Make Hope Wider Sober Weekender April 23rd Until....

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Good morning gang. Great to learn new stuff in the gym.

That great ride of yours would get you lots of respect where I grew up Behan. I'm definitely a small town guy at heart, but would enjoy checking out the streets of London one day....jogging on them would probably result in an injury! Nice pic's fun to get a glimpse into all the places y'all represent.

And now it's gym time for me. Wishing all the best day.
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From The Who compilation 'Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy' that Weasel alludes to - and includes this Tune - here's 'Substitute' done live. Substitute that Refreshment de Jour for Alcohol, Sports Fans, and power through this Weekend in a state that allows you to remember it! If I'm gonna regret something in the morning, I've got better Scenarios to fantasize about than being Hungover!

Pouncer ~ The Social bit gets better. Exhibit A: I got a Chicken Wing Cookoff to go to this evening, with plenty of Drunks in attendance. However, there are some Sober Rovers there, so I balance my Face Time between those of varying BACs. I got my Strategies all thought through in advance, and there's simply chance of me caving and Drinking. Homie don't play that no mo. For me, not feeling 'stuck' in a situation, or put upon against my Will, is critical. I simply don't allow that to happen. To do so causes me to kick myself later, and I refuse to live that way anymore. That POV is empowering right there, and is an 'accomplished' part of Sobriety you wind up feeling good about.

We're easing into Saturday Morning here. Ya just can't rush some things...

'No one takes advantage of you without your permission' ~ Columnist Ann Landers

'Substitute' ~ The Who ~ Monterey Pop Festival 1967

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Do your best
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Nice dog
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Good morning/afternoon

I slept late, I was very tired. I had a hard week with the big meeting and all. I had never been to one before so when I was handed a copy of the agenda the previous day, of course I promptly lost it and had to photocopy someone else's

Aw my mom just brought me breakfast in bed: scrambled eggs, tomatoes, toast, fruit and tea. Actually we've been fighting a lot less since I got a job and joined the workforce. I know it's hard for her, they just got rid of me and then my sister finally left that loser she is married to, and is staying with them for a while.

My therapist said "try to remember that she is suffering too". So I won't get too impatient with her.

Have a nice day everybody xx
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good morning all -- I had visions of job posting dancing in my head all night
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Morning, Enders, another Saturday morning with an almost-finished kitchen. Cabinet maker must be overextended, he shows up for a couple hours and then disappears. A few doors, some knobs and pulls, a repair or two and he will be done. But, we had to put a $500 early deposit down to guarantee an installation date of March 17. Such is the remodeling business.

Mr Bs birthday means family dinner tonight. I got him a giant remote control mudder, he and the grandson will have a lot of fun with it inside and out.

Mesa, my yellow lab is in the same place and position on the bed. So spoiled.

Ruby hope you're feeling better.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good saturday morning!
I hope everyone is feeling good this morning. I feel great since I didn't drink last night.
I plan a drive to the mountains to check out some camping spots for this summer.
Tetra...I bet your mom loved bringing you breakfast in bed. Very sweet and loving.
Sweet dog, mesa.
Well, I told my dogs we are going for a drive, so I better get moving.
See you all later.
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Did someone say CAMPING?

The Black Canyon Of The Gunnison. Rocks ~3,000' down have been reliably dated at >1 Billion Years old. Even older than I felt some Mornings after a Bender!

'True Grit', starring John Wayne, was Filmed just South of here. There was a small Sapphire Mine around here Decades ago that was reached by a treacherous Rope descent. I imagine it took Toned Cajones to work that Gemstone Deposit.

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well, I'm "officially" up now. I heard the garage door just before 8 and snucked back into bed.
showered, bf was a cup o cheerios, small fat free yogurt, 3 kiwi fruits, 3 strawberries, 1 small banana all mixed together - talk about sugar loading...

MM, I was looking at the black canyon and gunnison yesterday briefly. burial of reclamanation is on my radar as a possible direction to go, researching dam sites etc. and unless I go to college for 4 years specifically for park ranger and graduate at the top of the class I won't be wearing a smokey bear hat. Which means never unless it's as a volunteer - lottery ticket bought yesterday.
I told missy to put in ear plugs, the lawn mower and weed whacker will be dusted off today. I hate doing resumes, don't they know I'm the perfect candidate already?
It warmed up over night - it's 40 now.
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Bernie the remote control sounds fun. Hope the cabinets are done soon. It is frustrating to hurry up and wait.

