Whats the meaing of your user name?

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nothing earth-shattering for me....Fandy is actually a huge long-hair 1/2 siamese cat who fetches and stores his toys in my shoes and purse..Affectionate and pushy creature that he is, I love him like a child.
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When I joined SR, I was reflecting on the 12 steps and hadn't even started working on them, but I suspected that my ego was in for a major deflation in the process.

Hence, I am trying to get it through my head that I am just a little fish in the sea, not a super tanker..
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I would always come up with witty, funny user names....then forget them when it was time to log in again. So AaronK it is. I also do it due to my becoming an online a$$hole when I hide behind fake names so this keeps me straight....more or less.
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My name is Dee...I a 74. LOL.

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Snarf Snarf
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I watched a lot of "Thundercats" growing up. Had all the toys. Snarf is totally rad.
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Forum Leader
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My dad used a lot of fun old expressions... if something was really cool he'd say, "Now isn't that just the cats pajamas?"

My dad was the smartest, funniest and kindest man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Everytime I sign on it's a reminder of him.
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not little, a stranger no more
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Mine is from a line in a song. I listened a lot to the Raw Power album form Iggy and the Stooges at that time. Music has played a big part in my recovery, and my username just reflects the music I listened to in the very end of my drinking days and in early recovery. I still like the album, but my taste in music has evolved a lot too.
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everything is already ok
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nogard is dragon spelt backward and he is the main character in a book my brother wrote
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Nature Girl
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This was my first message board and I didn't know you could make up a name,
so I used AnnS (my name in the rooms), until a troll nicknamed me Anus.

I dropped the S and have been Ann every since.
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What my name means, is one of my hobbies I use to do before I cross that invisible line. I have a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner w/440 engine that I'm restoring that's been sitting in my garage for a long time.

I think one of my first post I ask you guys here on SR was if my old hobbies would come back to me after I'm sober and I kind of needed a time on it LOL. Well I been sober for over a year and my hobbies are just now starting to come back into my life with the help of AA/SR, you know looking back now I want this sobriety so bad I would do anything for it even if my old hobbies didn't come back, I got so much that did come back in my life like my Family,Health,God, and I can go on and on.

But after I got out of detox/inpatient and was doing some AA back then I just needed something else and I came across this site one night and started to read and read and before you know it I've been reading or lurking on this site for 1/2 year WTF I think I should register, I have taken your guys great advise and wisdom from this site is why I'm sober today, SR is my lifeline and just want to say thanks SR and everyone here. Sometimes I have trouble putting my words down on type to get my point across but I'm starting to work on that to and hope to give more.

Thanks Aysha for the great thread!!

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I actually did a search for usernames. Ha! Saw "mirage" and thought it fit...was feeling illusory, like a delusion or an optical effect.
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Mine's the name of a short sci-fi story by william Gibson about a very gritty, no nonsense, in your face future. I can relate to the characters in this story very strongly. Besides, just the mental imagery "burning chrome", gives me my alter ego to be strong and to be able to get up and do the hard things that need to be done every day.
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Life is Grand
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Well, I have been told that I am Surly, and I have a carrot top....Surlyredhead!!!
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The real meaning is I'm kinda lazy, it was my username on several other forums!
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scamy is a combination of scott and amy we have used this for years me and my wife
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It's the name of a beautiful song by The Sea and Cake
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Mine is pretty self explanatory....I was just proud of not being a beernut when I signed on....thank goodness!

Fun Thread!
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i came up with mine the 'first' time i tried to quit. this is time number 3 and i'm over 220 days now. it was how i felt at the time. disgusted with myself.

someone told me i should change it since i'm sober now but it really reminds me of whence i came.

the avatar is the exact pose of me passed out on my sofa. my oldest son's friends used to call me 'the thinker' because i'd pass out from my vodka in that fashion.
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username meaning

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that lives for a long while, then built a nest that it self-consumes with fire. The same Phoenix is reborn from its ashes to repeat the cycle.

My life has been a cycle very much like the Phoenix. I often find great success in life (like a Phoenix flying high), but everything is cataclysmically destroyed around every 3 years (like a Phoenix's fire), and then rebuild during another few years (like a Phoenix's rebirth from ashes). The cycle repeats.
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great thread trish!!! I always love hearing how other people come up with their user ID's for this site, most are very interesting.

Mine, however, wouldnt be. ex D-Boy stands for ex Dope Boy. Rap artists and "street slang" refer to a dope boy as a person who sells drugs. For me it had two meanings, being a drug dealer as well as heroin addict. (dope = heroin in the streets) Was nice slapping the EX in front of it, as I am no longer either of those
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