Stay sober this weekend July 24!

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OK ~

Science Time...

Helen Keller could see that the Insect Drone was a 'fake' Mock-Up. No way dem Wings could lift that Hearing Aid Battery of a Body. 'Tis way too heavy. Physics 101... Also, emulating Insect/Bird Wing motion and flight at any Model size remains really daunting.

I love the irony of quoting Professor Fearing. Hee hee... This rumor is ~3 years old.

'The technical challenges of creating robotic insects are daunting, and most experts doubt that fully working models exist yet. "If you find something, let me know," said Gary Anderson of the Defense Department's Rapid Reaction Technology Office.

Getting from bird size to insect size is not a simple matter of making everything smaller.

"You can't make a conventional robot of metal and ball bearings and just shrink the design down," said Ronald Fearing, a roboticist at the University of California at Berkeley. For one thing, the rules of aerodynamics change at very tiny scales and require wings that flap in precise ways — a huge engineering challenge. Scientists have only recently come to understand how insects fly.

Even if the technical hurdles are overcome, insect-size fliers will always be risky investments. "They can get eaten by a bird, they can get caught in a spider web," Professor Fearing said.'

- ~ Insect Drone Debunked -

From 'Adele' comes the Snopes Motto...

- 'Rumour Has It' ~ Adele ~ Live -

Sunrise a bit ago from the upper Balcony of our Guest Cabin...

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Beautiful picture Mesaman!
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I liked the part about the DNA sample. LOL. There are much cheaper and easier ways to covertly get that.
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Two weeks ago I triumphantly announced that I'd finally found a sponsor. I'm having my first one-on-one with her tonight. Looking forward to what I hope will be tha last time I rehash these past years of depravity. Excited to learn some good stuff from a person who's managed 7.5 years of sobriety.

Any readers here..? I'm in the middle of "All The Light You Cannot See", looking forward to some hours with my Kindle this weekend. Also thinking about going to see Paper Towns, I love John Green, but didn't read this one.

As usual, nice to see what you've all got planned. Weekends have been rough in the past, any inspiration for a weekend plan is greatly appreciated.
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Originally Posted by StellaPolaris View Post

Any readers here..? I'm in the middle of "All The Light You Cannot See", looking forward to some hours with my Kindle this weekend.
I just finished this one. Loved it!!!
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I hope your niece is ok BigS

Well done 8,000 posts LB - long may it last!
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Originally Posted by Mark1014 View Post

With my son moving to New York next month, I expect to be spending a little more time up there and would like to jump over to Ireland and possibly Scotland for a few days while I'm already that far northeast. Was raised being told that I'm Scot/Irish whatever that means. I want to rent a car and drive about, we'll see how that works out....would probably fly into Shannon. Anyway, glad you had a great holiday.
Thanks Mark. Let me know when you are planning your trip and I will gladly give you some pointers of where to visit!!

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Originally Posted by LBrain View Post

You know what's awesome? Trimming and thinning flowers and pulling weeds among the flowers and vegetables all the time surrounded by a hundred bees doing their job of gathering nectar. And they couldn't care less about me. They get out of the way and move if I brush against them. Not once have I been stung by a bee while working in my garden. I spend a lot of time working right next to the bees. It's kind of a co-op I suppose. Now THAT is awesome!
My garden patch is right near the community apiary. Love the bees!

I am avoiding the numbers of work this morning.
I have had a terrific headache all week. I realized this morning that it might possibly be from the low pressure atmosphere that moved in on Monday.
I shall henceforth be grateful for the headache since I am so in love with the cloudy days!!!

Ok, fine. Back to work.

Have a fantastic day Sober Enders!!!
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I'm in!
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It's gonna bee one of those days. Actually, according to the weather folks, it's gonna bee one of those next few days. 73 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and humidity is low. Perfect for applying a coat of weatherproofing stain to my deck.

But what I really wanted to share is this... As I was leaving for the bank I reached in the box and pulled out a random CD to listen to.

And this was the first song. I have the tops off the jeep with all the windows down and cranking this tune - and the ones that followed.
I could've driven all the way to California listening to this this morning. Great Day! I think I'm gonna make some sun tea today!


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Thanks Brain!

Mark, it made me laugh to see the jump from New York to Ireland/Scotland. I imagine airfare from New York is much more reasonable.

I'm relaxing for a minute or two before going to a meeting. Lola, good job with remembering HALT and buying saltines and sardines instead.

