Make Hope Wider Sober Weekender April 23rd Until....

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Originally Posted by happyandfree View Post
My phone has the new format too...
So does mine but I can easily zoom in to get rid of the horrible ads, so I'm not as bothered.

Oh I have the app as well which I like for the notifications, but yeah I was referring to the normal website that I just zoom in on. The ads on my laptop are intense..
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pray for strength
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Thanks Weekenders! I made it on the bus. Running fast and glad to see not just spinning my wheels.

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Originally Posted by immri View Post
So does mine but I can easily zoom in to get rid of the horrible ads, so I'm not as bothered.

Oh I have the app as well which I like for the notifications, but yeah I was referring to the normal website that I just zoom in on. The ads on my laptop are intense..
Great suggestion! I can zoom in (expand the reading area) on my tablet also and get rid of the margin with ads on the right hand side.
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Hey everyone! The thread ran away when I stepped off the bus for just a second. Haircut accomplished. It's ok. Daughter not feeling well. Tummy again. Agh!!!

HaF, that creepy guy sounds scary. I hope that's the last of him.

Saoutchik, I love your new goals. Hope wider, saoutchik narrower. Laughed out loud at that.

Bedtime. Six a.m. wake up and seven a.m. band practice will come too early. New haircut doesn't camouflage dark circles under by baggy under eyes. No escaping I sadly don't look sixteen anymore. Or even like I did at 38. Sigh. Good night.
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Morning 5:45am here. I can remove righthand sidebar too on my Samsung. Still view in "desktop" though even on mobile as I like to see people's Avatars.

On my actual desktop I have a wireless mouse which I have had for roughly a year. I noticed it had become slow and unresponsive so after much fiddling about finding tiny plastic screws, I undid the case and found the wheel blocked with cat hairs. Boris! He climbs in thru the balconey sits there sometimes (it is a mouse I suppose).

Cleaned up and it works much better now
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Bet you look fine Ruby, sleep well

Clogged mouse ugh!
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Glad it's not just me ..... thought I had messed something up when I logged on my laptop last night. .... so far phone app ok.....x
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That bell or bike person
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Hey Ruby ,
Don't work too hard, i hope you enjoy some time invested in recharging yourself .

Hey all

I do feel for all my sober and still drinking friends , the format might have changed a smidgeon but what counts is that we show up and do something positive , we get to change if we want it .
The huge sense of personal empowerment given by getting sobriety , we've all mostly been to hell and back and here we are


Have a good friday ,

bestwishes, m
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Good morning gang,

The good news of the day is if I turn the iPad sideways (I'm generally a vertical guy) and zoom in, I don't need reading glasses with the new format.

I'd be here no matter what though. SR has been critical to my sobriety and I'm absolutely grateful.

Have a great day all.....gym time for me.
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Hi all....

Friday night here.....about 3pm wanted the Friday 6, I didn't.
Usual thing then.....
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Hears The Voice
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Happy Friday Morning Sobrinators!

In case you had forgotten - you're an awesome group of people. You're defeating an addiction. Not an easy thing to do.You inspire people.You inspire me.

Three years ago I could not have imagined a sober weekend. The SR community changed that. I am forever grateful.

Live long and eat bacon.
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Great message/theme Ken - thank you. I'd like to join the weekender thread and make my hope a little wider this weekend. Thanks for having me tag along

