Stay Sober with us this weekend! May 15th until...

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Morning all. Happy Monday. My allergies are acting up today but it still beats any Monday when drinking!
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Marchia in Aeternum
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Bacon chips? Yes we have those.

Bacon pimento cheese? That, too.

Bacon cream cheese? Yep

C'mon, we have bacon band aids.

Have a bacony week, y'all.
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Hears The Voice
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I'm up for a bacony week!

Glad y'all are keeping it sober! Makes for such a better Monday.
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Happy. Monday all.

I LOVE air conditioning! Life depends on it around here. It is an instant autumn breeze....,for a price. Even if it 'cools' into the 70s at night, the air is so humid that the bedsheets would stick to you if the windows were left open. Open windows are pretty much a fall/winter/spring thing and only if a crisp cool front has managed to push through.

Some folks I know got transferred from Dixie to Caribou Maine a couple years ago. A bit of a shock, but they do enjoy the week or two of summer up there.

Weasel, a favorite spot of mine up your way is the top of Cadillac mountain and the view back to Bar Harbor. ...and all the carriage trails in the park. Lots to choose from up your way. Enjoy your time off next week.
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Della, my allergies stink too, but 100% agree it's better than a hangover. In fact, it's not even close. The headache is on par with a a hangover headache, but it responds better to Advil. I've been taking Claritin-D, which gets the job done, though it does make me a bit jittery.

I'm happy I made it through this weekend sober and kind of surprised that I wasn't really ever close to drinking over a 3-day bachelor party. I think the mindset played a huge role as I was determined not to drink and determined not to sulk around like I was being punished. Wound up having a really good time.

Was surprised to find myself craving alcohol big time while on the subway back to my apartment, but just told myself to unpack all my stuff first and then decide if I wanted to drink. When that 10-15 minutes were over, the craving had passed.
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Cloudy, windy and cold this Monday morning, had to turn on the furnace. Not quite full summer yet here.

NYM, well done on the bachelor party! You've set the stage now and proven to yourself that you can attend an event like that, stay sober and enjoy yourself. That was a big breakthrough for me.

Made bacon yesterday, yum. There's not time weekday mornings. Just as well, it remains a weekend treat.
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Good morning and happy Monday!

The only chips I've seen in London that I've yet to see here are shrimp flavored. I saw maple bacon last week. I passed.

NY, way to go on getting through the bachelor party. I'm not surprised that you had cravings on the subway. I think that many times when we've successfully gotten through a patch where we feared we would drink and didn't, we want to congratulate ourselves for that success by drinking to celebrate. Good job getting through it.

I'm late starting this morning. Have a great day everyone. I'll check later. Humid sheets. I do understand AC on those nights. Ick.

Weas, since it is the official start to summer drinking season in the US this coming weekend, i.e. Memorial Day weekend, maybe start weekenders on Wednesday? Or coordinate with Brain on hump day thread.

See you all later!
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NYM! Totally in awe! You rock!!!
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Have a great week, everyone!
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only 2 things to add:

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We've got the Microwave Bacon Tray pictured top left, below, in that Link. It's down below, in a corner Kitchen Cabinet somewhere; right behind the Hot Dog Cooker received as a Wedding Present that we need to Re-Gift. No, actually, this Tray worked pretty well. The Tray Material soaks up Energy, and heats. So, you're not 'just' Microwaving the Bacon. It kinda fries it, too, and gets the crunch on. Fat drains off.

A Chef in the Family does Bacon in the Oven on Aruminum Foir. She learned that technique in Japan.

- 'Polk Salad Annie' ~ Elvis ~ Live -

- Microwave Bacon Trays - Search Results -
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Della, I hope you get relief soon from your allergies.

All these bacon references remind me I have some deli bacon that I have to cook before it goes bad.

At work. Listening to radio story about eating insects. That it's good protein, better for the environment to raise them. Just not seeing it.
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Mornin' :wavey

On the subject of allergies may I just throw in my hippie remedy - NeilMed sinus rinse. I always take it on dive trips, since I can't be taking meds and diving.

I also like Chlortrimeton for really bad days - it doesn't make me drowsy or jittery.
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That bell or bike person
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5 pairs of shoes ,
2 large recycle grocery bags full of books ,
1 bin bag of clothes ,
1 bin bag of general trash

Getting there bit by bit, progress is slow but i'm doing more after a slow start .

It's quite freeing .

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Awesome job Mec!!!! Progress being made.

I have a pile of things to go. Not been as productive as you.
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Good morning everyone.
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Asian Insect Food ~ Search Results
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Ode to Bacon

Bacon, bacon
Thou art so fair
When you are hot
You fill the air

With smells of delight
And sounds of sizzle
My senses take flight
And it's almost uncivil

To long for a pig's part
Mostly salt and fat
But you belong to my heart
And that is that!
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'That's All Folks' ~ Porkee Pig

Hee hee, the Site Filter obscured Senor Pig's first name. Hence, the alt spelling above...
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I don't understand why I have this strong craving for bacon...
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