Stay Sober Weekender Thread until 6/1

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Good night all. I now get to listen to my husband and pig snore me to sleep. Enjoy the sober evening.
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Zzzzz. Snoring pig and husband? Yikes! Hope it quiets down or you get ear plugs.

I'm off for bed too. Quiet tonight.
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I am never leaving the Jersey Shore...I need to get rich quick and buy a beach cottage. Night all.
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I'm in. This my weekend #4. Gonna have a full sober month in a few days!
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Nice job AllieKat=)

Mesa Man- Peanut butter and Sriracha? Two things I enjoy- I may have to experiment tomorrow...

Getting Smarter- my husband and cat snore. It makes me laugh pretty hard sometimes when they're both going. A pet pig?
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That bell or bike person
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Saturday morning 7am in blighty .

If you didn't get through last night , you've got today to try again and every day of our futures , every day we are presented with a new opportunity to make the right choice .

Coffee time and off to inspect the sunflowers .

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Morning all. Off to the tile shop. Have a good one.
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Nice and sunny at the moment. Not sure about the forecast though
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Congrats, AllieKat!!

Melki, care to share? I hope you feel better.

I got my first mani-pedi with my little daughter last week. The lady took one look at me and realized I was not a pink lover. She immediately brought out the grey polish.
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pray for strength
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Pouncer, do you remember the bleeding armadillo groom's cake from Steel Magnolias? The image of this cake comes to mind when I pull out the gray polish. Funny. Love that movie.

I'm behind on SR reading! Congrats to all who are making it sober whether hour to hour, or the long haul.
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I will also join this thread. Today is my Day 3 and need to get through my first weekend, which runs through the end of Monday.
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Welcome to the bus Sober Texas
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I'm jumping on the bus way late but it's good to see you are all here.
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In Russia. Long flight. Back hurts.
4 hour bus ride later today. My body is not sure when to accept my opinion on when to sleep. The mobile version of sr is brutal. Booze bottles prominantly displayed with prices. Cheap.
bottled water is cheaper. Went for walk last nite. Saw a few locals carrying open beer on the street. I was one last time here. Always fit in with local drinkers all around the world. Not no more.
cannot find adapter-converter yet.
My weekend is just beginning. Air show in Sochi tomorrow.
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Brain, how awesome!!! Sounds fun, actually. I hope you have a great time.

SoberTX, congrats on 3 days! You are at the hard part right now - best of luck and health during your first week.
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A simple guy making his way
Thread Starter
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Saturday Roll Call!!!

Ken / Weasel

Oh thank goodness vacation is over! Hahaha. Vacation for me are days everyone else is working and I am not. At least while I am on a staycation... Had I gone away this would still be a vacation day. I can bend that truth can't I?

Hello routine! My dear friend. I have so missed you and my sobriety I learned relies heavily on your being by my side.

Hope everyone is doing well this Sunday! Get up.. Get out.. Get moving... Go easy on your sober selves. And have a great day!

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A simple guy making his way
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I learned a bunch of things this week. I think I will write about them.

You are all so wonderful. While we do this every weekend I really needed all of you and you were right there. A very very deep heartfelt thank you.

Ok.... So onward to the gym! I am torn between the gym and the water walks. I miss the weight lifting. So I think a water walk for 4 miles and then hop over to the gym to pick things up and put them down.....

See you people's in a few!

Your grateful bus driver.... K
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Good morning K and glad to hear you sound so spry!

Woke in a sweat from a rather unpleasant dream. A rarity on both fronts. I'd almost forgotten how often I used to break out into the wretched drunken sweats during the night. Not missing that at all. .

Gym time coming up for me too. I love it. The routine and self discipline of it all helps me stay focused. The 'feel good' endorphins help me fight melancholy. And , well, the frivolous part of me likes the outward results. Looking strong helps me feel more confident on this journey (and my wife likes it ). Wishing all the best day.
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Dobroye Utro LBrain (though it is probably the afternoon in Sochi)

Hope you are OK ArtFriend & Melki

I'm in the market at the moment. CHEAP SUSHI, Nirvana
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Morning all!

Hi Lbrain!
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