Whats the meaing of your user name?

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I love Umphrey's McGee!! And I'm an old guy ... moe. is good too, well, I never heard a jam band I didn't like at least a little.
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threegirls, i have 3 beautiful daughters and they mean everything to me
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I play a Washburn 6 string acoustic guitar.
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Mad about Saffron
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Originally Posted by Freeport View Post
Anonymity is very important to me, so my name exists for the simple reason that it has nothing to do with any facet of my life. Not related to my location, personal history, hobbies, hidden message, or anything.

Of course, my avatar dates me a bit...

Bill the cat had some serious substance abuse problems, didn't he?

Love Bloom County.
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Nocoincidence56... Looking back on my life after I got sober, comprehending the enormous gravity and significance of the miracles in my life, realizing, in my mind, that all of this defies luck or coincidence.... so..... the 56 is the year I was born....
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i've done my almost
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Great thread.

Kjell is my biological fathers name. He ran his car into a telephone pole when I was 1 1/2 years old. He was drunk. He didn't make it.

I'm on here and in AA in hopes I don't follow in his footsteps (I've got two duis which both resulted b/c of totalled cars).
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Mine's easy enough - I'm, most definitely, imperfect, but I changed the spelling because I love my 3 cats

Hugs and prayers!

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Marlow, captain of the boat, travelling into "The Heart of Darkness".
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I got nothin'
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This is worth posting again:

Originally Posted by Ann View Post
This was my first message board and I didn't know you could make up a name,
so I used AnnS (my name in the rooms), until a troll nicknamed me Anus.

I dropped the S and have been Ann every since.

Thanks for the laughs, Ann. You have a very good sense of humor.

I was fooling myself...the alcohol was fooling me...and besides, the word booze is in there. I thought it was fitting.
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New Member
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I enjoy moe. too & WSP. Do u still go to shows? & if so did you stop going for awhile during the beginning stages of recovery?
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Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude
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Pretty much self-explanatory I guess. ☯ I like Zen philosophy and ❤ cats, ☞ hence Zencat.
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I have a harley sportster 883 custom. I started calling it Snarly when I had some issues. Ironically, I meant to type Snarly 883 but hit 2 before I realized it. Somehow fitting.
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I live in northern New England, and "Northern" was taken: totally lame - I hadn't quit drinking yet. lol
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12-Step Recovered Alkie
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I do more "financial planning" now but miss the good-ol-days of the 90's where day-trading stocks was the norm.

I've used the same name on most message boards for about 10 years now and who likes change LESS than an addict?
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Groovy Dancer
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Ghostly – I am interested in the paranormal. Really didn’t like Ghostly, but didn’t want to use a screen name from a non-related site. Actually, really would of liked to of used something totally different but couldn’t think of anything.

This thread was great! I laughed so hard at many posts. Was funny many of you were in the same boat and just couldn’t think of anything great so settled. Oh well…I guess once we pick it we’re kinda stuck huh? In that case…I like my screen name!
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Lucy Ford sounds like my real name but it isn't (though my mom and dad fought forever about naming me Lucy; mom even jokes that's why they're divorced).
To understand, say Lucy Ford out loud. Or better yet, lucyford.
Sounds like Lucifer.
My favorite artist, Atmosphere, frequently refers to the devil/addiction/hardship as Lucy Ford, a female devil. And I'd say I feel pretty devilish when I use.
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bud light-what i was drinking when i found this site. 87-the year i was born....trying to think of a name while i was wasted i found myself staring at the empty 30 pack on the floor that i just bought earlier that day.
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A character on one of my all-time favorite shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000!!
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SR Fan
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wow - alot of creativity at SR! Love everyone's names!

I wanted to pick something recovery-ish, but everything seemed too long, and so typical that I figured it would be taken. So I choose Artsoul because 1) I'm an artist (painter) for a living and 2) I love anything that has to do with spirituality. Should've added music to that, too, as it's my other love. Oh, and cats and of course my kids and............

I just remember it seemed really really hard at the time due to a bunch of drinks on top of a hangover...
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My Great Grandfather was an alcoholic. My Grandfather would pull him out of bars, literally. At the age of 42 he stopped and never had another drink. My Grampa's name was Winton. I'm hoping that this forum will be my Winton. Corny I know, but 100% true.
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