And as far as bacon...I had the strangest dream last night. I went out for fast food at Wendys and they had a new menu - every item was served with bacon in various ways. I ordered the chicken wrapped in bacon sandwich. Now I'm thinking some bacon may be necessary this weekend
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Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
I am in! Everytime I go to see my therapist, I come home almost "high". I feel free! I have decided that life is for living! I have decided to stop apologising for being me, and to start living my life! "Everything that has happened along the way—forget it. Forget about the first love that broke your heart. And forget about the last break too. Forget the time a friend you thought was best pushed a knife in your back. Forget the words and the spite that resound in your head. Forget the trauma that injured your flesh or your bones. Forget the rejection you felt when someone failed to recognise your value. Forget the tears that cleansed your soul. Forget the mistakes that everyone makes. Forget what you gave, without return. Forget the mistrust, the resentment and the jealousy. Forget about lies, betrayal and deceit. Forget about the ones that got away—they were not meant. Forget the time someone tripped you and caused a fall. Forget the times you gambled but forgot you could lose. Forget about whispers and gossips and stories—it is all an illusion, the truth only lives in one self. Forget about rules and regulations—make new. Forget about thinking—let the mind sit still. Forget about time—let your heartbeat decide. Forget about fear, it will paralyse—it is useless. Forget about perfection, it is unobtainable—imperfection is true beauty. And forget about forgetting—allow the release to happen. Naturally. Then try as you can, to remember this… Everything is already a part of you, the lessons have been learned, the memories etched and the effects have sunk in. There is no need to hold on—it all already exists, so allow it. Let it just be. Without grasping. Without pressing repeat. It all had a purpose, once, long ago. Even if it was yesterday, or a minute ago—it has now passed. Past. So just breathe…and breathe again. Deeply. Right here, right now. You are alive. You survived. In this very moment, this one… here… You can choose. Choose to live. Run. Fly. Wildly. Begin again. And begin to feel alive. Feel. Everything and nothing and all in between—feel it all. Flushing through your veins—let it in, let it sit and then let it go. Slowly, but very surely, replace all of the forgotten with all of the new. Add to it, mix to it, blend whoever you were, who you are now with who you are about to become. Alchemy—turn it to gold. Turn you. It is easy. Try. All of you. Every part. Stir the storms with the rainbows, the pleasure with the pain. Create. Forget the old. Sprinkle in new. Stardust. Magic. Wanderlust. Mystery. Moonlit skies. Forests. Deserts. Sparkle. Dance. Have faith. Go. Find. Don’t look far. It is there. It always was, always has been. Right there, right here. Right now. Be free. And each time you are overwhelmed, or hurt, or angry or in pain—go back to the top, read once more, unlearn, forget and begin again". I bought a new book today: "Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness" so my plan is to exercise and do some reading this weekend. Spend some time with dad, he told me I "brighten up the house". No one told me that before. Rest a bit - I had to attend a big department meeting yesterday - I never thought I would ever say those words! It was kind of stressful for me. There was an item on the news just now - a 22 year old footballer was playing a football match one evening, three days later he is in a wheelchair for life. I just can't get my head around that. How life can turn in a flash. And I will count myself as very, very lucky. As my best friend said: "what mistakes did you make? Did you murder someone? Rob a bank? Keep it in perspective...."
I love the positivity Tetra and your therapist sounds like a good fit for you if you can leave a session and feel like a weight has been lifted :-)
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Originally Posted by Ruby2 View Post
HaF, I love the comment on the light at the end of the tunnel NOT being the train coming to smash us down. I've thought that myself. Tetra, great post! Good to see you. Good to see everyone! My this thread is moving quickly. Three pages already. I'm biding my time at the office until I can leave to fight traffic. My mother is watching the children this evening so that I can go get my hair done. Cut and color. It grows so quickly I feel very shaggy. A nice treat to be without the kids and have quiet time for a couple of hours. And I keep thinking this is Friday and it's not. Very disappointing. BigS, I used to do stuff like the ex is doing. It is painful but ultimately, if you are firm and kind and straightforward, it will diminish. I love the pots. I am a big advocate of varietal greenery instead of flowers for color. Texture helps. The pic made me smile. Soon. Soon I can plant. Glad I didn't already. Snow flurries and near freezing temperatures last night. Hopefully not much longer. Talk to you all later!
I hope you had a lovely evening ruby and I'm jealous of your fast growing hair! Mine is so slow!
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Hey wheeekenders!

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Originally Posted by saoutchik View Post
Bet you look fine Ruby, sleep well

Clogged mouse ugh!
Looking fine is one of the worst things someone can say to me.....fine to me is an ugly holiday sweater you receive!
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Good morning! 8 AM here. I think I'm on track to actually do this whole weekend sober (unlike the last two weekends).

My beer log shows that I did okay for almost two weeks in late March/early April, then had four typical beer-binging evenings over the past two weeks. Better than when I used to do this every night, but still ... this is not healthy or wise.

I deliberately outed myself as a chronic binge drinker the last time I saw my GP, so that it would come up again as a topic during clinic visits, along with my blood pressure and blood glucose.
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Lol exactly...I love Mandy Patinkin btw
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made brekky - french toast with a plate of cut banana, strawberry, kiki fruit, blueberries and cantaloupe.
Today I declare WAR! Yesterday I took the jeep to the car wash to spend the entire time cleaning the robin droppings from my side mirror, door running board. He thinks it's his special place or something. Not even 4 hours later he starts all over again. WAR I tell ya.
Job hunt goes into real time mode today.

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