Class of May 2017 Support Thread Part One

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Class of May 2017 Support Thread Part One

Welcome everyone!

this is the support thread for everyone who wants to quit drugs, alcohol or any kind of addiction this month of MAY 2017

come and join us!

The latest APRIL thread is now here:

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Welcome everyone

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Thanks Dee, I'm in!
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Thanks Dee! I'm in too.
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Hey StartingOverNW. Glad you're here.
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I am starting my new journey today!! I will do whatever it takes to stay sober this time!!

Glad to be here
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Popping in from February to say good luck, May folks! You can do this!
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Hi dudes and dudettes just reporting in for the arvo on Day 2. I'm going strong, minimal side effects thanks to some Baclofen.

As some of you may know my wife stayed home for some support yesterday as my anxiety was through the roof. We and the kids ended up having a really nice day at the park. Then hit up some shopping as i'd gone to my chemist to get me some meds to calm me down.
Fired up some Tacos for tea then watched some Survivor. Good day!

Today I've had to myself to relax, then I've got work tomorrow. Bring It On.. Thanks for the support guys!
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Well I'm back, it has been about two years since I have been on here. I was actually in the May 2015 group. A lot has changed in two years but this cycle of binge drinking has not. I was recently sober for 6 months but started drinking a couple months ago with my husband, who is a daily drinker. I actually stopped drinking a couple weeks ago because I felt that it was getting out of control but drank again on Sunday. What a mistake! A bottle of wine turned into 2 days of drinking and lots of mistakes. I guess that's the only way I know how to get sober. Now my life is a mess again and it's time to get sober. This will be the last time. I will not be encouraged to drink again. I can't control my drinking. 5-2-17 is the date this cycle ends! Happy to be in another May group!
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Say cheese!
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Im here also for this month! still find me in april also

so day 50 for me x

good job sober81 i am on baclofen aswell as campral just now. Lets hope you don't get side effects x always remember us taking this meds is just to help us as u will prob get the AV talking to you still but it wont be so hard. So good luck again on your journey x

Have great day all and keep up the good work x
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welcome Sam, StartingOverNW wildflower70 Sober81 odisnow and Erratic

Thanks for your encouragement PC and OOTT - much appreciated I'm sure

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I'm in! Day 2... im looking forward to seeing the physical changes happen as right now I don't look or feel so good! Mentally and spiritually I feel strong right now, just hoping the body catches up with the mind soon!
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Welcome to all the Mayflies from a Decemberite not very far behind you.

We can make it
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I'm ready to repeat this class until I get it right!

Day 3 and I'm feeling good - no withdrawal symptoms except for a bit of anxiety and that's almost non-existent now.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all, but can't post as frequently as I'd like. Whatever blips the site is having is keeping me from posting from my main computer, a mac. Right now I'm using my work computer (which I do not like doing) or my kindle (which is very hard to type on) .

Hopefully the technical issues will be fixed soon, but until then, I'll probably be posting once a day.

Until tomorrow, stay strong classmates! We can do it!
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Good morning everyone-May is my favorite month so a good time To quit so I can enjoy it fully.
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Back to day 1. I'm angry at myself, but I've got to get right back up and keep at it. I want to live!
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Good morning May friends.
I'm back again. I really thought I had it down this time (sober almost 4 months) but I let myself slip by not devoting any time or thought to my sobriety. I was sober and thought everything was okay. I drank last Monday (1 glass turned into 2 bottles), one afternoon last week (3 glasses and poured the 4th down the drain) and then I almost stopped myself yesterday but I didn't. I told hubby I didn't want to go out to lunch because I knew I was going to drink. My AV convinced me that 1 or 2 drinks is totally fine. Stopped for 2 more bottles on the way home.

I feel like crap.
I feel like a failed myself.

And the truth of it all is I keep proving to myself OVER AND OVER again that I don't want, need or benefit from drinking. I didn't actually enjoy it last night. It didn't make things more fun, the conversation wasn't better- nothing was better and this god awful hangover wasn't worth it.

I need to stop. I know I can do it, I've done it before. I just need more support. I was doing hypnosis and stopped- I need to start again. I'd like to get a journal of some sort. I need to do this now as we move into our new neighborhood a week from today and I don't want to start off by finding new drinking buddies. I want and need sober mammas, just like me. Women who can handle the stresses of life without reaching for the bottle.

Sorry this was so long.
Looking forward to getting to know you all...

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Ok, Since I flunked the Class of April '17 I'm being sent back to the Class of May. This is harder than I thought this time around.

Of course, my wife had to get in a dig this morning about it. Don't know what else to do. FML.
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Keep Going
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Day 1 for me too. I have been told to write a list of things I'm grateful for and can't get it started on paper so I'll start it here.

My dog is asleep on my lap twitching and snoring
I have a roof to sleep under
Enough money to buy food and things
The sun is shining on some fresh paeonies on the windowsill.
I'm not drunk
I'm physically okay
The trees in the garden
I didn't kill anyone during my drinking years
All the help I'm getting from this site

Feeling quite optimistic
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I'll join you all. Day 2.
I'm so embarressed to be joining yet another class. But I'm still not giving up. I've been doing the sober 3-4 days and then drinking cycle lately. I am so done! Alcohol be gone!
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