Let's Bring Back TGIF!

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I get out early today and then I'm heading to take a yoga class.
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YAY! I am going to start making plans right now!

I am going out for all I can eat catfish to start with.
I am going to ask for lots of hugs from my sweetie.
I am going to go to my dr appmt and be way more assertive
I am going to put some laundry in.
I am going to read something helpful to me.
I am going to soak in a warm bath with music and the whole nine yards.
I am going to drink relaxing herbal tea.
I am going to rest, rest, rest.
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Ok I will go first to bring TGIF back, even though its still technically Thursday. Shellcrusher, I also really grew to hate the weekends. They meant more drinking, video games, passing out, picking fights, etc. None of which were what I wanted to do on my weekend. I especially hated Sunday, when the RAH would realize he had blown his entire weekend drinking and f***ing off and hadn't accomplished anything and Monday loomed over him. I remember planning my errands on Sunday morning just to avoid that.

This weekend my teenagers both have plans, so I have the freedom to:
1. take the dogs for a long walk
2. go cross-country skiing
3. read for pleasure (not for work!)
4. work on a paper (I am finishing a master's degree - have homework!)
5. walk through a few houses with my realtor
6. watch a movie of MY choosing

It's nice to not have to worry about someone else's weekend plans anymore, kids aside. I actually have started looking forward to the workweek break again! Thanks for posting this link. Let's bring TGIF back! I could use a happy, upbeat post tonight!
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I love this thread too! I missed it last week, and it's already 10pm Friday night here, so I'll start with tomorrow Saturday. Tomorrow I'm going to the beach with a couple of girlfriends and our kids and we're going to sit on the whitest sand in the world and swim in the cool, crystal clear water...which is cleansing to mind, body and soul!
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PHIZ007 (02-05-2011)
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Friday Night - maybe I'll get a movie???

Sat. - early AM to a wrestling tourny. Chores (but that is OK - I feel better when things are in order).

Sun. - Afternoon I'll drop the big boys off to swim and then I'll drop my paycheck off at the grocery store then I'll take the little boys swimming before coming back home.
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I have a house for sell in Savannah so I am going to check on on it this weekend. Going solo, no kids, so I also plan to catch up with some friends and enjoy downtown. So many great places to eat and relax. I also plan to sleep in for the first time in a loooooog time!
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Fri. night.. Taking my 14 yr. old daughter to see a good scary movie, we love them. Will probably drown my sorrows in a giant bucket of buttery popcorn. Sat. .. Sleep In! Supposed to rain, will probably clean. Maybe bake a cake. Sun.. No plans so far, just GRATEFUL I don't have to endure Superbowl Sun. with AH here! Ah, the memories of that day for the past 9 yrs.
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Nothing big planned this weekend but lovely juust the same

friday night - chores so that there are none for tomorrow, meal planning for the week, boring stuff but clears the weekend.

sat morn: football training for eldest and mummy-daughter time for littlest.
afternoon: lazing, pottering, reading, respond to wedding invitations and plan summer holiday (break up inevitable squabbles!)
evening; movie night, kids get to choose.
Sunday: morning: lazing in bed with the kids playing, roaming in pj's drinking tea from my favorite cup, brunching and paper
lunch: sunday lunch (my fave meal of the week), afternoon: some activity with their dad, evening prep for the week.
works for me
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Thanks for bringing it back, Tuffgirl.
I'm rather nervous about this weekend. The AW is acting strange and I'll be damned if I can't detach from her anxieties.

The weekend should be kinda busy. I have lots of errands to deal with.
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Today is a New Day
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Ah, Friday. I love Fridays, now that XABF is out of the apartment.

I'll be going shopping with some of my neighbors. I know it sounds silly, but we intend to go to dinner, then go to the supermarket. Since most of my neighbors are elderly, and half of them don't have cars, it's a tradition for them - and this week, I'm invited. I'm probably the designated driver, unless this other lady and her sister join in.

Going to my psychologist, then taking the kitten to the vet for the first time in her life. I will do my best to make the experience a positive one for her, since she's young now - my cat growing up HATED the vet and it was always a struggle to get him to go. Maybe I can convince Peaches that it's part of a fun day. (Maybe I'll take her to PetSmart afterward, and let her pick out something for herself, just like a little kid. :p)

I'll be going to my Uncle's house for dinner. I haven't seen my Aunt and Uncle since I started going to school in the area; he lives 20 minutes from me. It will be fun, and I am looking forward to it immensely.