EndGame, What a tough time for you and your family. You and your sister are in my thoughts.

Nice truck Behan. You'll need a ladder to clamber inside. But you will have room and baby gear takes a lot of space.

I woke to kids squabbling and rain pouring down. The rain outside of course and the kids inside but if they keep shrieking at each other I will put them outside in the rain. Daughter supposed to be quietly resting. Ha!

So, no plans other than cleaning. Listening to the rain. Maybe I'll take a page from Mecs game plan and bag items to donate. I can never claim to travel lightly through life. So much for me sleeping in with the horrendous noise. Who needs sleep? Sleep is for sissies.
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Ruby, I need more troops. The war has escalated. My plastic bag trick over the mirror worked for the jeep. I peeked out and saw the little sob sitting on the edge of the wifemobile - on the roof! Her mirrors have been mercilessly bombarded, the windshield, doors, roof - all from one (1) robin. I opened the door quickly and he retreated into the jap maple. Hmmm jap maple, This day will go down in infamy. The day the japanese maple robin bombed my wife's car!

I need to clean it pronto.

Someday this war is going to end. Sooner the he thinks.

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Good Morning. Going to see my parents new doggy. Chocolate Lab.
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A working sober weekend for me
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Maybe I spoke too soon. My mother drives me insane. I won't react...I won't react...I won't react!

However annoying she may be, I will say one thing: she is an excellent cook.

Just hoovered the house and now I'm going for a walk in the sun!
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Behan - I think you forgot the "baby on board" sticker on your avatar! Congrats!

LB - continued best wishes. Like EGNYC I was also in that spot a couple years ago. I had over a year of sobriety under my belt and still hadn't found work, I was running in circles with anxiety near the end and it really mucked up my emotional state for a while. I had tons of experience in sales and management...but the last thing I wanted was a job in sales or management! More running in circles. In the end, it helped to make myself as flexible as possible if it meant finding a job that worked for me. The location, schedule, etc didn't matter so much. You might not have that kind of ultra flexibility, but you have the luxury of being a smart, personable, talented guy. On top of that, you're sober and have your s&*t together. Most potential employees don't have what you're offering. Get in front of someone and showcase your personality and you'll hit every opportunity out of the park.

Mesa - cool photo, love the story of the sapphire miners. What an adventurous life that must have been eh? Sobriety has certainly helped many of us get back into the adventure game. My adventures will take me to the awesome plant nursery today. Making some changes to the rooftop garden. My initial efforts were nice but I didn't have anything planned out. Today I've got a better sense for what I want and I will make that happen.

PS - crazy news about that earthquake in Nepal, eh? My thoughts are with those folks, what a scary tragedy.
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Happy Sober Saturday everyone! I love the sound of that.....

Yoga for me this morning, 2nd Saturday in a row!!! WHEEE! Trying to make it a habit. Love it, love it, love it!

Did anyone notice that no one is ever crabby doing yoga???
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I'm babysitting my two grandchildren this weekend in honor of my son-in-law's birthday. I've got my other daughter's French Bulldog over for the afternoon, too. That little beast thinks he's so entitled! He barks in my face with the most imperious tone--he thinks my life's vocation is to fetch him cheese. As the saying goes, "Homey don't play that!"

That's just a feeble stab at salvaging my pride, trying to maintain a crumbling facade of being the Alpha Dog. No chance. I always cave and give up the cheese! He barks, and I obey!
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Hears The Voice
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Good afternoon all!
Been doing some bookkeeping this morning. Also made a trip to the bank. Gonna do some new bed shopping in a bit. Might have to squeeze in a nap. Loving my Saturday.
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Pouncer it must tough when your younger. I stopped drinking for a couple of months when I was 27 in order to quit smoking (you could still smoke in pubs and bars then) Not having a drink was easy then as I wasn't an alcoholic but fending of people wanting to socialise, ie drink, was really hard. Now I'mm 55 I don't have that problem so much. Probably a good idea to "swerve" it in early days.

Mesa that is a great photo, I have never seen sides as steep as that.

Tetra neither of my sisters will have anything to do with their mum (I only see her on the bare minimum). We don't get to choose our parents so don't blame yourself. I would be heartbroken not to be close to my two girls and they are in their 20's.

Take care out there with those Robins LBrain, remember what happened to Tippi Hedren.

The idea of being a ranger sounds great
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Sorry you didn't get any sleep Ruby
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