Whats the meaing of your user name?

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Originally Posted by spryte View Post
One of the many benefits of being sober is remembering what the eff I did online the night before.
OMG, I second that!
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Here goes! My name is Jim and, er, I live in Perth! Well there's actually a bit more to it than that, you see I didn't always live here, I didn't always even live in Australia but, apart from getting off grog, Oh, and maybe getting off cigarettes too, coming to live in Perth was just about the hardest thing I'd done and, therefore, the most worthwhile so I don't mind who knows it. If that makes any sense. Thanks for looking. Jim
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Mine is combination of a rock group "10 year" and their song "wasteland" It describes the last ten years with alcohol involved and how I wasted so much opportunities.
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Mine is two things that make me happy and I like to remember-kind of goofy, but hey it works for me. HIgby has something to do with where I grew up, and 442-Its one of my favorite old cars-A 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Convertible
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I would say that mine is fairly obvious. I signed up the same day I decided I'd had enough and was never drinking again...hence 4ever.
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72 olds cutlass 442.. cool car!!
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I'm a musician whose guitar keeps him sane...
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Leap of Faith Survivor
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I am a spiritual person and the last 15 years has been very challenging, rewarding, life altering, full of pain, and full of blessings.

I came here desperate for help for someone I loved who was struggling with addiction...I had already experienced caregiving two family members through cancer, and experienced burnout, breakdown, my own addiction.... and recovery.

When I got here I was in need of help, (more than I knew) ....but soo grateful to be....still standing and a better person for it, grateful for the Universe, and grateful that no matter how rough it gets, I can still see the light
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Was drunk when I registered and not sure why the Alba part - maybe just 'coz I like Scotland [and especially Runrig!]. Most of my computers had Star as a suffix to their names (some still do), so that's become a generalised lazy way of forming an arbitrary name when needed. Very shallow, sorry.
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part time member
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I believe that mine is self-explainatory.
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Mine is simple Chance is my dog whom my Sister named (the Sister that Died last year) and she said this could very well be your last Chance at this Vic. Well I have had more than that Chance. I've had him (Chance) for almost 4 years now. One thing is that I've been sober more days (a lot more days) than I've been messed up.

When they say this is One day At a Time that is what it is.

So yeah. It has a huge amount of Power (Chance) and it gives me some humility also.
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I wish I had some deep meaning behind my name. It is actually a brand of shoe that I really like.

I didn't want to use the name I have on other boards, because I normally use the same one. The day I registered, I sat here looking around, waiting for some type of inspiration. Saw a pair of my shoes on the floor, and the rest is history.
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I was reflecting on my life, and realized that in so many ways, I had been a fool.
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it's where I did most of my drinking,till i'd pass out and later wakeup and drag myself to bed......Gin was my poison till 5 days I miss those Juniper berries. Peace, Lazyboy
P.S. Great board everyone seems so helpful and supportive..Heres to getting to know everyone.....boy old habits die hard already raising a toast.LOL
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No pity. No remorse. No fear
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I'll make this a brief as I can, my username is after Jean Parisot de La Valette, Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller on the island of Malta in the year 1565. He fought and successfully repulsed the Turks at the Great Siege of Malta (1565), in which the vastly outnumbered Christians (700 knights and a few thousand men-at-arms) held out for over 3 months against an Ottoman force containing no less than 30,000 soldiers, including the notorious Janissaries, as well as the Sultan's prized fleet of some 40 warships. The desperate battle, which saw the reduction of Fort St. Elmo, was one of immense brutality, and is regarded as one the most famous and desperate sieges of all time.

Basically I used it because I WILL overcome the odds and beat the booze!
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I am Japanese. I often use famous Japanese word for my username. Ninja is very famous, I think.
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Even during my darkest days, I was and still am a midwestern girl who loves riding her motorcycle...

However, it's a LOT easier getting up to ride at sun-up when you're sober and/or not hungover

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When I first joined this forum and for the first year I was on here (sporadically), my user name was wishful thinking on my part, plus my birth year.

Nowadays it is an accurate description of me, although at 32 I don't know if I can officially call myself a 'girl' anymore.
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I love maps, especially hand crafted or antique, & an Atlas is not only full of them, but offers details & stats.

Umphrey's McGee is one of my favorite bands--they can be very metal jam, it's great.
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Anonymity is very important to me, so my name exists for the simple reason that it has nothing to do with any facet of my life. Not related to my location, personal history, hobbies, hidden message, or anything.

Of course, my avatar dates me a bit...
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