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Bim - Roatan! I've spent some time there myself. I rented a little apartment/condo for a few weeks and really enjoyed the serenity. Have thought of living there as well. I love the Caribbean waters off Central America, and since I already live here I have been pondering a move to the coast. I visit Costa Rica's south Caribbean 2x per year (I'm going again in 2 weeks) and for years I've been trying to figure out a way to make it work. For now, city life is best for me with my online technology career, but someday I'll find that perfect spot, I just know it.
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So Brain has #500. Congratulations and a sash. Good luck with the toilet seat.

All these travel comments. I never go anywhere. Only through you all. This summer.
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Lowes $50 gift card - free

Toilet seat that doesn't slam - $42

4 six packs of flowers (the only six packs I buy anymore) - $8

Not falling off the toilet - PRICELESS!
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I don't know, Brain. 8 dollars for 4 six packs of flowers is pretty priceless too. That's fantastic. I have to get working on my garden and pots
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Look at us, being all covert and flaunting the 500#.

Yesterday I walked in the salt water in bare feet and in the newly cut grass. I saw a couple Labrador retrievers rolling in the grass with huge doggie smiles.

I really felt the gratitude of those moments of connection.

Olive, Oz is not on Netflix. This is what happens when one chooses to pay $8 a month for entertainment.

I can live with that.
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I feel like such a rebel!
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Originally Posted by LBrain View Post
Not falling off the toilet - PRICELESS!
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