Also, all weekend I have been working on a puzzle. It's one of those "Murder Mystery" puzzles, where you read the story, assemble the puzzle, then try and solve the crime. The kitten has been pretty good about not playing with the puzzle or eating the puzzle pieces, and now that I have the outside frame almost done I've been making good progress, and I've really gotten into the whole puzzle/story. It will be fun!
Once the puzzle is done, I intend to sit down and read some more of "Codependent No More."
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Awesome thread!

It's so nice to even consider TGIF. Usually it has been TGIM (Monday)!

Tonight I'll be playing traditional acoustic music and playing at a bluegrass jam tomorrow!
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Chaotically Peaceful
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Awesome, Stepping Up! I am so ready to get out and make music again. Wish it was in my weekend plans. Although...

Tomorrow I am going downstairs to clean out the basement so I can assemble a MUSIC ROOM!!!! I'm so psyched about this. The entire time growing up, we had a music room and now I'm going to have one in my house!!! YAY!!! When its ready (hopefully in just a couple of weeks) we'll start having band practice there. Can't wait.

Oh...and TGIF...tonight I am going to kick back, watch a movie and take a hot bath. Mmmmmm...
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Originally Posted by SKW View Post
Tomorrow I am going downstairs to clean out the basement so I can assemble a MUSIC ROOM!!!!
Excellent!!! Every house should have a music room!
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Wow how cool... musicians are cool !!

I was invited to Punta Mita a famous beach over here, 4 hours away from the city. I do not know why but recently I've had the chance to visit several beaches. I am very very happy, nothing makes me happier than feeling the warm sand on my feet and listening to the waves.

Tonight: packing, and choosing the CDs for the road trip
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TGIF.... It's 'my' weekend.

Today (Friday) - It's a beautiful day. I slept in until 7:30. Which admittedly made the morning a bit frantic, but we weren't late. (And I slept!)

Saturday - 1st Grade planning meeting for DS's school. (He really can't be going into 1st grade next Fall, can he?) So a fun morning with the other parents in his class, who I LOVE spending time with, and DS gets to run around outside playing like a crazy man with his friends. A day playing with DS and dinner with family and friends. AND it'll be a spaghetti dinner with homemade sauce. MMMMMMmmmmm
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It also comes with the reminder that things are better without a toxic person. They truly are. I recall going to another beach with XABF, of course doing what alcoholics do.

I am so thankful I won't have that madness anymore, and can actually rest & have fun !!
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Time for me at least tonight.

This is weekend for youngest 2 to be with AH. They know the drill if there is a safe driving issue which means I am on call just in case any plans my daughter makes with her friends get too complicated. Remind again how it's too complicated! Most times they get their fill of cable TV while AH sleeps.

Oldest daughter out with friends.

Home from work, treating myself to some sushi from the supermarket and comedy from redbox. Built a nice warm fire.

Looking forward to sleeping in a little bit tomorrow, Saturday and getting up not too late to do my errands which I have been doing on a routine basis for the past month - a routine was something I never established for myself with all the crazymaking that went on before. I like the comfort of it now.

Tried last few weeks to do something fun with AH on Sundays but I can't deal with that right now, I need more time to do just me stuff even if it just means doing nothing or having a routine for chores that never seem to end or get done during the week.

It is a great feeling to do what works for me and not have anyone give me grief or manipulating my mind so I won't notice they are not really being a partner to me.

Found another alanon meeting to attend on Sunday anyway.

Happy weekend everyone! Thanks for sharing what all works for you.
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I am a bit late as its Saturday but I LOVE these threads! they are very uplifting!!

I am going to watch a kids movie with my beautiful babies!.....whether its Shrek or Toy Story or Matilda!.....It will be their choice so whatever they decide I am in!....we will also make a big bag of popcorn and snuggel up on the couch!

Enjoy your weekend everyone and for those that are struggling right now......this too will pass.

Take care Phiz
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Well, it's Friday.
What's on the plate?

Better weather in my area. I might make it to the range and diner with the family tonight. I get to see my boy today. He's been with his grandparents.
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Taking my son to a car show tomorrow. My dad is coming as well. Looking forward to it.
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