Stay Sober with us this weekend! May 15th until...

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Here and will be catching up today! I went to a family dinner last night, got myself to a meeting beforehand and went to bed so grateful of my sobriety. Onwards and upwards I hope!

I hope you are all having lovely weekends :-)
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Good morning bus riders!
Hangover-free mornings never get old... The freedom that comes with sobriety is pretty awesome stuff. And the coffee tastes better, too.

Any NBA fans here? I'll be watching the Rockets beat the Clippers in game 7 while munching on fajitas. Mmmmmy favorite!

If you slipped this weekend, just hop back on. We always save seats.
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The coffee is awesome now!!
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Living with my wife reminds me of a navy term 'hot racking'. It's usually on a sub where there are more men than beds. You sleep and when you relieve the watch he sleeps in the same rack. It's always warm hence 'hot rack'.
Except here it is a little different. There is overlap time...

Had a cup of coffee. A bowl of cheerios with a full cup of blueberries and a lite yogurt all mixed together.

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.

A couple things for you today...

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Good morning!
The coffee tastes so good this morning.
Looks like the sun is shining and it's going to be a beautiful day. I have a long list of things to get done today. Since there is no hangover. ...I will be able accomplish quite a bit.
I hope everyone is doing doggie babies are patiently waiting for their walk.
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Nice bike ride. Ye can't beat it.

Bacon sarnie followed by a slice of fruit loaf. Oww...suits me sir!
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Been up for a couple hours. Had a typical quick meal of mac&cheese with tuna and green beans mixed in.

Didn't realize there was such a variety of flamingo/seashell lamps. Looks like a Florida thing. We went on two or three vacations in Florida when I was a kid.

No particular plans for the day, but it's nice to have a sober day instead of a hangover day. Stretches out the weekend.

Might watch some more Daredevil and read a few more comic books, but I don't want to over-schedule myself.

I think tomorrow at work will be a fairly light day, and it's good for me to get out of the house and be around other people, so that won't be too horrible.
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Good morning and yes, hangover-free mornings NEVER get old!! Lucky day 13! Have a good one, friends!
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Good morning! The coffee does taste fantastic now. I have the Kenyan I have been brewing lately. Full bodied with kind of berry like notes.
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Good morning! Got some sleep and feeling better. Thanks Brain for the song and shell lamp. Ooh!!! I love it!

ZaB, thanks for the song, I have that on vinyl somewhere.

Bernie, hugs!

Non, your meal sounds great. Hopefully the young man figures it all out.

Overcast today. Cool too which is nice. Weas, I was going to say something about Saoutchik and his jogging inspiration too. That made me smile.

Time to shower and get troops to church I think. I did manage to sleep in later than usual which was nice.

We'll see what the day holds! Onwards and forward. Thanks everyone. It means a lot!

Oh, Mec, good cat pointers. My son will be ten. I will go back to behind the ears scratching. Cats are tetchy. I've had one my whole life. He's just now showing any interest. I should read up on cat basics. Refresher course
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Checking in from rainy northern Utah. Really grateful for this thread. It seems to be a judgment-free zone.

I am hoping to get a long walk or run in today, if the rain holds off. If not, I'll do some yoga. Sipping on coffee and enjoying a quiet Sunday morning.
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Oh man - we are floating away here in north Texas. We are already 7 inches above normal for the year. It is weird because we were in a 5 year drought and had water restrictions. Now, we need an ark! Thunder-boomers last night eclipsed my sleep and I am a zombie with coffee this morning. My toes are starting to web together and I quacked at my cats.

Other than that... good morning people.
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Right there with ya Art. The birds are starting to swim instead of fly.
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Solarian gets some Humor Bonus Points for this one right here:

'Might watch some more Daredevil and read a few more comic books, but I don't want to over-schedule myself.'

Just got back from the Market for a few Bagel Ingredients. Captain Cheapskate, here, got some Smoked Salmon 'Trim'. All the flavor at ~1/2 the price. What do I care if it's not full pieces, eh?

Gorgeous Weather on tap here all week. The Yard is lookin' spectacular!

LBrain's line above made me think of this Classic...

- 'Ruby Baby' ~ Dion & The Belmonts -
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...holds the key
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Good Sunday morning y'all!

Doing the New York Times Sunday crossword. It's becoming a group cheating though unless we get desperate!

Waking up sober never gets old!
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Morning, all. Been a tough weekend with Mr B but I'm hanging in.
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Life Health Prosperity
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Good morning everyone, enjoy your Sunday, sober of course.
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A simple guy making his way
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Hey! Such a stunner of a day! Been out all morning. Walked the water a bit. Town will be busy with tourists. I like to pretend I am one sometimes. Try and see the city from over there.

going to cook on the grill today. Bacon cheeseburger!!!! Grass fed beef and white American with thick cut bacon. I cannot wait!

The pot roast I made yesterday was about the best ever. Brought plates to Tommy and his pal. One for me in the fridge.

Ruby... you asked how he was doing? He is much better. He has stuck to drinking water and eating actual food. He has kept the weight on so I guess he wants to live a bit better. Good for him.

OK... glad to see everyone. Stay strong.

I used to be drunk every Sunday at this time. I gave so many of these days away that I think I will try to wring out of this one a bit more than it might have in it. Even if thats a slow lazy day of just about nuthin.

Thanks for the roses Nef!!!!! You rock!
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A simple guy making his way
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I also thought this was pretty this morning on my walk.

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