Stay sober this weekend July 17th until...

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. I'm leaving that there. Somehow it pasted itself when I touched the screen to type.

Bimini, I do think that's Hill Street Blues. That's what popped into my head, anyway. Dr. House is an unpleasant man. I sometimes watched House. It usually was entertaining but a steady diet of it would be hard to take.

MLD, you've apologized up and down to your friend. There isn't much more you can reasonably do. I think Bimini laid out a great way to handle it. You may at some point need to let go. You don't deserve to have the abuse piled on you. Some people just seem to store the venom and can't let go but that's on them, not you.
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The last season of House seriously jumped the shark. Yes, I know it was in 2011.

I will now let it go.
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...holds the key
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Thanks y'all for getting me back on track with my days! Apparently I need all the help I can get!

Mld....sorry he's still dredging up the past. Not cool. Talking about it once is one thing, continuing to bring it up is bordering on cruel. This has been going on since December (at least)....time to let him go unless he can find something else to talk about. You don't need that negativity in your life.
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Beautiful photo Mesa!
How goes the unpacking?
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Jumped the shark. Another blast from the past reference.
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Ze Unpacking just kinda goes along at the pace of Retiree. Pick a couple of Boxes. Figger out where the excess Guano we've collected might go. Rinse and repeat.

This House was filled and done already. So, we're not looking for critical 'stuff' in unmarked Boxes needed just to live Life. That's a real upside.

I'm working other lil Tasks, like getting this remote Joint hooked up to DSL Landline to stream Video. It looks promising. An Appt. is pending to have a Tech read out Line Quality way far away at our Gate, and check Line quality from there the ~10,000' to the Digital Hookup 'Box', and Fiber Optic just trenched in. Looks promising. We're not in good enough Signal Strength area for Terrestrial Wireless Internet, as a Site Survey disclosed yesterday. So, I'm still on my Verizon Aircard 'Pez'. Working these lil 'Quality Of Life' Issues along with unpacking. The Dog Park. Getting our Bank Accounts operative [they are]. And, so on. Pick up the new Trailer after 'Training' about Lunchtime tomorrow.

My DrunkAzz Neighbor w/5 DUIs who has emptied a 10 Bullet Handgun Magazine 'in my general direction' - to use a Monty Python Line - is back in Jail. Confirmed on line this morning, based on a hunch. So, it's quiet 'round here. Haven't seen him in a couple of years. He's the reason I'm on my 3rd - 5 Year Concealed Carry Permit. No biggie, actually. However, thee first question on the Permit Form is re: whether one 'has undergone Alcohol/Drugs Treatment within the last 10 years'. Another reason to get Sober. I needed safely-deployed Firepower around more than I needed to keep Drinking.

Ya can't go wrong in Colorado while being a Tourist, so lemme know - at your option - what your Plans are. I'll supply my usual level of Travel 'Assistance'. Hee hee. We'll be off in our new Trailer somewhere, most likely!

- 'Traveling Man' ~ Bob Seger -
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Originally Posted by MLD51 View Post
Good morning! Has anyone else had issues with a person/ people who cannot quit reminding you of the past and things you did while drinking? A person who purports to be my supportive friend keeps doing this. He's still angry at me and sometimes says some pretty mean stuff. At first when I was sober I was understanding, and took it all. Had another convo with him last night where things were dredged up. I spent hours crying. Maybe time to cut him loose. He apologized this morning but... How long do I need to suffer the slings and arrows! I'm doing all the right stuff now. He's not. I love him dearly but I think he's holding me back in my recovery. Anyone else had to broom someone you love out of your life?
Oh sorry you had to suffer through that MLD. Sounds like an emotional vampire. You don't need that.

Are you friends with an ex? I never stay friends with ex's, when it's done it's done. Adios. Next. If he's an ex then I assume it was you who ended it? As it's normally the woman who offers the LJBF rejection....and it's the foolish man who accepts it. He's probably resentful about that and that's why he's bringing up to past and essentially chipping away at your self-esteem.

Biminiblue gives a great response in dealing with that...

There are nourishing people and toxic people in the world. Better for your self esteem if your life is filled with nourishing people.

I have a friendship formula:
Common goal + Shared Experience + Time + Positive Emotions

If one of those elements is missing, the friendship is harder to maintain. For me the most important criteria is positive emotions.....
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Lmao, Mesa. I mean, it's not "funny" exactly, but it reads humorously So some crazy ass neighbor fired off 10 shots in your direction?? Wow. I can't say it's a bad thing he landed in jail, lol.

MLD, that's tough. It's tough cause it's a "friend" right? I've been in this kind of situation before. I had to distance myself, just let them go. Like the others said, if you refuse to engage in that particular conversation, kind of throw it back on him, maybe he'll get the hint.

My wrist is swollen and stiff this morning. There's more to my story yesterday that I didn't have the energy to tell then. No alcohol, though. No worries I picked up a killer bike (Specialized, super lightweight frame) for my husband yesterday and hurt my wrist. The jerk of a guy just stood there while I attempted to load it into the vehicle, doing pretty much nothing. Wtf is wrong with 20 somethings these days? What is wrong with guys? He had his chest puffed out like some kind of bird in mating season, completely self-absorbed, hands in pockets ... I was like, ahem, excuse me, do you mind grabbing the other end there. But the other end came crashing back down on me as he didn't catch that particular cue. My wrist feels ... stiff ... and makes this funny popping sound now. Great.

So ... I plan to raise a bit of hell when I see my orthodontist in August. It was his idea for me to go to the oral surgeon even though I protested after finding out my mouth molds, x-rays, and headshots had not arrived (!!!) at the oral surgeon's office. I canceled my appointment, and then talked with ortho again, who insisted I keep that appt, so I did. I went. And drove an hour one way, paid them money, for them to ask me a few questions, take my blood pressure, and then the doctor gets up and leaves, in walks a nurse to inform me about the insurance eff-up, stating I could have found this out on the phone - and yet they all insisted I keep the appointment?! Two years ago this insurance was accepted, so in the meantime... wtf happened? This VIVA Health is used by UAB employees, and it's UAB where I'm having the surgery done!! I just don't get it. Makes no sense. This is great insurance. So, must be some new wrench thrown into the entire system.

I could get raging mad over this, and it's why I didn't type out more details last night when I got back home. I needed to sleep on this. It's not much better today, honestly, I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

We are going to make some phone calls and work through this shitstorm of bureaucratic nonsense so that I can get this braces off my teeth sometime in this century.

Yeah, I'm mad, lol.
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Giving up is NOT an option.
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Kery- he's not exactly an ex. We have been sort of drifting around the edges of a real relationship for years. Mostly he is/was my best friend. But there was enough of a boyfriend/girlfriend thing going on at times that he would get jealous if I dated someone else, as I have a couple of times. He would insist it wasn't jealousy, that I was free to do as I wished, but his actions told a different story. Since I've been madly crazy in love with him for something like 7 years, I'd dump Mr. Whoever, thinking he was finally ready to actually have that relationship. Then my drinking got stupid and stupid stuff happened and damage was done. He has stuck by me as a friend - if you can call it that. It's all rather complicated. I've given up (mostly) on the idea of a relationship with him, but had hoped to maintain the friendship, which he says he wants, too. But this toxicity is no fun at all. So I think I'll do what others have said and refuse to have the conversation about the past. When he starts in (these conversations are pretty much exclusively via texting) I will say that I'm not going there and shut the phone off for a while. It's time for him to fix his own stuff because there's nothing more I can or am willing to do to atone.
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Please continue:
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