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A beautiful morning here at Lake Woebegone. Big thunderstorm blew through around 5 a.m. With lots of lightning. Was clearing off when I got up at 6 and now the mist in the lake has all burned off.

All you Spam-lovers, here's some news that ought to get a visit to Minnesota on your bucket lists:
'Sharing Austin’s enthusiasm; Spam Museum breaks ground at downtown site Tuesday'
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Good morning everyone. Woke up with sore throat and set of a head cold. Always something. Behan, hope the man flu passes soon.

Mec, you're right and I've been contemplating your suggestions lately. Lessons learned now will carry my children through life. Half my frustration lies in getting their cooperation. I have to work on consistency.

Good luck in apartment viewing in Blackpool. A garden level sounds lovely. Hopefully it has privacy.

FaD, I am with you in feeling like I've traveled while reading the thread. I google places too to see if I I'm not familiar.

Saoutchik, great photo! I love the outfit. That girl carries it off well. I don't see so many sixties things around. Kind of funny. Good luck to your daughter in the covered market. We have sunshine and warmth today.

Littlebear, welcome! Always time to hop on the sober bus. I'm sorry you've had a rough couple of days and hope things resolve themselves.

I think I may take a cue from weasel and lay down again.

And the national anthem? Hard for anyone to sing. Difficult song.
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I gone north east to work on my Lancia, sometimes it feels like i've bitten off more than I can chew with this😮.

Della your right she is very pretty but she is not my daughter.

She is a friend of my daughters called Puy, originally from Argentina I think.

Hope you feel better soon Ruby

Glad you made it Littlebear

Lake Woebegone Bernie? Is that a Garrison Leiler reference?


Yes way - I just looked it up. Sacre Blue! Don King is right. Only in America
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Good Lord I don't get any of your pictures right!! Yup still blonde.
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Slept till almost 9. Stayed up trying to watch fight on internet feed. Worse than the ncaa tournament as far as quality. Very fuzzy and stop/pause action for 20 to 40 seconds at a time - or more. I should have gone to sleep instead of being a bobble head.
Looks like a nice day outside. A few more things to do in the kitchen for 'spring' cleaning. Lawnmower is in the pits ready to go. But wife was up all nite - so it's still try not to wake her. Last day of studying for final.

Off to gym I suppose.
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Good morning sober people...and for those who woke up with a hangover, life is better without alcohol.
Well, the fight is over.
Volunteer day here and I'll be at the zoo with a child. I enjoy watching his pleasure in the small things in life.
Right now I better get moving. ..see you later.
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Today, I do not have a hangover. Yay! But yesterday, I had a craptacular one. Boo.

Yes, life is far better without alcohol. I hate to think how much life I've missed because of booze.
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Good morning all. So thankful to not be hungover.
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A simple guy making his way
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Glad you're back JD. Stick with us the rest of the weekend.

Morning Gettingsmarter!

Was in the low 40's this morning. I had shorts on anyway! Heading to get lunch. Going to do fast food... think MickyD's. I go maybe once a month if that. Since I stopped drinking I never eat fast food. That just sort of feel off since I care about myself so much more!

Lazy Sunday! It will be nice out but rather spend time on the balcony and lounging. I will post a pic of the salsa a bit later. Came out great!
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...holds the key
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Good morning y'all!

I'll never get tired of waking up without a hangover! Yay!

Behan and Ruby, hope you get to feeling better soon!

Hi JD! Glad you're here! I cringe thinking about how much time I wasted drinking, too! The good news is, we don't have to let booze have another minute of our time!

I got woken up by two woodpeckers pecking away right outside my window. Apparently they're having some sort of woodpecker competition! They are LOUD!

Happy Sunday everyone!!
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...holds the key
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Oh a French fry for me!! Yum!
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Good morning all, another beautiful day here....
LOVE waking up early with no hangover and full of energy.
Here it is 10 am and the lawn is mowed, load of laundry done WITH GAIN , weed killer applied, and ready to take the doggies to the forest preserve......
Seriously I wonder how I ever had time to drink alcohol.....
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Coffee and plans for the day. I have a book that I just can't get finished. I'm taking a sandwich and heading for the salt water beach today and I'm finishing that book, dangit. I don't even remember who's who anymore and it's a mystery book, so I'm sure it will be anti-climactic. I'm just not a reader anymore. I would rather stare out the window. That's what happens when you live in a beautiful natural setting.

I've been on a calorie-counting mission since April 11. I've lost five pounds so far, and it's been sticking for over a week, so it's real. It's all about the food - or lack of! I guess I'll forego chips and cookie with that sandwich. The struggle is real.
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So happy to hear about everyone's weekends. Mex, you're truly a hero! Sao, love the pictures - that bunker looks like something out of the future!

I woke up early and hurried out of the house this morning to enjoy a lovely breakfast at an open AA meeting. I've got plans all day. On a Sunday. Crazy! I haven't made plans for a Sunday since Easter, and even that day, I was hungover and got right back to drinking after church, lol! I'm so busy, it makes me wonder how I got things done when I was drinking. Oh, yeah....I didn't. Thanks for being here this weekend, SR family! I can't imagine spending my first sober weekend with anyone else!
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Ok... I am now officially reminded why I don't eat fast food. Cold fries. Warm burger. Foul tasting diet soda from the fountain and an after glow of regret. Not that different than drinking.

Day 1 again of no fast food ever! I will not eat fast food and I will never change my mind.
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Ahh...the dreaded fast food regret!
Glad you've made your fast food Big Plan, though!!
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I made it through the weekend. Yay. I feel good today and it's beautiful outside. A wonderful combination.

JD, my last hangover is one thing that helps to keep me sober. I never want to feel that way again.

Biminblue, I have a book in trying to read as well. Everyone tells me how great it is, so I feel required to read it. Blah. I may put it aside and try again at another time.
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Hey Littlebear, I have a nutra ninja too! I have a green smoothie every morning! Mine are usually celery, spinach, banana, pineapple and franks hot sauce.

Are we doing roll call?
Here! Sober!

Off to get my hair cut and then back for a short dog walk before I go to see David.

Be well Sober Enders!!!
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It has been a tough weekend but stayed on track. I will not drink today
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Checking in, still sober. Slept in until 11 AM and had crazy but cool dreams. Very cinematic.

Need to ration my internet and get away from the computer desk today -- maybe even leave the house!

Had tuna salad with peas and corn for lunch, and strong iced tea (Tapal Danedar -- similar to Typhoo) is next.

TTFN! *ring_ring*
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