Make Hope Wider Sober Weekender April 23rd Until....

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Congratulations Behan! That's great news. Aww. Babies. A woman at church strolled in with her six week old son and all heads instantly swiveled. Magnets, I say!!

I'm home. No office for me. Little miss sat quietly and then I left early to take her to the doctor. She's feverish but no bacterial infection so no antibiotics. Viral, so we just have to wait it out. She feels yucky and I have to say I am too. Two out of the past three weekends lost to stomach bugs. This weekend we will just stay put. Disinfect the house maybe.

Immri, keep up the good work posting.
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Originally Posted by LBrain View Post
Job hunt goes into real time mode today.
Hi LBrain.

I wish you all the best.

When I got sober following my relapse, I was desperate to get back to work in my field. I couldn't even find mindless work, and things got very bad. Early on, I had a great interview for the kind of work that would have brought me close to the level of work I was doing before I relapsed, but I didn't get the job and was very disappointed, though still hopeful. I burned and buried a lot of bridges both before and during my relapse, and there's a tightly-knit group of people who work in my field in NYC. I managed to turn into a tremendous liability that which previously made it possible for me to make great advances in my career. That chapter of my life is now closed...or it at least seems to be so.

It took me two years of near-daily job-searching and/or job-related activities to get work in my field. It became increasingly difficult for me to remain optimistic as weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. The clock was ticking. I'd been away from the kind of work I enjoyed for an increasing amount of time, and I was getting older. Neither one of these things worked in my favor. I began contemplating applying for disability due to a history of depression and other options, but none of them made me anything other than extremely unhappy.

I've been working for almost two years, and I'm very happy with the work I'm doing. For other than personal financial reasons, I recently took on additional work, and just last week I had to turn down a couple of job offers. That hasn't happened in a very long time.

If I've learned to have faith in anything, it's perseverance, hard work, and patience.

I'm aware of your professional history as you've described it here. In your case, it seems that you're happy not working in your area of expertise, so I imagine that there's some conflict for you in returning to work. I get that, and I hope you find something for yourself that's rewarding.
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Happy Friday evening folks. In light of some serious talk, please indulge me and let me lighten the mood. Allow me to take you on a tour down south of ole' Mexico to Guatemala, land of eternal springtime temps and sunshine.

Today after work I took a little stroll down the cobblestone streets, had coffee in an old cafe and chatted with a neighbor. I took a detour to the park and found a lovely concert. I took the liberty of recording the audio while I was walking by, I've included the sounds of the park and the wonderful band:

Click Here for Audio

You'll hear laughter, music, and people enjoying themselves...and not a drop of alcohol in sight. Feliz tardes, amigos!

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Bigsombrero, that's awesome. Thank you!

Tonight, I watch food shows, get ideas, and prepare for my big food prep tomorrow. Yay. Having healthy meals ready to go in really going to help me stay on track. I also know how important it is to have good nutritious food during recovery.

Behan: congratulations!!!!! Such wonderful news.
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I don't know where to begin, so while it's fresh, thanks for sharing the stroll in the park BigS.

Congrats on the news MrB - I am in agreement, that little green car won't be enough.

immri - finally 500 posts, and verte, I actually have one of those spiders - it's a biggin - in my hollerween stuff.
Plan B - the aluminum foil is blowing in the wind. I discover that the winds just took it and that robin has been at it again, the little picasso is p$$ing me off. actually more like someone just splashed white paint - OH. So plan B is a plastic shopping bag tied securely around the mirror. Let's see how this works. Next move is parking far away from house.

Thanks for the encouragement EGNYC. I'm still torn between looking for a "real" job or just getting something to hold me over for 10 years. I guess that is a real job. But I mean a job with all the benefits that usually go along with one, or just contract work for 6 or 9 months a year. dunno. How's sis doing?
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Michelle, what happended to your fascination with "Bruce" Jenner?
Maybe "Bryce"? I happened to hear about it on the radio this afternoon.

