Make Hope Wider Sober Weekender April 23rd Until....

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Hi everyone. ..great day here so far. No word from the creepy guy. Hopefully he's taken his business elsewhere.
Just ate "MOCK" egg salad on an English muffin. From whole foods ..not the worst thing I ever ate, but certainly not the best either. I guess I have to eat this way if I want to get off the statins. ..ugh.
congratulations to you, Della, for getting your blood pressure down. I'm working on that and high cholesterol.
Ok...I'll see you all later.
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LBrain ~

Here's how one Dude 'solved' his Tech Troubles:

Man Shoots Computer 8 Times

Went to the Doc this morning after Fasting for Ye Olde Annual Blood Draw and General Chat. He did the LN2 Freeze bit on some Skin Crusties, and away I went. Old Sunburn damage this White Boy did at the SoCal Beaches has warped my DNA. So, now it's this Freeze Routine every 6 months if I don't wanna be Melanoma Man. No biggie...

Store runs after lotsa Coffee for essentials like Dog Food & Treats, and then away to the Dog Park in fine Weather. Rain this Weekend, but 'tis needed. The Yard is lookin' good; essential for selling this Joint in a few weeks.

'Don't Get Mad Get Even' ~ Aerosmith ~ Live

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HaF - I wonder, do they get the eggs from mock chickens?

Mesa - agh! This happened before. A few months ago. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden it fixed itself and I just moved on. I checked the setup software, ip, lan address, and a bunch of stuff - printer is OFFLINE MF! I don't want to mess with it too much because I don't want to injure her connection to anything with only a couple more weeks left of school. She spends her life in front of the tube it seems. Why do we still call it a tube anyway?
In the meantime, it seems you have to set up an "account" for every single company you may want to offer your services to. And it also seems it is best to just create a profile/resume for every single position. I did speak to a very nice lady from HR in southwest region colorado river basin. We had a nice chat - she must have been bored today. Looks like the shotgun effect is how to find jobs in the .gov world. In the meantime I got an email from a bud with connections and an inside link to an agency that does not advertise but has high connections.
Looks like like I may have to sell my soul again soon. Regardless of anything, wherever I go they better have places to fish.
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I forgot to mention two things...

there are a couple jobs near Bend Oregon where they make Breedlove and Weber Mandolins - maybe I can get a job there in a few years sweeping floors or something.
And two, I'm not too keen on this new format and how it responds to controls... just sayin...
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Jumping on the bus!

Trachemys, thanks. Now I have, 'everybody run, the homecoming queen's got a gun' in my head.

I don't have time to get caught up on the posts, so I will be at the back of the bus doing my homework.
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Hey Weekenders, count me in!!

I wasn't online yesterday, but I like the new decor of SR, very nice!!
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When we used to raise chickens I despised foxes. Now I like foxes because they eat rabbits and rabbits eat vegetables. We do raise small fruit so the birds are a problem...and ground hogs eat everything so they've gotta go. Deer? Don't get me started! I see it as these things eating dollar bills...sorry, but that's the way it is in my world. Wildlife will clean you out and in your case Brain, poop on ya' too!
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well PK, your little red guy is still marching along so they didn't mess it up too bad...

Mesa, the guy that shot up his computer proved what an idiot he is, he could've gotten 50 bucks for the monitor at least and had 8 more bullets to put in the cpu... ba dump bump!

cardoon... deer... I am basically a hired hand for a friend, his wife would be glad if I took ten away a year... total extermination,,, big brown rats - but tasty critters, donate to the food banks in PA, double win

Last edited by LBrain; 04-24-2015 at 01:59 PM. Reason: deer
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Congratulations Behan that's great news

That Behan mobile is going to be crowded

Grizelda if she's a girl. Hank if he's a boy

Mesa that story made the news here (not the grown BBC news but the "yoof" music station I listen too) 'Spose the downside is when guys do it to their wives or girlfriends because they are not doing whatever it is they are "supposed" to be doing.

Sometimes I really like my job. Saw a few friendly faces today and most of my 'work' was getting stuff done for myself.Daughter 2's medical insurance finally sorted out for US of A. whew! complex because it comprises three separate policies which have to not overlap. Taxing for the feeble Saoutchik brain.Good job she's not my age
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Originally Posted by LBrain View Post
well PK, your little red guy is still marching along so they didn't mess it up too bad...
Yeah I was ready to put in a complaint if they had!!!

(I've finally found a use for that smilie!! )
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Congratulations, Behan!
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behan that's so exciting, congrats!
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That bell or bike person
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good luck with the sale Mesa ,

Nice one B , another good reason to be and stay sober … Hopefully that child will never know the drunk you and will be the better off because of your sobriety .

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A simple guy making his way
Thread Starter
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Originally Posted by Behan View Post
Hi all,

I am being a bad boy in work and catching up with my weekender comrades/warriors! I hope everyone is having a great Friday so far.

Nearly home time. My brain is excited and all over the place.

Mrs B and I were at the hospital yesterday. We had one of those scans. It's still early days, but it appears that we will be joined by Junior B. Junior B should be here sometime in November in fact.

I don't mean to be too heavy with news. It is still not real to me and my emotions are shifting from numb, to panic, then back to numb, then joy.

I never would have even hoped for this possibility back when I was drinking. I would not have allowed it to happen. I did not even have hope that I could be in a long-term relationship, never mind looking after a child.

But I do have hope now. I am filled with hope that I will maintain my sobriety. Not just for me, but for Mrs B and Junior B when he/she arrives.

And I will be reaching out even more to my to my fellow SR weekend warriors for support, inspiration, and zany banter.

That's all from me for now. I need to get back to being numb and confused for a while.

All my best,

Mr. B.... I am so happy for you!!!!!!!
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7am Saturday here, Anzac day, there's a dawn service not far from me - im still in my bed but I can hear it.
Just a day of cooking, eating and movie-watching planned today. Actually think we're having a house of cards marathon to finish up season 3- not exactly patriotic on Australia's 'big day' I suppose maybe I'll make Anzac biscuits to make up for it haha
Still in a weird mood from my week, so sticking around here again ❤️
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Oooh that was my 500 post!! Considering I joinedyears ago and only posted a handful of times when in crisis, this is much more promising. and I'll be around to post much much more - you guys have helped more than anything else
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Howdy everyone
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pray for strength
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Awww, Behan. There's nothing like baby news to lift the spirits! Behan, may your Baby B be blessed.

Congrats on 500 posts, Immri.

Happy Friday to everyone. Happy to be on the sober bus.

** about you go to Wild Birds Unlimited and pick up one of their sound activated mechanical spiders. Attach the spider to your mirror, hide behind a bush or tree or something and video tape for our viewing pleasure.

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Tuning up my Ukulele. Going to be a nice rainy evening.
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The Purple Knight does not "cease" for mere offline issues
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