Stay Sober with us this weekend! May 15th until...

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I cannot explain some things. For instance, I can watch this video 1000 times and I'll crack up laughing 1000 times. It's never not funny.

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Sorry to hear you're dealing with some stressful situations at home, Ruby. Sounds like you know exactly why he's leaving. Hint: it's not because you're being mean to him. You remember to focus on you, after all that's the only thing you can control. Glad you're here and thanks for sharing - we all hit rough spots in the road and not drinking during these times is a big win for you and a notch in your sobriety belt. Well done, let's stay strong.

I went out this glorious morning with a cup of iced coffee to the front yard....only to see my next door neighbors rolling and smoking a joint on their coffee table. They were talking to me and with me as they smoked, as if it were no big thing. I didn't make a big deal of it. Back during my using days, I would have joined them. Back during early sobriety, I would have run and hid. Today I stood my ground - no pot-head is going to keep me inside on a beautiful morning just because they choose to wake-and-bake. I wished them a good morning and enjoyed my clear head. Led to an enjoyable and memorable day!
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Thinking of you, Ruby.
Obviously you're a much
stronger person than him.
Might be time to take careful
stock of your current situation.
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Well, reading through the last page or so of posts I've been humbled by the fortitude displayed. I could stand to learn a thing or two about watching my sober attitude.....and include a little more gratitude.
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I was considering an online chess move when I heard what sounded like live music wafting through the window. I went out on my bike to investigate and there was a nice outdoor show going on just a few blocks away. Cheerful freeform melodic electronica.

What had been just an art gallery up the street has turned into an art compound, in a mostly residential area that otherwise has a convenience store, a bicycle shop and a laundromat. Pretty cool! Unfortunately my money is spoken for until next payday, but I did stop to listen for a little while.

Watched the first two episodes of Daredevil -- good show.

Too much ice cream and carbs lately -- must get back on track diet-wise.

Always nice to see new people joining in!
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Brynn....yes, they still have roller rinks! That's where I went. It's so much fun. Great music blasting and you go around and around. It's good old fashioned fun.
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pray for strength
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Hey Ruby, I've just my phone and am lousy typist. Well, hope everyone is enjoying the Saturday night. Ok, Ruby. Just to remind you, we all get it. We get the enormity. You come here each weekend and share so much you betta share this road as well.

You work wicked hard to create stable platform for your family and do such an amazing job. You've got to do some good things for yourself to counteract this color? Estate sale tomorrow for a new mermaid seashell lamp? Don't you dare drink because everything you want is right there in front of you. You have brought it for yourself and family.

Super hugs. :hugs:
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Life Health Prosperity
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Weasel, I'm happy to stay sober with ya this weekend, rootin for everyone.
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Verte, that made me laugh about the grail. The shell lamp with the flamingo!

Thank you everyone! As painful as fighting urges is, no, drinking isn't worth it.

Mec, I texted a few people. I also had to go lick up my daughter who was with a friend. The parents had taken the girls over to a friend of theirs house. Didn't know those people so I was a bit shy about just walking in to an adult/family back yard barbeque. I was introduced to the people but then some old guy walked in and they tried to introduce him. What's the point of this story you might be asking? It was a guy I see and talk to at the friday night beginners AA meeting. The other people were curious about how I knew him but if it wouldn't have looked odd hugging him, I would have. Just seeing him and talking really helped derail the vestiges of my urge. The world really does work in mysterious ways.

I'm getting in a mind set for bed. My poor son so desperately wants our younger cat to love him. He's afraid of animals. He was petting her and cooing to her and the wretched beast scratched him and bit. She apparently has a sensitive spot on her stomach. Back to square one with the cat
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That is "pick" up daughter, not "lick".
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Omg, brain!! You're right. That has me laughing out loud. Thank you!
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...holds the key
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((Ruby)).....I'm right there with you living with an active user. Just wanted to let you know I get it and know how very trying it can be. Keep moving forward with your sobriety no matter what he chooses to do.
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Hey there Ruby, hang in there. Not easy being where you are.

My little tune for the morning. Those from OZ will know theses people.
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Good night everyone. Thank you for letting me be part of the weekend road trip. It helps me so much
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pray for strength
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Nice job, gettngsmarter! You are doing great work for yourself. We have to talk books soon and exchange some ideas. Sweet dreams!
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Morning all,

Ruby, you are such an inspiration, it's hard enough for me and I live on my own so don't have any alcohol nearby to tempt me.

I hope things are easier for you today.

Really nice morning here so far. There is a woman aged about 30 who jogs about the same time as me but runs much faster than I do but I think I am getting better as I managed to keep her in sight the whole time this morning.

It doesn't take too long to adjust to driving on the right as we have to do it whenever we drive on the European mainland.

We weren't always the only european country to drive on the left. Sweden did until 1967, the changeover was known as Dagen H (Day H). The Swedes are a bit more forward thinking than Brits
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A simple guy making his way
Thread Starter
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Miss Ruby.... I have said it before. You are amazing.

Sao.... So you describe getting better at watching this young lady for your whole run. There is a joke in there but I will let it alone.

Thank you all for joining in with such passion and helpfulness in your sharing.

Love laying with the windows open as the sun will start to rise soon. The chorus of birds has begun to beckon its arrival. The cats are flanking me in their own attempts to say good morning to me with loud purring and a soft paw on my arm as I try to type. A head butt for attention which I sparingly give in order to coax another as I find them fun... Except maybe the cold wet nose juice.

Living sober is a blessing.

To gym or not to gym?

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That bell or bike person
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My poor son so desperately wants our younger cat to love him. He's afraid of animals. He was petting her and cooing to her and the wretched beast scratched him and bit. She apparently has a sensitive spot on her stomach. Back to square one with the cat
I don't know how old your son is Ruby but maybe teaching him the basics of cat communication might be handy ..

tickling behind the ears and stroking along their back are probably best for the first few months … if their tail flicks it means their getting agitated , if their ears go back then they are annoyed and liable to attack …

if they start pawing you playfully , it's what they do with kittens but be wary that it's usually the start of a "rub off" when they are getting irritated so it's best to put them down or leave them ..

They do sometimes have a mad moment , i've put my foot out of bed on the floor before only to be ambushed by a cat , biting the back of my ankle and mauling my foot , the noise of an air-freshener pointed well away from them usually makes them run away ..

He / you can probably look up online for more info on the way of the cat ..

Sunny in south london , nice out there today .

hope people made it through , new day today , new challenges , lets get through ..

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Morning all.

I hope today is better for you Ruby.

Thinking of a bike ride to burn off the madness me thinks.
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Hears The Voice
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Good Morning All!

Got most of my chores done yesterday, but had to knock off early as Mrs Bull arranged for an outing with some good friends - the only friends who know I had to quit drinking. We went to the beach for a sit with some snacks and they all drank a little. Then we went to a great seafood place we know.

There was a wait for dinner and we were in the bar and that scene was starting wear on me (that loud, boisterous atmosphere is like fingernails on the blackboard to my ADD), so I stepped out for some air. Some young man who was very drunk and smoking decided I looked like a friendly ear so he started telling me how he was tired of his friends treating him like he was an a-hole. I decided it was better for me to go back inside instead of telling him he looked like an a-hole at the moment. Fortunately, it was not a long wait for our table. I ate grilled scallops until I about burst. Fun times.

Finishing chores today and then Game of Thrones tonight! Keep it sober, y'all!
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