Stay sober this weekend July 17th until...

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Charlie, just because you could drink while the family is gone doesn't mean you should do it. Make some plans out of the house so you're not alone. Post here a lot. Being alone is hard in the beginning. I had my mom come over and help me paint when I first quit.

Raining here. Wow. Got up, got kids to camp. It was such a great experience because there was the joyful energy of happy, excited children despite the rain. I was just in the moment for a brief flash of time. Enjoying it. Grateful I'm not hungover.

Then I went to an estate sale and got a few things. A table top fountain but a nice one. Copper basin with slate. Then to an AA meeting. The friend I was meeting hugged me and left. Her tire was hissing air and she needed it fixed. Nail in the tire. Sounded familiar as I had the screw in the tire last weekend.

Now I'm bringing stuff to church for rummage sale. Supposed to go to the zoo tomorrow. Supposed to be HOT this weekend. In the 90s and humid. Ugh
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Hang on!
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Originally Posted by Weasel1966 View Post
Hey 2WG... how are you? Got a plan for the weekend? Welcome to SR and the weekender!
So far so good - just clicking off the days.

Last weekend was tough, especially Saturday. Great day cruising around in a convertible, then home on the back deck cooking at the grill. Just like old times. And, just like old times the AV chimed up with "Hey! It's all good! You're doing great. Let's get some wine!..." I grabbed my keys and almost went to buy a box. (box!) Thank goodness my wife gave me The Look and asked if I needed it. It took me a few minutes to get focused again.

Nope. Nope. Nope.
Day 37.
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I'm in, evening everyone,

Welcome to new and regular passengers

Very tired this evening and i've sort of messed my dinner up (it was edible but that's about it)

Glad tomorrow is Friday
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That bell or bike person
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hey all ,
snuffles beginning to clear ..
I'm calling it a short work day tomorrow, clean the work vehicle after lunch at home

Lovely blue skies and sunny all day today , beginning to cloud over now though .

Car goes in for the MOT (annual roadworthyness test) tomorrow . with any luck it will pass no problems as i want to buy more paintings and not be spending out on car bits and labour .
I tend to deal with issues sooner rather than later so i don't think there will be anything , you never know tho' ..

Good luck for the weekend , m
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Hopping on! Late today as I have been running around like a headless chicken getting everything ready to leave tomorrow. Condo is about as clean as it is going to be, and I think I am mostly packed. Just a few odds and ends to organize now.

Minor panic attack looking for ******** and son's birth certificate...thought they were together in one place, but turns out they are not friends and were in entirely different, and most unexpected, spots. Oh well, they are together now!
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Hey Brynn, wishing you well on your test. Fingers crossed for you. Let us know how it goes.
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Behan, you sound great. That's a stellar attitude
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A simple guy making his way
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Relaxing before dinner out at a new place. There are so many great places to eat I cannot get enough.

So I just realized that this weekend is a huge tall ship festival. I have to go. 13 ships are arriving. Some replicas some very old. I love history. You can tour a bunch of them. I may very well do that. You know what this means????? Festival food! You all know how weasel loves his festival food! Look it up. There is going to be an expected crowd of only about 100,000. I doubt that but it will be busy. I may very well walk into town. Only 6 miles. Lol and no need to fret about parking.

I am soo hungry!!! Dinner in an hour.
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Tall Ships Festival sounds interesting. 13 ships must be 80-90% of the total of them

Glad you are feeling better Mecx

I might go look at some table fountains (online at least) one of my neighbours has a nice oriental looking one and her dining table is no bigger than mine - our flats are quite small. My boss has got a huge ugly table fountain with various little lights (like fairy lights)

Talking of my boss he , the company secretary and the production manager had a strategy meeting today. I'm the guy who will have to sell our stuff to customers but they don't think to ask me. What am I chopped liver?

Sorry for venting, I have been steaming all day about it.
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I heard HEROES on the radio and thought I would post it. I found a pretty good version of it. But this version of Five Years is phenomenal.
That is of course if you dig Bowie.

I'm not up on all the goings on lately. So I'll just interject a little here and there.
You almost got CSN Wooden Ships...

Enjoy the ships and food Weasel. Enjoy the ships more tho...
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Hi gang, having a great time with sobriety by enjoying my first ever trip to NYC. The weather today is fantastic....I won't feel this kind of weather at home until September or October. This place is something else, and I am completely 'in the moment' with my kids as only a sober dad can be. Great memories being made. And with that, we're off and running again.
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Marchia in Aeternum
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I just want to congratulate Tetra. You have come so far, woman.
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Thanks Wease. Thanks Ruby.

Ruby to your point. I know i have support when the wifes here. Shes leaving so my goal is to make it through. It will be huge to make it through solo.

To Wease: Things I have on the to do list this weekend is:

Go into the office saturday and catch up on some work thats outstanding.
Change oil in the truck.
May swap out some break pads too.
grocery shopping (maybe make some pesto chicken on the grill)
Hang out on SR
watch a movie on netflix
Continue turning the basement into a man cave.
Clean windows on house
Sleep (im on day three and feeling a little groggy)

Its a start ☺
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Totally exhausted already. We just got the new sofa moved into the living room. Had to get a neighbor to help as I just couldn't lift it.

I've got an appointment lined up with the oral surgeon next week; just a consultation before we schedule the actual surgery.

Now I've got to wrangle with this piece of guano printer to get it working again so I can print out a return label to take a fishing rod back to the store. My husband thinks this one is for kids. I guess it might be. Well, next time maybe he'll be more proactive and pick out the one he actually wants.
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Mark, sounds fun Take lots of pics.
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Saoutchik, you are probably the most valuable player if you are responsible for selling the product. Sucks to feel left out like that. Vent away.
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I'm in. Three months sober on Monday.
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Giving up is NOT an option.
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I'm in. Reading today's posts has already lifted my spirits. I was having a guano day of feeling sorry for myself for various things that don't really matter. Well, some of them do, but I couldn't separate the list into "my stuff" and "not my problem." Wanted to run away for the weekend, but couldn't put a plan together as everyone in the world had the same idea and every hotel anywhere near a state park in Wisconsin is full. Wanted to go hike and see pretty stuff, since I've been cooped up for two months. Camping isn't an option either. Felt sad about that until I realized I can just go next week sometime, as the ex is on vacation and can take our son for the night. He usually can't because he gets up at 4 to go to work. Midweek should be no problemo. So I have that to look forward to.

And of corse, a sober weekend with you lovely folks!
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Buenos tardes, gang.

Took my neighbor to see my Guatemalan mechanic and helped translate and broker a deal to fix his car. Grabbed some bottled water and hiked up a large "hill" on the edge of town. I actually ran halfway but stopped running when my thighs, butt, and lungs started to burn like they were on fire. Heckuva view, though! I plan on doing this regularly during the week for exercise. Brought my camera this time to show off the vista:

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A simple guy making his way
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Wow BigS!!!!!

Woo hoo Angie! You rock! Keep it going!

Hey MLD... Glad we can lift your spirits!

Back from an amazing meal. Steak tartar.. Done very well. Pork belly sandwich. Chilled pea soup.

Relax for bed... Work tomorrow. I meet with the big cheese to discuss my plans for a pet project. Oh... And I think I am going to have to go to Amsterdam. Not in the mood for a trip like that. But free.

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