Weekender 5/29-6/1 - Dealing with summer

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I'm in!
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Weekends aren't weekends without my SR weekenders & my Pommie friend Mecanix and my Yankee friend Ken. Here in eastern Australia we've had record summer-like temperatures right into late autumn, this weekend the cold will hit for the first time, so I'll warm up with homemade soup rather than red wine.

Please count me in the sober weekenders thread.
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I'm in for weekend 2.
Arrrgh!!!, would have been 5th, but too late for that. My own fault, I gotta deal with it and move on.
Thanks Weasel! Thanks Everybody!
Working today and half day Saturday.
Going to catch up on forgotten things, then REST. Can't deal with another Monday super-hangover ever again.
When I run out of things to do, I simply relax or even nap an hour. Never had to do this before. My body's talkin' to me. Decades of poisoning have taken their toll.
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TGIF!!! and a beautiful day in my city!

exciting laundry tonight *****! YIPPEE...(insert rollyeyes!)
tomorrow I'll get up with the birds and hit the local farmers market with my mom then meet some people I met in detox and hit the AA meeting in the morning.
Afternoon plans - read and get some colour in the parents backyard!!


Happy weekend all!
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Good morning! Good to see everyone here this lovely day.

Ken, you certainly are a presence to me here and I'm sorry you are feeling low. I have a lot of mornings waking up feeling disjointed, discombobulated and out of sync with the world. Like walking through sand in the beginning of the day. Today is another one for me. I hope for you talking about it helps. I do go to AA meetings, have not been diligent in working steps but have made some social support connections but it has taken a while. A few women who keep me tethered. Baby steps.

Come here early and often Lunar. Stick with this crew! Mondays and hangovers are horrible.

Jupiters, enjoy the farmers market and sun. Sounds like fun.

Time to roust kids from bed.
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Good Morning Weekenders!
Super shiny in my neighborhood today, and supposed to be ideal weather for the weekend. Ideal for who? Ideal for me would be clouds and rain, but alas, things cannot grow without sunshine, so we have sun and mid seventies for the next bunch of days. I will just have to live with it.
Grits, I happened on a Renaissance Fair once, it was entertaining! I have pictures to prove it somewhere.
Brain, I like pulling weeds, I find it meditative.
Ruby, your weekend filled up fast!
Weasel, I hope you mood lifts soon. You are not quite alone alone with us weekenders to bug you. I know, not quite the same, but I hope it helps a little.
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Well there'd be a few around these parts that would miss you Ken and all your encouragement during the weekends!!
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Good morning, fellow Whee!kenders!

Actually slept some last night and feeling much better on this Day 4. I wanted to go for a walk this morning but it was drizzling and looking like heavier rain was coming. It looks like it'll be clearing up later on so hopefully I can walk after work. My husband is working all day tomorrow (boo) so I plan to hit up the farmer's market and then take another walk around my gorgeous neighborhood--we live in a national historic district. House stuff, date night, reading and hockey are also on the agenda, plus I plan to check in here from time to time. Agenda set--go!
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I'm in! admittedly gritting my teeth knowing the weekend has been my downfall so many times. I know I can get through it, but looking forward to the other side
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A sober summer?? I hope so, this will be my first sober summer in a long time.
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Hi everyone, I'm in for the weekend! Last weekend did not go as planned at all, so I'm looking forward to a little weekend redemption. Just keeping it as mellow as possible.
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In for the weekend too!!
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This will be my second weekend of complete sobriety. It could be challenging. No way on earth that I will relapse, but I am already thinking about booze, or the lack thereof. Drives me nuts that I keep thinking about it.

I need to stay focused on my improved lifestyle. No liquor, more money (being spent responsibly), exercise, and spending time with the family.
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Dealing with a broken pool that is a deep shade of green and cloudy, pools are nice but a money pit.

Going to a high school graduation on Saturday for one of my kid's cousins.

Saturday night I have to make an appearance at a 50th bday party, that will be a real cluster, some of the attendees plus the bday girl are very heavy drinkers, all ready told them I am making a brief stop by early before it gets crazy. Not a trigger just disgusts me to be around of bunch of stupid drunks.

Relaxing on Sunday

Good luck and happy weekend all
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I'm in xxxx
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Originally Posted by purpleknight View Post
Well there'd be a few around these parts that would miss you Ken and all your encouragement during the weekends!!
Yeah, what the hell are we, Ken? Chopped liver?
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Congrats breadfin!

NMD... It possible... Know the reason this whole thread started is because someone who knew I had a really tough time on the weekends called me out and a bunch gave me support. We are here for you!

Grubby... Same here! Last summer I had some less than shining moments.

Malcolm .. Christi... Ktw... Zombi...And all the folks who joined... Speak up before you pick up!

I hate the uncomfortableness of being sober at drunk time. But that's only a small window you can get through.

And Gilmer! No not chopped liver! BACON!
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Well, now I'm satisfied that you really do love us!
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I took some time today to go get my drivers license. I needed a new one since I moved states. It took me 7 months to get around to it. I had an OUI and I spent a lot of time at the DMV. It was gut wrenching then and being there ... I had a bit of a nauseated stomach... But I just said that's not me anymore.

I was polite with the women behind the glass. Afraid every time she asked me a question she would somehow tell me something was wrong. But she never did.

Bonus!!! She asked me if I wanted to use my old picture from when I lived here last! I took a look at that handsome devil in the pic and said absolutely! I had a bit of crack chic going on back then but better than the extra pounds from now!

Forever young!
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Originally Posted by Gilmer View Post
Yeah, what the hell are we, Ken? Chopped liver?
There's a certain irony with using that phrase on a recovery website!!

. . . but it's all about the BACON!!
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