Weekender 5/29-6/1 - Dealing with summer

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Cool Weekender 5/29-6/1 - Dealing with summer

Warmth brings out the budding trees. The colorful flowers. The extra energy of summer. Our amorous natures are ignited anew.

And then there is....
Mowing the lawn and rewarding myself?
Listening to a good band by the water?
Longer days and hot nights?
Pool parties?
BBQ's and good friends?

For those new to sobriety summer can be an overwhelming time. I am speaking from experience! My AV is thinks it's arrived with bags in hand for a long summers stay.

So how do we beat the summer blues?

Summer blues? With all this fun? If your an alcoholic that feels like you are missing out that's exactly what summer feels like. But that's not what it really is....

Find a new go-to drink! Try and find a new non alcoholic drink and plan on sharing it with everyone. It helps to have a non alcoholic drink in hand when they try the old voldka and soda offer.

Find a new reward! I love ice cream but recently changed to frozen yogurt. I go to one of those places that I get it myself and add my own toppings. So when the chores are done I reward myself differently.

The bottom line for me and this summer is going to be the same really as the excuses I used during the winter. That mindset that it's cold out so I need a drink. I want to know myself. Be prepared as much as I can. Stand firm in decisions I already made. I don't drink!

And try to see summer as something different. Last year I had a speckled summer with sobriety. This year will be rock solid sober!

*** I plan on starting the thread earlier on Thursdays for the summer. I think there is a bigger let's party mentality and I know I start that on Thursdays. Fridays are too late sometimes. I am already in party mode and have a fuzzy head. Fuzzy in that I block out trying to think of sobriety. I think you all get what I mean.

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Hears The Voice
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I have to work Friday. Oh the humanity!
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I am working from home... That's good and that's bad. Good I can do laundry while working. Bad cuz the AV thinks it free time.

Good to have you next to me non!

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The weekends are my trip-up time. Good during the week, then the Bacardi bomb hits. I suspect I'll be here a lot this weekend ...
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Sweet! The Weekend Thread!
I am in!
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Welcome MVA! Good to have you on board the sober weekend train.
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as a sober contributor
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I'll join in the fun this week..... if you folks will have me!

Friday is the monthly HEAVY MEDAL meeting at my fellowship, where they hand out chips for folks with 18 months and more of sobriety. It is always a super positive experience when folks reach a milestone in their recovery and we all celebrate their efforts..... and they are serving Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting!! The speaker is going to be a lady with 38 YEARS of sobriety! I can't wait to hear her story and those of the folks who receive their chips.

My favorite meeting is held in the Redwood Forest on sunday morning and is attended by about 50 people. I call it Sobriety church and I feel very fortunate to be a part of my great fellowship!

Have a fantastic SOBER weekend everyone!

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for some reason, the weekends aren't freaking me out???? It's patio season and all....but I haven't given it much thought. That may change.
I try to just remember the weekends I was bingeing and what a bloody waste of a beautiful weekend it was b/c I was too smashed to do anything or appreciate it. Drink, pass out, drink more...than BAM it's Sunday and I feel like hell. My poor BF just watched me drink all weekend instead of getting out doing **** like normal people.

so no - I'm ok with my sober weekends right now. LOL
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Hey hey sober buddies ,
Working from home here in the uk on thurs afternoon .. Am out in the field tomorrow so my schedule is out for a slow start to the weekend … and i'm working at a site that is 80 miles from home past two of the busiest road junctions in the UK

If you want the smooth you gotta take the rough i guess ..

Nice to see everyone checking in and pulling up a chair to the weekenders table .

Bestwishes, m
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Count me in for a sober weekend!
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I'm in baby!
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pray for strength
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Seriously. I cannot believe it is Thursday already. Both of my ghoulies have been drippy-nosed and uber-infected with secretions oozing out of their heads. Wipe, wipe, swipe.

Ahhh! Just working from home myself. My poor brain is flatlining from sleeplessness.

Tomorrow is a new day
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I commit to sobriety this weekend! It will be my first one. I think we're mostly working this weekend, gardening, etc.

I never drank mojitos when I drank...too sweet and not strong enough for me. So, perhaps I can make a homemade sweet mint drink on ice since I don't associate it with the bad stuff. Might be good while gardening. . .
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Count me in.
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I haven't had a sober weekend in over five months ... really looking forward to this one! I'm in!
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im in too!
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Great to see new and old weekenders here!

Keep us updated often... If you have some troubles please speak up! If you drink there is no shame in posting!

Post pics of your weekend also! Always fun!

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I am so in I could not be any inner! Working part over it... Free for part of it....I am going to have a sober adventure on Sunday and Monday although this is still in the planning stages. :-)
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Deal me in! I'm at the office. Waiting for the time to leave. No plans yet for the weekend. I have to work tomorrow and will train in, no busy roads for me. Today I drove in. This was taken on my way in.

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