Stay Sober with us this weekend! May 15th until...

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I'm about to run errands. Took a bit of a rest.

Bim, you've got me curious about that lamp now. I will Google it after. I could order my shell with flamingo online I'm sure but half the fun is seeking it at estate sales. For a third of the online cost. Cuz everyone at the estate sales says "eww".

Easy breezy day. My brother picked up my son on his way home from church so nephew and son can play together. Only 3 months apart and I'm glad they are friends.

Yes, I have cat war wounds. My older one is OK. Younger one still a hunter/fighter though shaping up to be a good cat with kids. Barring last nights scratching, she's pretty tolerant.

BigS, the shrimp sound so good. I want some but super fresh is hard to come by here. I still remember a barbeque shrimp I had in new Orleans that was really shrimp swimming in butter with Worcestershire.

Today hasn't been the yuck Sunday I dread. Just relaxing and taking it easy. I do have to get the garden tackled if I'm going to grow anything this year. I'll look to you guys for inspiration.
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well now, I just ordered cigars - don't ask... but I was not about to let the Mrs buy cigars for her bil after hearing what the request was...
And no, we cannot get cuban cigars here! And stop asking why.

During the downpour yesterday from our first big thunderstorm this spring, with a couple inches of rain and windy wind, I looked out through the back door to see niagara falls coming from my gutters.
Spent a couple hours cleaning the gutters before lunch. About ten pounds of grit from the shingles along with tree stuff, it was blocked and dammed up. Always a treat.

Now after my extended break, it's time to get back out to the mulch pile - haven't touched it yet. Gutters and other interruptions...

cypress knee lamp... is that anything like my 1000 year old azalea root table?
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Well I have a growing respect for you Ruby, does that count?

You know Miss Piggy loves London, here she is in Vivienne Westwood
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Marchia in Aeternum
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Hey Brain, the Key West Cigar Factory has some of the best tobaccos from the Caribbean. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge..
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Does anybody else gain more weight over the summer than in winter? I don't know what it is, but I'm constantly hungry...

I'm still on the ginger kick. My new ginger beer arrived! Very pleasant but less of a bite and also too sweet. I picked up fresh ginger root and fresh mint sprigs and experimented with making my own drinks. Worked well both with adding it to herbal tea and mixing with seltzer. I'm almost afraid to say it, but the burning aftertaste of ginger gives me something I missed from my drinking days.
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Do your best
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Thank you Weasel for the weekender thread bud awesome as always
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Melki..I usually cut the ginger drinks with seltzer to cut the bite and the sweetness. Yum! Gotta get me some.
Has anyone tried jazzercize? I've got to find something fun to get this old body moving a little more. All I do is my walks.
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happyandfree, I want more bite and less sweetness. I'll get the perfect combo yet...

I tried jazzercize. Anything to get moving is good. I like walks and different workouts and group classes at the gym, especially body pump and zumba with weights.
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I Love Miss Piggy, Saoutchik. I do enjoy the Muppets.

Just back from grocery store. I have to walk by the alcohol section if I'm going to buy dairy products and I noticed a new sign. "Great news!!! We are now authorized to sell alcohol at 8 a.m. on Sunday!!". I wasn't tempted to buy any. All I thought was geez, over a year ago I would have been doing my grocery shopping earlier than before, anxious to get my drunk on. Don't miss that.

JaneLane starts her new job tomorrow! I think I'm not alone in wishing you well tomorrow! We're there on your phone!

Time to get my I've cream in the house.
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>45 Million Hits for a good reason...

- 'Bohemian Rhapsody' ~ The Muppets -
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Just watched "A most violent year". Brilliant, very original.

Weekend nearly over for me. Has felt a little more productive than usual. Have really enjoyed keeping up with everyone's posts. Helping each other stay sober in an intoxicated world. This really is a special bus.

Good night all!

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Yes, Behan, it is a special bus. I'm glad to be aboard.

HaF, I did jazzercise but it's been a long time. It was good.

MM, I love the cartoon. My kids keep trying to get me to buy a scratching post but I refuse. Seems a waste of money because all it will do is offer more choices to scratch. Infusing an actual post with catnip won't do any good either since neither cat seems to like the stuff. Two sober cats in alcoholic household.

Son lobbying for tacos tonight. It's easy so that's what I'll do.
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Originally Posted by Ruby2 View Post
Two sober cats in alcoholic household.
That made me laugh out loud.

Good weekend here. No real urges or cravings or even thoughts of drinking. Spent a whole lot of time here on SR. Just had dinner with the family. Really looking forward to the Mad Men finale in a few hours.

Thanks to everyone who posted in here this weekend. You have helped my recovery tremendously.
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I also went to the street fair. I didn't see the poets, but I did have the guys from the improve make up a haiku on the spot.

Only thing I bought was ice cream. My inner hippie definitely came out with all the music and tie dye and sandalwood, though. Now Imma light some incense. I almost bought one of those big colorful sheet type things from India - only because I had them back in the 70s (thrown on my couch or bed, you know the ones - tapestry-type things.)

I was unfortunate enough to run into a few drunk people. I don't miss that way to spend a Sunday afternoon, at all. One guy was selling stuff in a booth. Not a good way to do business. I felt sorry for him.

Ruby, the Cypress knee lamp:

...and it has to have that traditional vintage basket weave shade.
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Reading this thread helps me stay sober over the weekend too as it is chock full of life....real sober life.....and that is what I'm always working on learning to live. Today was super mellow for me after staying up really late last night chaperoning the Prom....I never like that part of my job but the students were great and no incidents. I always have a sleepless night that night as I'm worried something will happen to my students No calls though I took a nap today and almost feeling human again....can't believe I used to paint the town red almost every night and work. Life is so much better sober!
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Beautiful weekend,did not drink,yea.
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Thanks weekenders for motivating me to stay sober today! Looking forward to feeling clear-headed in the morning.
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Good work Patty, keep those sober weekends rolling!

Ruby, you're doing a great job getting through this rough patch, thanks for hangin' around! Cats are gunna bite now and then - just their nature. That sweet little black cat up at the lake bit me last week once, even though she absolutely loved me. They are just weird little buggers - once your son gets used to it, he'll be great with animals of all kinds!

Rain's about to hit, thunder approaching. Settling in for a sober Sunday eve! Let's kick the drink to the curb together this week and make it a good one.
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Thank you, BigS! I couldn't do it without support. The best kind.

The cat that scratched was my little black one whose pic I posted a few weeks ago, glaring in the back door window. The talon like claws.

Lilac, I'm glad you're doing well. We sometimes subversively push the weekend thread to wednesday. Keep checking and posting.

I made nachos with the taco meat. Hits the spot.

Bimini, I like the lamp. I don't think I've seen one before. And I'm a big lamp person.

Daughter needs help with chicken wings. Gotta go
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Life Health Prosperity
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