False premise, welcome to weekenders and HALT is a great suggestion. If you feel cravings check to see if you're hungry, angry, lonely or tired. Take care of those and it helps.

BigS, I am glad to hear your niece is mending. I can imagine how worried everyone was.

I bought onions at the farmers market and my car now reeks. I will be driving with open windows.
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A simple guy making his way
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Originally Posted by Falsepremise View Post
I'm in this will be my first weekend. Any suggestions.
Welcome falseP!!!

To the weekender and to SR!

Suggestions? Do you have a plan? How are you going to handle being sober at drunk time. That's where I always needed to focus. In fact that's why this thread gets started every week. I need extra support weekends. So I suggest staying close to SR and here might help.

I also read a lot on SR. It's like a crash course in addiction education. There are a variety of approaches and reading will help you find one that works. For me it's SMART and AVRT. The secular section offers definitions and help with those.

Happy you joined in. We change topics on a dime around here so speak up and we will do our best to support you!

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...holds the key
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Crud just lost my post. Here's the cliff notes.

Hi to all the new bus riders!

Mesa....thanks for the physics lesson. That mosquito looks like something out of The Hunger Games.

Brain....thank for the song. Made me smile and congrats on 8000 posts.

Olive, I love cloudy days too.

Got my car washed this morning and gave the guy a $20 tip. He acted like I was stiffing him! ??? Am I missing something?
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Good to see you Kevin!!!

And everyone! Wow... You all are Chatty Cathy's now aren't you!! Seems none more then our own Mr. LB. 8000 huh? That's a lot of snarkyness! I mean that in a good way my friend!

MM... Picture perfect!

Hope the niece stays safe BigS.

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Lol'ing at the concrete/gravel yard via MesaMan, and Brynn's uber healthy trail mix with Butterfingers

Our alarm went off this morning, yay! At least I know it works, right? I was able to cancel it in 20 seconds, so no police calls went out.
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That bell or bike person
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Hello FalseP ,
I put myself into lockdown for the first few weeks so i could build a solid and sober routine .
Eat well ,
Don't hang round bar's or pubs , keep away from the usual places and times you bought alcohol .
If you have booze in the house dump it down the sink or give it away now before the weekend starts ,
Wrap your pillow with a towel ( i sweated a lot when i gave up )

Maybe put some ice cream in the freezer as a surrogate reward .

Early sobriety aint a bunch of laughs but it gives you a solid base upon which to build a good solid sober life , as opposed to trying to make headway on the shifting sands of alcohol .

Read a lot about how other people manage sobriety and maybe see if they sound content , you can have that too , with time and commitment

I'm in

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Hey Weekenders, count me in!!
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Back from my meeting. It was good. FalseP, I come on here a lot and have made some stellar connections with people here. Allegiance to the folks I've met on the thread helps keep accountability in my head. I attend AA meetings to have face to face interaction with people who know what it's like.

Mecanix has some awesome practical suggestions which reminded me that I'm out of ice cream. That will never do so a trip to the store is on the agenda for today.

I think I'll channel my inner Brain and work on weeding my garden for a bit. At 2:15 I'm going to meet two friends for coffee. Girls from high school. Geez we've been friends for 36 years. That's a whole lotta life in there
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Arise now William Blake; and wheel your cart and plow over the bones of the dead...

I'm surviving on 3.5 hours sleep, so going into delerium mode. Fighting the urge to have a siesta as if I can make it to about 9pm and then go to bed....sleep pattern should be fixed tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Great day today, managed to catch up with two friends individually a rooftop terrace bar with one, who drank an na beer and oddly gave an excuse for why he was having an na beer but didn't bat an eyelid that I drank a coke.....and why should he. es buena gente (a good chap)

....and the other we had an iced coffed at an outdoor cafe and I didn't bat an eyelid when he smoked a Jamaican Woodbine....and why should I. Soy buena gente yo on a positive he's quitting it because of a job he's going for.

Oh appartenly I had a breakup today. A girl who I spent some time with contacted me on whatsapp to say "she was just contacting me to tell me that she wasn't interested in seeing me anymore but figured I had already understood that but wanted to clear the air". I think I actually wet myself laughing reading that.....I told her that I had already forgotten about her. This provoked what I can only describe as a WALL of text from her....oh how I love the BLOCK feature.....especially when they are still writing...........oh it's the little pleasures in life....
"sorry lady, but we're all stocked up on crazy here" slams door. Anyone name that film?

Hope you're all having a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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