Speaking of blowin in the wind... remember that old saying, march winds bring april showers, april showers bring may flowers, I think it has shifted to the right over the past decade... it's windy as heck for the past couple weeks and still cold, global cooling has taken over I think...

just thought of something, I would have been just about 4 years old when that was recorded. I think I remember singing along at the time.
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Saw a documentary this evening, can't believe this guy died at only 21yrs old, what a talent!!

Eddie Cochrane!!

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Thanks for the sounds and snapshot of Guatemala BigS. I'll stand under the el tracks as a train rumbles rackety rackety clickety clack to remind you of Chicago Sounds are such a glimpse into a place. From my London trips "mind the gap."

Still laying on the couch together. Daughter and I are watching Wreck It Ralph and son is watching Honey, I shrunk the kids on his computer. Laundry going. Just not up for doing much else tonight.
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pray for strength
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PK, way too young.

Ok Brain. Can you place a mock mirror stand near your actual mirror but make it a bit more attractive for the robin?

I once waged war with a woodpecker and lost repeatedly. Horribly. This woodpecker pecked holes in the siding of my house and then goldfinches would move in. All within a short span of time. Drove me insane. The only option was to replace the cedar siding of the house. Cedar siding?

BigS, thank you for the stroll in the park.

Ruby, our home is infected as well. Yich. Spring viruses.

EndGame, good to see you out and about.

Everyone, nice.

gettingsmarter, a ukelele? Do tell. Is yours a warm or cold rainy evening?

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Marchia in Aeternum
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Ok Trach I'll bite what is the signature?
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Marchia in Aeternum
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There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

We don't get to sobriety easy. It's work.
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Congrats B, babies are so exciting! Hope to get some cleaning in and 4 year old nephew's family b'day party on Sunday, lots of little ones. Love to play with them.
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Originally Posted by trachemys View Post
There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

We don't get to sobriety easy. It's work.
Love it! Yes it is but so worth it.
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I'm in! Went a little slack in my support fulfillment. Need to focus on my support more and this is a start. Stay strong we can do this together!
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Congratulations Behan!

Well, I'm at home with herbal tea, a stack of books and The Big Bang Theory. Life could be a lot worse I suppose. I know some people don't like that show but it makes me smile. Next month will be busy between my brother and his wife coming home for a visit, my best friends wedding and my Grandmothers 90th birthday party so I have to be in good shape.

On a different note, I used to watch the program 'Everybody Loves Raymond' (I know, I know!) but it did sadden me to read this morning that the actor who played one of the twins shot himself at the age of 19. I hope his suffering is over now.

In spite of everything, I guess you could say that I feel content. Things could be a lot worse. I feel hopeful for the future.
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Behan...congratulations! !! Your news about junior b is very exciting!
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Ok, grocerease, you're at 95 posts. Your assignment is 100! Good to see you here and I love your name. If only shopping were that simple.

Verte, I am in complete empathy on the spring germs. We battled a different bug two weeks ago during spring break. I bought disinfecting wipes while stocking up on fever reducer and will go around cleansing everything tomorrow. Phones, tablets, remotes, doorknobs, sink handles. I'd do a deep spring cleaning but I'm tired. I hope you all shake it soon. At least our weather is supposed to be bad and we can stay inside.
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We covered Eddie Cochran more times that I can count in our Rockabilly Band. Essential stuff.

Here's Eddie Cochran live.

The standard [and only] technique back then was to use a Film Camera pointed at a TV Video Monitor. The same was done on old Sitcoms like 'The Honeymooners'. This is what gives the Video that 'flat' look. Preservation of this material is all that counts, eh?

'Summertime Blues' ~ Eddie Cochran ~ Live 1958

'Summertime Blues' ~ The Who ~ Live 1969
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Happy Friday Sober Enders!!!
Home from work, about to go to the store to replenish food stuffs.
I am very glad that the work week is complete. I have a terrific headache and I am looking forward to being lazy for the next two days.
The summer from last weekend is on hold for a few days here, so I won't have to feel guilty about not leaving the house.
Who am I kidding, I never feel guilty about not leaving the house.

Congrats Behan! Fantastic news!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous evening!
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