Stay Sober with us this weekend! May 15th until...

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Good job Patty! Despite my junk yesterday, it does get easier.

Was wondering why the neighborhood bars looked like they were full to capacity on a Sunday afternoon on a gorgeous day. Blackhawks lost this afternoon's playoff game. Everyone watching the game. I was extra vigilant while driving.
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Marchia in Aeternum
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thanks for the update Ruby, on the hockey. After the Canadians lost I became a hawks fan.
If you look at the photo of miss piggy in london just right............. it looks like a turtle on her head.
I was gonna ask the what's green and smells like pork joke, but it's in bad taste so I won't.

In other news, I have been eyeballing that jar of peanut butter in the back of my fridge for some time. I decided to reach in for it. I don't know if peanut butter has an expiration date, but the sell by date on mine is ------- drum roll please //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


The funny thing is at least once a year I remove everything from the fridge and clean it out. Somehow that jar of peanut butter finds its way back in. 10 years baby.

Did I mention lately that I want to move into a condo? It's not so much that I hate yard work, it's just that I could be doing something more fun with my time. Like fishing or kayaking - both.

I don't care if the wife is asleep still. I grilled a steak, a couple skewers of shrimp and a baked potato. Ate ice cream while grilling. I ate my half, we split steaks and potatoes here. She can eat it cold or throw it in the microwave whenever she decides to rise.
I'm going to practice mando and not care about the volume - this thing is very loud btw. Now that school is over, I don't care if I wake her.

Sounds like everyone had a productive and alcohol free weekend.
A few of us definitely had some trials to overcome - great job everyone.
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See youse in the morrow.

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That one could keep a jar of peanut butter that long stuns me. They just don't last around me. One of my daily foods.

And I'm with you on someone else doing the yard work.
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Shrimp have eyes????
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Laying down for bed, finally made it through my first weekend sober!

Thanks for being around everyone. Even if I'm just reading and not posting, it really helps.

How was the 10 year old peanut butter?! I can't imagine it is ever not delicious.
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Great job!!

Good luck tomorrow Jane!
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Site1, great job on your first sober weekend. I'm discovering that there are so many things to do on a weekend that I'm not only enjoying but that I remember and are making me a better person.
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Della, I laughed out loud at "shrimp have eyes!?". Cracks me up.

Brain, when we were clearing my uncles house while he was in cancer treatment, back in 2007, we found a box of macaroni and cheese with a 1982 expiration date. Anything is possible.

Winding down. Anyone have a whole house fan? It's so blasted hot in my house but deliciously cool outside. If I had a whole house fsn it would be comfortable in a second without annoying air conditioning
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Just wanted to say thank youuuuuuuu for the company, bus riders! I hope each of you has an outstanding start to your week. It ain't easy, but sobriety is so worth it. Let's keep at it!
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My old 3rd floor apartment in Chicago had 4 ceiling fans - and it still got hotter than heck in there during the summer months. I'm not an "Air Conditioning Person" so I always prefer windows to the A/C unless it's unbearable. My mom has a whole house fan, seems to work but it's an old-fashioned one that comes through a grate in the attic so it's LOUD.

Work tomorrow already? Oh man, I have a big project I need to finish this week (my own deadline, not anyone else's). Two weeks until summer vacation. Must...focus...night folks.
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Yah, I put in a Whole House Fan eons ago. They rock.

I built a Frame to support it, and set it up in the Attic Hatch Access seasonally. So, it was up in the Hallway Ceiling. You can put some macho Screen or Grid in this Homemade Frame if the whirling Blades above your Head is too weird. I plugged it into an Attic Light Outlet, and put a Control down on the Hallway Wall where I could adjust to one of several speeds it ran at.

Open a Window to determine where cool Air is drawn in from. A shady side of the House is best. This scheme also exhausts the Attic, and that's huge. It drives away all the hot Air penetrating down through the House Ceiling. Even with decent Insulation. A Mechanical Timer Control is nice because then it shuts off in the night after 'x' hours of running. Otherwise, you can wake up freezing. They do that good a job.

Without a Window open, such a Fan will 'suck' out any Pilot Lights in the Water Heater, etc..
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Shrimp eyes;
When I was small we used hang over the pier after dark and shine flashlights down the pilings. The little shrimp eyes would glow and you would know where to scoop with your net to capture them. It was catch and release, but all kinds of summer fun.

I had a fantastic weekend, sorry it is almost done. But another one will be here before we know it.

I hope everyone has a great week!
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Thanks guys on whole house fans. My aunt had one a million years ago in a house she rented upon moving to Iowa. She loved it. I'm not a big air conditioning fan but I also don't like sweltering. Will have to check into it.

And come on now!! It's Sunday night. We can make 500 tomorrow!!

Olive, the glowing shrimp eyes sound cool and creepy at the same time.
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pray for strength
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Oh I am so behind with SR reading! Reading a phone is just too challenging.

Turn off the fan!! LBrain, Oh my gosh that is the go to crack up video of the month. Do you think the cat was OK? A few broken ribs maybe?

Enjoy your sleep/wake up everyone!
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Monday morning.

Not ecstatic about that obviously but early morning is always the time that I most appreciate my sobriety. I had so many Mondays full of hangovers and regret. I try to remember the benefits of waking up normally, without a hangover when my AV is active in the evenings

Coffee and muesli for breakfast here. Chicken Tostadas sound like a better idea, I might try that next weekend. I like mine with sour cream though probably not for breakfast

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That bell or bike person
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I hope every who wanted too got through , it's frustrating and disappointing when we don't ….

It's not a reason to give up on giving up though.

Most of us had to try a few times when we learned to cycle a bike and then put a few miles under the wheels before we became skilful in the practice of it .

One thing i did hear that shocked me is that you can't buy smokey bacon flavour crisps/chips in the USA surely this can't be so ?

remember the "class of" thread is in the newcomers area here and also the 24 hours club in the daily support area .

have a good week
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A simple guy making his way
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Ready for a Monday? I am!!!

Hope you all made it through. If not then start today!

I am off all next week so I am excited to get things in order at work so I can be free of mind. I will be taking you all on my daily trips. Not sure where but we will find places.

Time is flying by!!

Remember to smile today. Happiness is a muscle so give it a flex!!!
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Next Monday is Memorial Day already?!?!
Might as well start bringing the Christmas
ornaments up from my basement.
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