Make Hope Wider Sober Weekender April 23rd Until....

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I'm in. Nothing planned except getting the builders in for quotes for my renovations next week. Should keep me plenty a-busy.
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I'm in!
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That bell or bike person
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Welcome to the weekender Ice
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I'm in. Glad the bus is here.
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I'm very much in

Plan to go golfing with my father, and get a lot of other stuff accomplished particularly around my house.
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I will NOT drink to that!
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I'm in!!! This is the last weekend in April....whew!! This month is so exhausting with all of the kiddie birthdays just about every weekend. The last of the family birthday parties are happening this weekend, so I can now rest a bit. C'mon May!!!

Anyone want to sit next to me & chat? :-)
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My daughters are gone all weekend and I have no outside plans, so I'll be popping in and out of here quite a bit.

I've already had someone tell me I "must" go to the bar Saturday and hang out with them. I just must.


so, tentatively, I have a productive but relaxing weekend planned.

I have an odd jonesing for Lifetime type movies. I may need to do a search of my Netflix app.
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Della, sounds like you are in better spirits. Yay! Fits and starts but once you get out of it, you're getting on more solid ground.

I've been wallowing in past global regrets lately and it isn't doing me any good. Not my own regrets. I'm making the mistake of borrowing regret. Don't do that. I think I'll work on renovating my own nest and build from there. No bids for me. Budget do it yourself.

Welcome Ice! Good to see new faces.
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Tennantsmith, NO is a very powerful word. Must?! Way to go in standing up for the power of NO!! Love Dr. Seuss
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Originally Posted by Weasel1966 View Post
How do I make hope wider?
Bacon. Hope needs bacon to become wider.

I'm in. I'll be camping with the kids this weekend, but I'll be checking in Friday and Sunday. It snowed this morning, so... yeah. :-) It will be interesting.
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I'm in. ..and so looking forward to a great, sober weekend. one tells you what to do...especially when it comes to your sobriety. said you'd do it and you did! What determination! (I hope you didn't stay up all night!)
Jane lane....I'll try that millet pie. Yum!
Hi ice!

I remember when I realized that there was light at the end of the tunnel, and it wasn't a freight train. It was a glorious realization that there really was hope for a joyful life, free from gloom and doom, and negativity . All I had to do was keep moving forward, no matter how hard it was. And I got through that tunnel, and into the light mainly by giving up the booze. I didn't realize at the time that alcohol was the main cause of the darkness that surrounded me. Whew! I'm so grateful I made it through it.
But right now, I need to get on with the day. Lots to do before the weekend can begin. See you all later.
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Good morning all! Feeling better after the big breakup last week with the girlfriend. She's been texting me and wants to work things out, telling me she loves me. In fact, one of those texts just came through as I'm typing up this post. It's really hard because part of me knows that she was really good for me. We had fun. She's my best friend in the country. She's helped me a lot. And she's hurting. It's been a real challenge for me, as I want her to be happy, and feel good. Ugh. But, I think the old saying is: "you can't be a good partner until you have your own $h*t worked out" or something like that. I'm in good shape - just feel the need to put some things in place before I get serious with someone again.

So, I'm going to move on from the past and concentrate on today and the weekend. Plans? None! When's the last time that happened? I think I will do some rooftop gardening. Below is a picture of one of my huge pots. I've become a big fan of "mixing" many species in a pot. Much like a tasty stew, the more you throw in there, the more flavor you get! I have this bad boy in my "shade garden" on the side porch off the bedroom, it's currently one of my favorites. And, it's proof that you don't need flowers to have color!

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Do your best
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Im in riding the roof
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Hillbilly Girl
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I'm on the bus
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'Mister In? Mister I.B. In. Please come to the White Paging Telephone'.

Now, here's a Bus with Traction! Kinda like what this Weekend Warrior Bus has.

I'm paying Bills, and blasting through the prerequisite Paperwork - like Property Disclosure Forms - to sell off 2 of our 3 Houses. It doesn't suck, I'll put it that way. The Market around here is incendiary, and we're in an uber-Sweet Spot with 'only' this 3 Bedroom House to move outside of Boulder. Much of what's for sale are larger Houses, so we hope to choose a Young Couple who can use a break in Life getting started. I'm doing the House Marketing myself. Piece O'Cake, having done it all before. All part of my Retirement Plan concocted eons ago. More City House Packing to do, here, but not much. Good problems to have, fo sho.

Lunch today is with an old Work Pal. Solve all the World's Problems with time left over before the Lunch Check arrives.

A lil Bad Company, Maestro. The 2nd Guitarist is Howard Leese. He was the Arranger and Mover/Shaker with 'Heart' for Decades.

'Movin' On' ~ Bad Company ~ Live

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Love that song!
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That bell or bike person
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BigS i got faith that things will happen as they are meant to with respect to relationships and stuff .
Since getting sober i think i go into these things eyes wide open , or more so than i used to .

No-one was majorly damaged , just short term hurt maybe .. keep on living , keep on learning . I'm glad you sound ok , keep on .
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I'm in Ya'll. Going to pack my skydiving gear and refresh on the emergency procedures. It's about time I start doing one one the things I used to enjoy most before the drink took over.
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I'm in, better go on the roof right at the back as, thanks to a vegetable dansak, mushroom bhaji and lamb bhoona I am a tad windy at the moment
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