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Exclamation My introduction

I'm not gonna say too much, coz this is my first post here so I'm entering new territory and I'm cautious....

I joined the site a little while ago, but I didn't 'join it' yet; (wasn't ready to make the first post) so I put it off. It was always in the back of my mind, though....

I haven't done any 'research' on this site, or even any other sites to do with alcohol- so I don't know what to expect. I just know one thing, and that's that I am pretty eager to find some place where I can moderate my drinking. I admit that much, but I definitely don't have a 'problem'. I'm not a *god squad* person and never will be; I won't be defined by a 'habit' or 'hobby' and I won't be dictated to. I just need somewhere I can 'crash' where I can hopefully talk to people who i can talk to about something that is concerning me a little bit more than a little bit. Thank you.

Woah- these smileys are desperate- i hope i never have to use any of them.
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Hello Gabrielle,

Welcome to SR. You can come and go as you like. You are the only one who can decide if you have a "problem." You will find a lot of support in this place. I can only state that alcohol is progressive for anyone with a problem. An alcoholic needs to abstain due to allergy and obsession. Check things out here. We hope you find what you're looking for. Glad you found us.

God's Peace,
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welcome back!

Alcohol Abuse Self Test
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Do your best
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Welcome Gabrielle youl find a lot of support & advice here
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Welcome Gabrielle. Lots of info and support can be found here, as well as people from all walks of life all around the world. It is a sobriety forum though, so you won't find much I the way of moderation techniques or support for it.
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If you just want a place to "crash" we may not be the lot you are looking for lol... Welcome, I definitely didn't have a problem either when I came to a recovery forum

MY favorite smilie is named Dee....
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Welcome! SR is an excellent resource. You'll find lots of support here.
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Welcome to the site, it is amazingly rich in useful content and knowledgeable posters who have been there and done that. I would bet that after 30 or 40 hours of reading through the site you will have learned a huge amount about alcoholism and also about yourself. Maybe you then revisit the question of how big a problem you have or don't have. There are loads of people here willing to talk with you in order to help you so good luck. When you are ready maybe tell us a little more about what is bothering you and you can gather some wider perspectives on it?
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Life is an unlikely miracle.
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Welcome Gabrielle

No one will dictate to you here or judge you.

If you were concerned about your alcohol consumption, though, this would be a helpful place to be - there is tons of support here.
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Welcome, Gabrielle.
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Welcome to the forum Gabrielle.

Being concerned a little bit more than a little bit is certainly reason enough to want to learn what you can from others who understand.

I think you'll find that opportunity here.

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Wow, thanks everyone for your messages and support- it's the first time I've seen them.
I'm actually trying really hard currently to abstain from all alcohol consumption. Today is Day 7 and I'll admit it's getting tougher, not easier. I didn't sleep a wink last night (literally sat up awake all night) because it has got to the point where I really feel like I'm gonna cave.... so I keep eating instead which is a sure fire way to stop me from having that first drink.

I'm also trying to get into a daily exercise routine so I can be healthy and fit. I'm liking myself a whole lot more being sober and it's so nice to not have this constant overpowering feeling of guilt and remorse permanently hanging over me. I tend to self- hate a lot. I so desperately need a new me.
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Boy o Boy you fit in here well!!
Excessive is absolutely awesome...keep that up.
Then - read here- post ?'s and hang with us.
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Hi Gabrielle, you're in a good place!

Glad you are seeing so many positive changes without alcohol.

Never look for reasons to hate yourself, only look for ways to improve yourself!

More power to you!
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It's been a really hard journey for me to take to come to the realisation that I have actually developed a 'problem'. I define it as a problem because I have come to rely on alcohol over the years and actually get pretty agitated without it at times. Maybe I should start a blog or that what newcomers here do? I haven't taken the time to look around the site properly yet- maybe I should now. I just was a little scared to 'commit' to true abstinence. But I realise that this really is the time to start. I'm going nowhere fast and I'm destroying myself.
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This site is amazing, Gabrielle. This an abundance of information here on alcoholism, recovery techniques, etc. The best part is the people - a really great group of supportive and encouraging members.

I, too, hated realizing, acknowledging and accepting that I was an alcoholic but I had reached the point that denying it was worse - I was broken, destroyed and soulless. sobriety has turned that around; I can't begin to say how content and happy I am in my 'alcoholic in recovery' skin.

We are here for you 24/7/365, Gabrielle.
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Do your best
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Hi Gabrielle Solis

Awesome job on 1 week sober

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Welcome to the Forum Gabrielle!!
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Thank you everyone. It's very humbling to have you here.

Btw, where are the '12 steps' listed that I've heard of? I can't find them..
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