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  1. my 18 year amend
  2. When making an amends is this ok to say...
  3. Emotional Hangover
  4. What if they don't want to hear it?
  5. Amends to Self, God, and Abusers
  6. Finding People
  7. How do you make amends and then ending without it seeming abrupt?
  8. Changing our behavior
  9. Toxic Family & Amends?
  10. Ammends through email
  11. Amends to estranged family
  12. Stuck on amends
  13. My sponsor wants me to make amends to an old employer, except I'm not sure why
  14. Ex won't allow me to talk to her.
  15. When to do so would cause harm....
  16. finding people for your ninth
  17. Curious about financial amends
  18. Making amends that had nothing to do with drinking
  19. Confused about an amends....
  20. Making Amends
  21. Step 9 Brandi Carlile
  22. Help
  23. Making Amends
  24. Amend to someone I don't know?
  25. How Free Do You Want to Be?
  26. Insincere amends
  27. Making amends to ex-wife
  28. To amend or not to amend???
  29. Making Amends to an Emotional Affair
  30. Trouble with an amends
  31. How thorough do I need to be
  32. amend to a spouse
  33. Scared of the outcome from the Ex Step 9
  34. Can I consider it a TRUE amend?
  35. One more question about Amend
  36. can someone please tell me
  37. Amends
  38. Step 9 From The Perspective Of One To Whom Someone Will Make Amends
  39. some more advice needed about how to proceed with Step 9
  40. long timne since I last saw person I wish to make amend to
  41. staring at amends list
  42. Oh man the amends!!
  43. Previous Employer Amends
  44. could use some 9th step help
  45. Not to be rushed into
  46. Why make amends ?
  47. Making amends to those unaware
  48. Making amends for a resentment?
  49. Making restitution when not required to..
  50. What role does amend-ee play in step 9?