Shannon. Anyway, glad you had a great holiday.
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Sounds legit, brynn. (Butterfinger trail mix)
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I'm in this will be my first weekend. Any suggestions.
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Hello hello!! Nice to "see" everyone. LBrain - 8000 posts!! Ha, that's awesome!

Haven't posted for the bus lately, but I've been lurking as usual. I am on for this weekend BUT...I'm not starting my weekend for a couple more days. Yesterday I worked almost 14 hours and it looks like the same through Friday. And I'm expected to work over the weekend, but for my sanity, I'm going to say I have other plans (And I do...sitting on the couch is other plans, right?)

I've been checking in with my sponsor regularly and its been helping tremendously, especially the last few days when work has been so crazy. She's been reminding me to check my H.A.L.T. which has been absolutely necessary. Yesterday, after leaving work at 9:30pm, I had to go to the drugstore to pick up prescriptions. And there was a voice in my head that suggested how good it would be to pick up a bottle of wine while at the store...that is exactly what I would have done in the past. The voice said that 500 calories of wine wldn't be so bad, as I hadn't eaten since noon and was starving, tired, and p***ed off that I had to work so late. But I didn't. Instead I bought a box of saltines and sardines. Ha. Weird I know, but there is something comforting to me about saltines. Anyways, went home with that and woke up this morning feeling tired but not hungover.

Anyways, my sobriety date is May 26th, so I had to check and double check...but it looks like I'm almost at 60 days?? Can that be right? Can someone double check my math for me?

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm looking forward to the levity that this thread always brings...will need it this weekend .
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Hola BigS, glad to hear your niece is going to be okay,

The camping trip - sometimes a rainy camping trip is alright - assuming you have enough dried wood covered up. And I also noticed that my people drink a lot less when I am with them. I think they make up for it when I leave, but it is definitely noticeable.

My butterfly bush is starting to get more customers - we don't get monarchs here. I noticed this cool looking moth with a white band on the underside of its wings.

Mesa, I remember visiting my pal in Phoenix, and of course the 1000 dollar saguaro in the middle of the stones was a necessity fer sure.

So speaking of awesomeness - see Stella's thread starting with TED. I like #982 myself. But I will add my own 'thing' to the list if it isn't already there. You know what's awesome? Trimming and thinning flowers and pulling weeds among the flowers and vegetables all the time surrounded by a hundred bees doing their job of gathering nectar. And they couldn't care less about me. They get out of the way and move if I brush against them. Not once have I been stung by a bee while working in my garden. I spend a lot of time working right next to the bees. It's kind of a co-op I suppose. Now THAT is awesome!

Off to the bank to pay my tax bill. It's more than a month's take home pay for me - and this is just half of it. OOPS!
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SD 7/3/15 SRJD 7/14/15
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Can I attach my RV to the bus caravan?

Hoping to get to Maine in September with the RV, one of our favorite RV late spring/summer/early fall that is!
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